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Re: 80's Action Movie Mafia Game Thread (Night 1)


Roger Sterling was just walking down the street humming Eye of the Tiger and wondering why this dude had been following him for the past few blocks, he looked over his shoulder again as he went into a alley and noticed the man was gone. As soon as he turned his head back he felt a hand go through his chest and out his back the last thing he saw was the cold face of the man who'd been following him.

Roger Sterling Dead he was
Spoiler for Roger Sterling:

Congratulations You are

Rocky BalboaGood Guys aligned
You are perhaps the most beloved fictional sports figure of all time, I mean hell tthey built a real life statue of you. You also pretty much stopped the cold war in Rocky 4. In Rocky 4 you avenge you’re friend Apollo creed’s death at the hand of Ivan Drago by having a boxing match with him. You’re role is similar in this game except it’ll be your own death t hat’s being avenged. You are The Vengeful Townie. If you are lynched you can pm me the name of someone and that person will die.

You win when all threats to Town are Eliminated and you guys are the only ones left standing.

Trying to make sure the man was dead, he was thrown through the wall next to him, this was unfortunate for MDP as he was sitting down eating dinner next to that same wall. He died.

Spoiler for MDP:
Congratulations you are

Newt Good Guys Aligned.

You did something a lot of people probably couldn’t do. Survive in a alien infested place for over 2 weeks with no help. You don’t do a whole lot during the actual movie except for be saved by Ripley and hide. This makes you the hider. Each night you can pm me the name of someone and you’ll hide behind them. If you hide behind town you are safe, if you don’t you die.

You win when all threats to town are Eliminated nad you guys are the only ones left standing.

IMP was riding in his car, a little on edge cuase he had just heard there was a double homicide not too far from where he was. But he couldn't help with that case becuase he had something else to do. he stepped out of his car and walked towards the door. As he was doing do, he saw a pipe coming out of nowhere and before he could react, it hit him right in the chest and killed him instantly.

Spoiler for IMP:
Congratualtions you are

Cobra good guys aligned.

Crimes a disease and you’re the cure. You’re a cop with little regard for the prodecal. During the movie you do a lot of things, well first you’re a member of the police force, you’re also sent to protect a model and block the attempts on her life. So this makes you the Jack of All Trades. On any night you cam pm me and use one of the 4 options I’ll give you. They are Investigation, Roleblocking,Bodygaurding and Vigilante.

You wine when all threats to Town are eliminated and you guys are the only ones left standing.

It was a bad night for people who looked like Stallone

It's now day 2 and with 19 alive it's 10 for lynching

Day 2 deadline

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