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Re: Largest Heel-Face Differential

Great thread OP, and interesting choices...

Jeff Jarrett was a solid face for the first half of his career, although he (like most IMO) is a much better heel.

I agree with a previous poster that a Million Dollar Man was not great in his brief manager face runs, and that gimmick is not one a face could run with. However when Ted Dibiase first started wrestling he was PWI's most popular wrestler one year I think (or a contender at least) he was very popular before donning a black glove in the Bill Watts promotion.

Some of the other guys mentioned like Sting, and Warrior well before they hit their stride I thought they were credible heels especially when they teamed together as the Blade Runners in Mid-South and Memphis.

To me the worst fail I can recall right now as a heel is Terry Taylor, of course being the Red Rooster did not help but even in WCW he was just too much of a nice guy to be a face. Another vote for Rey here as well.

As a face, it was really hard to cheer for X-Pac, he just had that chip on his shoulder thing going to well for him to really be loved, even when D-X was so over as faces it was hard to cheer for him.

Although I cannot recall him ever turning I would think Tito Santana would be hard to see as a heel.

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