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Re: 80's Action Movie Mafia Game Thread (Day 2)

CP was on edge cause some dude had been stalking him for a while. He gripped his sword as he rounded a corner and saw the man standing in front of him. he raised his sword preparing for a swordfight, knowing this man probably couldn't beat him in one. what he didn't know was that this man didn't have a sword, he had a gun. the man then drew his gun and shot Camille. As Camille was reeling from the gunshot a pipe came out of nowhere and hit him in the back and went through his chest, killing him.

Spoiler for CP:
Congratulations you are

Conan The Barabarian Good Guys aligned.
When you meet someone in the field of battle it’s game over for them becuase they are fighting ARNIE. You’re incredibly strong and incredibly good at swordplay. Even though this is what most remember you for you did steal some stuff in the first movie. So this makes you the role thief. Once this game you can pm me the name of someone and you will steal their role for the rest of the game.

You win when all threats to town are eliminated and you guys are the only ones left standing.

Boss was driving in his cop car on his way to a brutal murder scene when he spotted a man who was up to no good. he got out of the car and asked this man to stop what he was doing. Instead of stopping the man pulled out a gun and shot Boss right between his robotic balls. this killed him.

Spoiler for Boss:
Congratulations you are

Robocop Good Guys Aligned

You get shot up by Eric Foreman’s dad before he was Eric Foreman’s dad, you also get turned into half robot half human cyborg. After this happens you become a nightmare for all criminals During a portion of the movie you go patrol around looking for bad guys who are committing crimes. So this makes you The Cop. Every night you can pm me the name of someone and I’ll tell you whether or not they are good or bad. Good=town, Bad=anyone who’s non town
You win when all threats to Town are eliminated and you guys are the only ones left standing.

Stay tuned to see how town will react to this shocking night

with 17 alive it's 9 to lynch and is now day 3

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