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Re: WWE 2003

Thursday Night Smackdown!
Date: 6/7/03
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Venue: AT&T Center
Attendance: 18,722/19,000

Smackdown! kicks off with Tazz and Michael Cole at ringside. They discuss the Rock winning a shot at Triple H’s World Title at Badd Blood. Also, they mention Shawn Michaels dedication to get that title shot, but Shawn came up just short and was devastated. Also, they talk about how Lesnar and Heyman have plotted to get back at Goldberg, but how? Goldberg’s music blasts and Goldberg makes his way through the smoke on the stage. Goldberg comes out with a crowd that is solely behind him. Goldberg stands in the middle of the ring, while he takes his time and pauses to listen to the crowd chant his name. Goldberg speaks and he threw down the challenge on RAW to Brock Lesnar and let him know that he is next. Goldberg says he is sick of Lesnar being called the ‘Next Big Thing.’ Goldberg discusses his historic run in WCW and how wrestlers got the hell out of his way. He mentions how the superstars backstage look at Lesnar and back away, just like they did to Goldberg when he was in WCW. He mentions that not all the wrestlers look at Goldberg the way that they look at Lesnar, and that infuriates Goldberg. They think Goldberg is past his prime. Goldberg wants to prove to Lesnar that his prime has not passed and Lesnar will have to take a backseat to the real beast of the WWE, Goldberg. Goldberg promises that the WWE Title will soon be around his waist and when he is done, superstars will look at Goldberg with that same, scared look. Goldberg demands Lesnar to come out.

Goldberg waits for Lesnar, but Shawn Michaels music hits. Michaels walks out without doing his poise on the ramp and the pyro goes off without Michaels. Michaels walks down with causal clothing and a depressed look upon his face. Michaels gets in the ring and grabs a microphone. Goldberg speaks up before Michaels and expresses his unhappiness about HBK’s interruption. Michaels nods his head and he says he understands, but says he needed to get something off his back and then get the hell out of here. A ‘HBK’ chant begins and Michaels thanks his home crowd, but he says not even the hometown crowd could cheer him up tonight. Michaels talks about how he came out on RAW and demanded a title shot from Triple H. It turned into chaos, as guy after guy came out and demanded a challenge as well. All he wanted was a match against Triple H, but it turned into a battle royal. He mentions his career needs a jump start and he needed to win his battle royal for the sake of his career. He had the battle royal won and set himself up against the Rock for a victory. He says he simply didn’t execute and Rock took advantage and won. HBK congrats the Rock, but says the Rock did not need that win as bad as he needed it.

Goldberg knocks down HBK’s microphone and Goldberg stares him down. Goldberg asks if Shawn’s speech is going anywhere or if he is just throwing himself a pity party? He tells Shawn to grow a pair and do something about it. Goldberg tells Shawn that he is the number one contender for the WWE Title and nothing is going to get in the way of him kicking Lesnar’s ass. Shawn picks up his microphone and tells Goldberg that he has no intention of getting between him and his title shot. Goldberg asks if Shawn is telling the truth because it just seems that Shawn has come out here to try and get himself into another title picture because he was kicked out of another one. Goldberg tells Shawn that he has no problem making him next if he is going to get himself involved in this.

Shawn is about to talk, when Paul Heyman appears on the screen. The crowd boos Heyman and Heyman gets Goldberg’s and Michaels’s attention. Heyman condemns Goldberg’s assault on Lesnar on RAW. Heyman says that his client will make Goldberg pay eventually, but Heyman mentions he has bigger fish to fry. He mentions that the GM Stephanie McMahon has a meeting at headquarters, so she will not be here tonight. Heyman mentions that his WWE contract has an administration clause in it, so he technically considered an admin of the WWE and tonight he will be making sure Smackdown! is a fully running and operational show. He says that Stephanie has left a rough outline on how she wants the show to run, but Heyman wants to keep all his superstars happy. Seeing HBK upset and down is a sight Heyman does not want to see. Heyman announces that tonight’s main event will pit Goldberg and Shawn Michaels in the same ring. The winner of the match will become the new #1 contender for the WWE Title. Heyman wishes both men good luck and leaves. Goldberg is furious and storms off to the back, as Smackdown! goes to commercial.


Smackdown! is back on air with Chris Benoit and Josh Matthews. Matthews begins by asking Benoit how is doing after Big Show’s attack on RAW last week. Benoit flexes his shoulders and says he is fine, but ready to avenge what Big Show did to him on RAW. Benoit says that Big Show is gutless and simply afraid that I am real competition for his title. Benoit promises revenge against the Big Show and leaves.

Match #1
Tag Team Non-Title Match
If A.P.A. wins, A.P.A. will get a title shot next Monday night against the Dudley’s and the Basham’s
If A.P.A. loses, Basham’s get their rematch against the Dudley’s next Monday
A.P.A. (Bradshaw & Farooq) vs The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D’Von Dudley)

A.P.A. makes their way to the ring with a lot riding on his match. The Dudley’s make their way to the ring with the tag team titles. Regardless, the Dudley’s will be defending those titles on RAW this Monday. Their opponents will be determined after this match. The Basham’s are seen backstage observing the match on a monitor. Bradshaw and Bubba Ray begin the match and go after one another. Bradshaw gets the upper hand and brings down Bubba. Bubba tags in D’Von, who goes after Bradshaw with energy. Bradshaw gets the upper hand again, but D’Von hits an inverted DDT seemingly out of nowhere and both men make a tag in to their partner.

Farooq and Bubba go at it with rights and lefts. Forearm clubs to Bubba bring Bubba down, but Farooq only gets a two count. Bubba gets a tag into D’Von, but Farooq takes D’Von down with a football tackle to the knees. D’Von is whipped into the ropes, but Farooq misses a clothesline and D’Von counters back with a Lou Thesz press, followed by plenty of rights and lefts. D’Von is pumped and goes up to the top rope. Farooq starts to get up and D’Von gets down from the top. However, D’Von is met with a running knee to the gut. Farooq drags D’Von to his corner and tags in Bradshaw. Bradshaw and Farooq team up on D’Von in the corner, before Farooq goes back to the apron. Bradshaw puts D’Von into a painful bearhug. D’Von attempts to fight out of it with encouragement from the crowd. Bradshaw throws down D’Von. D’Von tries to get to the corner, but Bradshaw comes over. Bradshaw grabs D’Von by the legs to drag him over, but D’Von resists and jumps up to tag Bubba in. Bubba comes in and clotheslines Bradshaw.

Farooq is knocked off the apron by Bubba and Bubba begins unloading on Bradshaw. Bradshaw comes at Bubba, but Bubba counters into a Samoan Drop onto Bradshaw. Farooq tries to get back into the ring, but the referee holds him back. D’Von climbs up to the top rope and Bubba holds Bradshaw’s legs up. They both yell ‘Wassup!’ and D’Von hits a diving headbutt low blow. Bradshaw moves around in pain, as Farooq leaves the ring and goes after D’Von. D’Von and Bubba set up for the 3D. Bradshaw begins to slowly get up, as the referee pleads for D’Von to get back to the apron. Farooq grabs D’Von and slides him under the ropes and outside the ring. Bubba goes and tries to help D’Von, but turns around into a Clothesline from Hell from Bradshaw. Bradshaw goes for the pin and gets the three.

Winner: A.P.A.
A.P.A. gets their title shot against the Dudley’s and Basham’s on RAW. Bradshaw celebrates in the ring, while still feeling the side effects of the low blow. Farooq slides in and celebrates with Bradshaw. They begin to walk up the ramp in celebration, as the Dudley’s are left licking their wounds. Suddenly, the Basham’s run out from the back and attack A.P.A. on the ramp. Farooq is hip tossed onto the stage and Bradshaw gets a spinebuster on the ramp. The Basham’s make their way to the ring. Danny throws D’Von out of the ring and hit their aided chokeslam, called the double brain damage on Bubba. Basham’s celebrate in the ring with the Dudley’s titles, as the camera goes backstage.

Goldberg is shown backstage looking locker room to locker room for Paul Heyman, as Smackdown! goes to commercial.


Rey Mysterio and Tajiri are shown warming up. Tazz talks about how it is a big opportunity for Mysterio tonight, seeing that Tajiri is the Cruiserweight Champion.

Match #2
Women’s Title Match
Molly Holly © vs Gail Kim

Gail picked up a huge victory on RAW against Molly Holly and Trish Stratus. Gail makes her way to the ring ready to take the opportunity in front of her. Molly Holly comes out next with the Women’s Title in hand. Molly and Gail square up in the ring and begin their match. Gail seems to be very aggressive to start the match. Gail throws Molly over the ropes and goes out with her. Gail throws Molly against the barricade. Gail grabs Molly by the hair and tosses her in the ring and pins her, but only gets a two. Molly counters Gail’s aggressiveness with a bulldog. Gail gets up with the same attitude, but Molly counters into a roll up, but only gets two again.

Gail grabs Molly by the hair and brings her down, which causes the referee to try and set Gail straight. Gail gets in the referees face and shows that she will do anything to win the title and tells the referee to stay out of her way. Gail goes to put the Boston Crab on Molly, but Molly kicks out of it and kicks Gail through the ropes and to the outside. Molly brings Gail back to the ring and Molly slides in. Molly gets up and immediately is put into a rollup by Gail. Gail grabs the tights and gets the three count. We have a new champion!

No! The referee sees the tights being held and calls off the three. Gail is pissed and gets into the referees face again. Molly gets up and hits Gail with a dropkick. Gail falls into the referee and the referee is now down. Gail gets up and goes at Molly. Molly brings Gail down and gets up for the Molly-Go-Round. Gail gets up and Molly hits it. Molly has an easy three count, but the referee is not up yet. Molly goes to get the referee up. Gail gets up and goes to hit Molly from behind with a clothesline, but Molly moves out of the way and Gail Kim hits the referee with a clothesline. The referee crawls over to the announcers and says he has had enough and declares Molly Holly the winner by DQ.

Winner: Still Women’s Champion; Molly Holly by DQ
Gail is not happy and goes after Molly Holly. Gail tackles Molly and beings punching her and pulling her hair. Trish Stratus comes running down the ramp to a huge pop and separates Gail from Molly. Molly rolls out the ring and Gail goes face to face with Trish. Gail slaps Trish and Trish does not look happy. Trish retaliates with a Stratusfaction on Gail, much to the crowd’s approval. Trish leaves with a smile on her face, as Smackdown! goes to commercial.


Goldberg is shown, as the commercial ends. Goldberg continues to open locker room doors and finally opens the right one and finds Heyman on the phone. Heyman hangs up and asks Goldberg if he should be warming up for his big match tonight instead of rudely barging into his office. Goldberg tells him to shutup and asks what the hell happened out there earlier tonight. He asks Heyman why Michaels gets a shot to be the number one contender after he did absolutely nothing, while he defeated Angle to earn his shot. Heyman laughs and asks Goldberg if he doubts that he can beat Michaels tonight. Goldberg says that is beside the point and if Heyman thinks he can play games with him, he is surely wrong.

Heyman continues to laugh and tells Goldberg that he is just another wrestler past his prime trying to get another shot at the top to prove they are not washed up and pathetic has been’s. He says that Goldberg needs to take a step down and let the Next Big Thing continue his rise up the ladder. Heyman says that when Lesnar humiliates Goldberg, Goldberg will be the one in the ring talking about how his career is in ruins, just like Shawn Michaels was tonight. Heyman says he doesn’t want to see Goldberg like that. He says he can give Goldberg a shot at the United States title, or maybe the vacated Hardcore Title. He just doesn’t want to see Goldberg humiliated because Heyman says Goldberg was embarrassed enough in WCW, always being second to the nWo. Goldberg is furious and gets face to face to Heyman. Heyman smiles and Goldberg says he was the best WCW ever had. Heyman laughs and simply says yeah right. Goldberg is about to lay a punch on Heyman, when Heyman mentions that he is untouchable and anybody who lays a hand on him will be arrested.

Goldberg stays face to face and Heyman continues to provoke Goldberg. Heyman mentions how Goldberg was an embarrassment in the NFL. He turned to pro wrestling because he couldn’t make it and simply wasn’t good enough in football. Heyman says there are so many similarities to then and now because he couldn’t make it in football and now he can’t make it in the WWE. Heyman tells him to leave and get out before he embarrasses himself yet again. Goldberg grabs Heyman by his suit and slams him against the wall. Goldberg gets in Heyman’s face, as Heyman is screaming for help. Goldberg says he does not need to prove anything to Heyman and that he will be wearing the gold sooner than later and then we will see who is embarrassed. The cops come swarming into Heyman’s office and arrest Goldberg on the spot.

Match #3
Singles Non-Title Match
Rey Mysterio vs Tajiri

Mysterio makes his way to the ring, awaiting his opponent. Tajiri makes his way to the ring and Mysterio eyes the Cruiserweight Title the whole time Tajiri makes his way down to the ring. Mysterio and Tajiri go at it with plenty of quick kicks and moving around from side to side of the ring. Tajiri tries to get Mysterio down on a knee and does. Tajiri hits a Shining Wizard and tries to get a victory, but only gets a two. Tajiri goes for a devastating kick to Mysterio, but Mysterio counters leg drag. Mysterio gets up and hits a DDT. Mysterio goes to the top and hits a dropkick from the top rope.

Mysterio gets up against and goes for a crossbody, but Tajiri hits a crazy kick to the gut of Mysterio, who is down in pain. Tajiri gets up and hits a couple of falling elbow drops. Mysterio tries to get up, but Tajiri gets toying him with kicks to the gut, sending Mysterio back down on a knee. Tajiri sets himself up for a big kick to the head and Tajiri goes for the finishing kick, but Mysterio counters and throws Tajiri into the ropes. Tajiri is set up for the 619 and Mysterio connects. Mysterio hits the West Coast Pop and goes for the pin for three.

Winner: Rey Mysterio
Mysterio celebrates, as Tajiri rolls over and gets up. He can’t believe he lost. Mysterio turns around and Tajiri goes after him. Mysterio turns into the mist from Tajiri. Mysterio is blinded and goes down to a knee. Tajiri smacks Mysterio with a huge kick to the side of the head, sending Mysterio into the mat and down. Tajiri stares at the downed Mysterio, as Smackdown! goes to commercial.


Smackdown! comes back on air with Josh Matthews backstage. He announces that due to Goldberg’s arrest earlier tonight, tonight’s main event will feature Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle, with the winner still becoming the number one contender for the WWE Championship. Matthews announces he is with The Rock, who steps into the picture. Rock talks about how he won the battle royal on RAW and now he will get the chance to face Triple H at Badd Blood. He said he will be the number one contender and he proved it. Now the People’s Champ will say he will win the World Heavyweight Champion and at Badd Blood he will prove that he will win the World Heavyweight Championship and bring back the World Title to the millions…(and millions) of Rock fans across the globe. Rock walks out toward ringside.

Match #4
Tag Team Match
The Rock & Chris Jericho vs Triple H & Randy Orton

The Rock makes his way out to the ring and poses in the ring, while his partner’s music hits. Chris Jericho makes his way out and gives a nod to the Rock. Evolution’s music hits, while Triple H and Randy Orton make their way out with their titles around their shoulders. Triple H and Chris Jericho start the match. Triple H wins the strength matchup and hits a knee to Jericho’s face. Jericho ducks under a running clothesline from Triple H, but Triple H stays persistent and hits another running clothesline on Jericho. Triple H gets a two count from the pin. Triple H drags Jericho into the corner, but Jericho counters and backhand chops HHH in the corner. Jericho runs off the ropes and hits a running back elbow. Triple H tries to get into the corner and Jericho tags in the Rock.

The Rock smiles, as Triple H gets up in his corner. The two stare at one another, until Orton slaps Triple H’s back and comes into the match. Orton runs at the Rock, who ducks under a clothesline and turns around to spinebuster Orton. The Rock turns back around toward Triple H and the two continue to stare down each other. Rock turns around and gets a shoulder to his gut from Orton. Orton and the Rock go at it until Orton hits a neckbreaker on the Rock. Orton goes in to tag in Triple H, but the Rock crawls over to tag in Jericho. Jericho clotheslines Triple H and Orton begins to taunt Jericho. Jericho yells back at Orton, but Triple H hits a low blow on Jericho while the referee was holding back Orton from coming back into the ring.

Triple H throws Jericho into the Game’s corner and goes up on the ropes and hits his mounted punches. The referee tells Triple H to get off. The Game refuses, but soon gets off and talks to the referee. Orton lays some punches into Jericho. Triple H goes after Jericho, but Jericho counters and gets Triple H off him. Jericho elbows Orton off the apron and Jericho drops Triple H. Triple H is catapulted into the corner. Triple H’s head hits the turnbuckle and he stumbles back into the middle of the ring. Jericho hits the Lionsault, but Orton comes into the ring. Jericho and Rock tag up and Rock goes after Triple H, but the referee pulls the Rock off because he says that Jericho is the legal man. The referee never saw the tag and Rock goes back to the apron. Jericho talks to the referee, but Triple H sneaks up behind him and turns him around. Triple H goes for the pedigree, but Jericho flips Triple H around. Jericho makes a tag and Triple H makes a tag.

Orton and the Rock go at it. Rock hits a DDT on Orton and goes for a pin, but Triple H breaks it up. Rock goes after Triple H and the two continue to exchange words. Rock turns around and headlock’s Orton, but Orton counters and whips Rock into the ropes. Rock is hit with a snap scoop powerslam and Orton is pumped. Orton goes over to Jericho and taunts to Jericho. Jericho slaps Orton and the two go at it. The referee tries to break the two up. Orton has his back turned to Rock and Rock hits a swinging neckbreaker to Orton. Jericho demands to get tagged in and Rock tags in Jericho. Orton crawls to the corner after seeing Jericho getting tagged in and somehow reaches Triple H. Triple H runs to Jericho, who hits an enzuigiri to Triple H. Jericho runs and tags in the Rock. Jericho goes down to ringside and runs after Orton. Orton goes to ringside too and tries to run away from Jericho. Orton slips and Jericho catches up to him. Jericho tosses Orton into the barricade, while the Rock is in the ring with the downed Triple H. The Rock waits for Triple H to get up and Triple H slowly gets up. The Rock goes for the Rock Bottom and hits it. Rock goes for the pin and gets the three.

Winner: The Rock & Chris Jericho
The Rock celebrates, as Chris Jericho pounds on Randy Orton in the corner of the barricade on the outside. Batista and Ric Flair come running down the ramp and Rock prepares for a fight. Flair comes running into the ring, while Batista attacks Jericho at ringside. Batista throws Jericho into the barricade and then tosses him into the ring post. Flair and Rock share rights. Rock appears to have the upperhand, until Batista comes from behind and brings the Rock down. Flair and Batista stomp on the Rock while Triple H gets up. Triple H gets up and delivers a pedigree on the Rock. The Rock is down in the middle of the ring, as Orton is on the outside taunting Jericho yet again. Orton goes into the ring and Evolution poises in the ring, while Orton is down at ringside and Rock is out in the ring.


Smackdown! comes back on air with Chris Benoit walking into Big Show’s locker room with a steel chair. Big Show is not in there and Benoit drops the chair. Big Show is shown from behind running toward Benoit, but Benoit counters and drop toe holds Show into the dropped chair. Benoit quickly applies the crossface to Show, who taps immediately. Benoit does not let go of the hold and Show still taps. Benoit lets go and smiles, as he takes his chair from under Big Show and leaves.

Match #5
Singles Match to be the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship
Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring, hoping to get another chance at the #1 contendership. Angle is pumped for the match. Shawn Michaels music hits and Shawn comes out to the stage looking pumped up and excited for another opportunity. The hometown crowd is behind Shawn’s back and he is pumped. Shawn gets in the ring and the two competitors stare each other down. Both want the same thing, but who will get it? Shawn and Angle lock up, with Shawn coming out on top and tossing Angle out of the ring. The crowd cheers loud for Michaels, who is feeding off the crowd.

Angle makes his way back into the ring and tries to back Michaels into the corner, but Michaels pushes Angle back into another corner and unloads rights to Angle. Angle pushes Michaels off and comes at Michaels, but Michaels counters with a forearm to Angle’s jaw. Angle turns around in pain and Michaels hits a belly to back suplex. Michaels goes for the pin and gets a two count. Michaels gets Angle, but Angle grabs Michaels and puts him into a triangle choke hold. Michaels gets out of it, but Angle counters again and puts Michaels back into the hold. Michaels is stuck in the hold, but begins to break it and Angle notices this and hits a belly to back suplex. Angle goes for a pin, but only gets two.

Michaels gets up and Angle hits a double leg take down. Angle brings Michaels into the corner, but Michaels counters and punches Angle with many rights. Shawn lifts Angle into the top rope and Shawn goes up with him. Michaels goes for the superplex, but Angle attempts to elbow out of it. Shawn counters Angle’s counter and gets the superplex ready and hits it! Both men are down and Michaels crawls over to Angle for the pin and a two count. Michaels cannot believe it. Michaels gets up and goes for Angle by picking him up. Michaels whips Angle into the ropes and hits a back body drop onto Angle. Angle goes down hard and Michaels picks him back up. Michaels hits an inverted atomic drop to Angle and goes for a pin. Michaels gets a two out of it.

Michaels goes for another inverted atomic drop and hits it. Michaels goes for a pin and only gets two. Michaels and the crowd are shocked. Michaels goes up to the top rope and appears to be going for the elbow drop. Michaels sees Angle moving around and goes after Angle. He goes to pick Angle up, but Angle counters into the ankle lock! Michaels scurries to get out of it and does. Michaels gets up and counters an Angle move to get Angle into another inverted atomic drop. Michaels hits it and goes back up to the top rope. Michaels is tired and takes a breather on the top rope. The crowd cheers Michaels name and Michaels nods to the crowd. Michaels stands up on the ropes, but slips a little and causes him to balance himself again. Angle suddenly gets up out of nowhere and jumps up to the top rope with Michaels and hits a belly to belly suplex from the top rope. Both men are down and the crowd is shocked. Angle crawls over to Michaels and goes for the pin. Angle gets to two and Michaels kicks out just before three.

Angle cannot believe it. Angle and Michaels slowly get up and Angle greets Michaels with a few uppercuts. Angle headbutts Michaels and Michaels is dazed. Michaels tries a weak clothesline, but Angle counters and hits the Angle Slam. Angle is pumped and pulls down his shoulder straps. Angle puts in the Ankle Lock. Michaels is thriving in pain, which makes Angle put even more pressure on the hold. Angle twists the ankle back and forth. Michaels looks like he is about to tap. The sweat is building on the mat, as Michaels cannot move toward the ropes. Angle tries to apply more pressure, but Michaels just will not tap. Michaels turns his body and counters, but Angle somehow keeps the Ankle Lock applied. Michaels gains strength from the crowd and turns his body to get out of the hold. Ankle goes stumbling into the corner and back toward Michaels, who is having a tough time supporting his ankle. Michaels goes and hit’s an Angle Slam onto Angle! The crowd goes crazy, as Angle is out and Michaels is barely moving around. Michaels crawls to the corner and uses the ropes to get up. Michaels makes his way to the top rope and pounds the elbow to his hand. Michaels takes a deep breath and hits the diving elbow drop into the chest of Angle.

Michaels and Angle are down, but Michaels makes his way into the corner again. Michaels collapses when he puts pressure on his ankle, as the adrenaline is gone after the elbow drop. Michaels tries to muster up and load up for the Sweet Chin Music. Angle gets up in the middle of the ring and Michaels goes at Angle with the bad ankle for the Sweet Chin. However, Angle grabs the bad ankle. Angle applies the ankle lock, but Shawn quickly reverses. Shawn gets up and winces in pain for his ankle. Angle stumbles back at Shawn and Shawn delivers the Sweet Chin Music, bad ankle and all. Shawn goes on two feet, but collapses while putting pressure on the bad ankle. He falls over Angle and the referee goes for the pin. Michaels get the two and the slow three comes from the referee.

Winner: And New #1 Contender for the WWE Title; Shawn Michaels
The hometown crowd goes crazy and Michaels rolls off Angle. Michaels smiles and cheers, as he puts his arms up in the air in celebration. Michaels gets up with help from the referee and gets his arm held high. Michaels hobbles over to the ropes and holds himself up, while he smiles from ear to ear. Shawn’s determination won him the match. A dejected Angle gets up and looks at Shawn. Angle walks up to Shawn and the two go face to face. Angle shakes his head and just mouths wow. He wishes Shawn good luck and raises Michaels hand high in the air, as Smackdown! fades to black.

WWE: The Takeover

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