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Re: Report: Current plans for The Undertaker's opponent at WrestleMania 29.

Originally Posted by Brye View Post
Undertaker's never defeated him. That still gives Lesnar the edge going into this feud. And honestly I feel like people are making such a big deal out of that loss that even if Lesnar put on the performance of a lifetime from now to WM they'd still complain about that one match. Pardon me that 15 seconds of the match Cena was winning.

I think I just got over it fairly quickly. I'll still be highly interested in Taker/Lesnar regardless.
I know you feel like people are making a big deal out of it but you don't seem to be able to understand why. Imagine in The Dark Knight, Batman killed the Joker on his first go. Imagine in any movie, the good guy beat the bad guy at their first meeting. That's it, the movie is over and you'd be sitting there in your seat asking yourself what the hell just happened. It's the same thing here and for the life of me I don't get how you can't understand that never mind you not understanding why it's a huge deal for the rest of us. You wouldn't accept it in the movies so why should you accept it here? I really don't know but you're obviously willing to give it a pass despite the fact that it makes absolutely no sense. I guess you wouldn't care if Cena had won against Punk last year then, right? I guess you wouldn't care if Ambrose or whoever else you like was hyped to holy fuck for months and then in their first big match they lost and fell at the first hurdle, right? It's a big deal to people because it was flat out stupid. Again, why and how you aren't able to grasp that is truly beyond me.
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