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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Selling affects HUGELY how much I enjoy a match, though. If one guys bombs another, and the guy getting bombed keeps getting up and yelling like a fucking moron, I won't enjoy the match. Or at least that part of it. He just got wiped out and should stay the fuck down. Some are entertained by that five million mile an hour style match where both guys just squeeze in as many moves as they can. I'm not. Some people aren't taken out of a match when there's people no-selling galore. I am.

I can't speak for everyone, but I certainly don't do anything more than "sit back and enjoy the ride". I can be analytical, but I'm not looking at it from any other perspective other than my own enjoyment. I'll talk about the selling because I adore it when a guy sells well- I literally enjoy that.

Facials aren't match-ruiners for me, but if I'm watching Keiji Mutoh in a submission hold and he's just staring into space not even trying to get the move over........well fuck him. That still fits into the 'no sell' category more than anything.

If there's a match with two guys, I'll use Cena and Henry. Let's say I enjoyed this match, but it could have been better to me. Cena ate a beating from Henry, and Cena ate it really well. His facials looked like he was in pain, and he bumped well, etc. By that point I'm enjoying the match. THEN, Cena bursts up out of nowhere, no sells everything and pins Henry lightning fast. I'd say "fuck that" because there's no way I'd enjoy it. I wouldn't say "Cena should have built his comeback gradually" because I'm critiquing, I would say "Cena should have built his comeback gradually" because I would enjoy the match more if he did. They aren't rules and I'm not sitting with a note pad writing down what somebody did wrong. I'm sure you look at some wrestling matches and think "_insert thing here_ would have made the match a lot better." Well _insert thing here_ for me is often good selling. Or selling, period.

Note: I wasn't implying no selling was a Cena thing. I was, however, implying that staring into space is a Mutoh thing. Seriously, Keiji.....react.

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