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Re: Classic Wrestling General Discussion: Review & Recommend Wrestlers/Matches/Shows

DVD Review

The best description for one of the most popular factions in wrestling history is not said any better than on the back cover of this special DVD. It reads: “Crotch-chopping, brash, obnoxious, naked, rule-breaking, icon, showstopper, muscular, beautiful, blood-covered, pyro blasts, main events, obscenity-laced, declaring war, pissing everyone off, DX-rated home movies, legend killers, sweet chin music.”

That is what DX was all about in a nutshell of adjectives. In this one-disc DVD we get a raw look at this crazy group of guys and girl as they left a memorable mark to say the least on the business. WWE says the film is unrated and uncensored which probably was in 1998 when it was originally released on VHS but my copy is the 2006 re-mastered version and is obviously edited. Still we get the message – X-Pac & Road Dogg likes to get high and the gestures and innuendos from the group are still clear.



Poor Michael Cole, he was one of the first victims of the DX hazing back in 1997. Triple H even bullies Cole into telling the history of the group throughout the program. Cole also mentions he isn’t the only commentator to get the DX treatment. DX was all about spitting in the face of authority or anyone really whether is was the WWF Commissioner Slaughter or Jim Ross.


Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Chyna and Rick Rude were the founding members of the original DX and they pushed the envelope like no other during the Attitude Era. Steve Austin was the hottest thing going during the time but you can bet DX were the second hottest thing and that is a very impressive position to be in.

With DX, RAW had more of a party like atmosphere where a wrestling fan could express their selves fully because the members of DX surely did. DX said a lot of controversial things in their promos and often broke kayfabe disrespecting the old tradition in the business. But that’s what the time called for – to be rebellious and the group worked very successfully during the shift in power between WWE and WCW.

The next two chapters covered are TRIPLE H and CHYNA

Triple H was a part of the clique and always wanted to work with Shawn Michaels so the opportunity was available when their feuds intertwined with one another for them to make it happen. Chyna the bodyguard of Triple H had that intimidating presence and no non-sense persona that complimented HHH and Shawn’s craziness. Rude served the same purpose as well. I have to give Triple H credit, he took the ball and ran with a new DX when Shawn got injured and the great gained even more popularity in 1998.

Spoiler for Warning D-X rated:

What DX said and did in their segments was so racy and they’re lucky they didn’t get thrown off the air. The show was more adult oriented and I guess with the ratings they were getting there wasn’t any problem. The girls in the audience that would flash for DX also added to that freedom of expression I talked about earlier and anything goes when the Degenerates enter the building.


These guys were like freakin rock stars and the DX Band would come out on occasion to sing them to the ring. We get a lot of footage backed by rock music of DX telling everyone to “Suck It!” Very cool video montage of DX just raising hell!


Shawn would come to the ring in *stuffed* skin-tight biker shorts and give some of the most wild, profanity laced rants on the wrestlers and the crowd that you’d ever want to here. Then sometimes HBK had no problems showing his ass off to world-wide television. The Heart Break Kid would hump a floor or two in his day also. But Shawn was the epitome of Attitude onscreen and in real life.


So much press came from Tyson’s association with DX and their feud with Steve Austin on the Road to WrestleMania 14. Much like Shawn Michaels, Mike Tyson is a degenerate himself and it was cool seeing such a big celebrity and sports figure take part in wrestling. I know WCW did something similar with Dennis Rodman but the tension between Tyson and Austin was bigger than anyone could have imagine.


In their primes they were arguably one of the greatest tag teams of all time. They had been disrespecting wrestlers and crotch-chopping before they even got with the group. Their attitudes just made for the perfect fit. I will never forget the night they put Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie in a dumpster and threw them off the stage! “Oh you didn’t know?”


I would say this is a significant moment in RAW history and could have been for WCW Nitro as well if Bischoff would have let them into the building. Could you imagine if DX would have appeared on Nitro what that would have done for their show? The ratings might have taken another shift back to WCW if it would have happened. But instead Bischoff locked the doors and the hilarious segment only played on WWE television where the highest ratings would stay until the end of the Monday Night Wars. DX took the fight to WCW and they backed down plain and simple.


Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind
RAW 8/11/97

This match is important because it is the birth of D-X. At the beginning of RAW, Michaels left everyone speculating on who would be his “Insurance Policy.”

The chemistry between The Heart Break Kid and Mankind is just impeccable. The fact they are able to cut a non-stop, aggressive pace with a lot of stiff bumps is incredible. This match is just a taste of what we got in their classic at Mind Games a year earlier which still means this is awesome to watch.

Some of the best bumps are Mankind taking a backdrop onto announce table followed Shawn delivering an elbow drop off the ring apron! When Mankind got the upper hand on HBK, Triple H and Chyna who had been feuding with Mankind/Cactus Jack/Dude Love for months came to ringside.

Once Mankind applied the Mandible Claw on Shawn, RICK RUDE made his way down the ramp! The ravishing one is the “Insurance Policy!” Mankind gets his head bashed in by Rude with a steel chair and Shawn gives him Sweet Chin Music for the victory.

A new era is born. Shawn Michaels and Triple H would officially call themselves Degeneration-X a week later.

Shawn Michaels and Triple H vs. Mankind and The Undertaker
RAW 8/18/97

Shawn is so funny with his gyrating dances to the ring! But when Undertaker entered the building, all the dancing stopped. Jim Ross emphatically stated two times that “Undertaker is STILL THE MAN.” And I’m not going to argue with good old JR.

A lot of heat between these four men as Shawn cost Taker the title at SummerSlam and the extensive history between Helmsley and Mankind still has bad blood.

This is a hot tag team match that I wished lasted longer because the double team heel work from Shawn and Hunter is spot on. They give Mankind an excellent high-low clothesline/knee clip and hold him on their side of the ring for most of the match.

Once Taker finally gets tag in asses start getting kicked left, right, up and out of the ring! Rude makes another appearance which causes a distraction for Mankind and Taker. Shawn just says to hell with the match and dents a chair over Taker’s head which busts him wide open!

Taker being the monster that he is just sits up. Shawn decides to give him another shot to the head and Taker sits up again! D-X gets the fuck out of there after that. As I said, the match is very good but would like to have been longer best the action is top-notch as would be expected with these four superstars.

Triple H vs. Bret “Hitman” Hart
RAW 10/6/97

This feud between D-X and Hart Foundation was so intense and you could tell the personal animosity each group had for the other which was all real. It was also awesome that both factions were heels, except for The Harts in Canada.

Triple H got some very good offense on the WWE Champion. Hunter actually matched very well the Hitman. Hart being the ring general that he is steered this ship for most of the contest working over Hunter’s leg with intentions to set him up for the Sharpshooter.

Shawn Michaels came to the ring telling everyone to ‘Suck It’ and then he disrespectfully proceeded to stick the Canadian flag up his nose and hang himself from it. I bet millions in Canada wanted to hang HBK in their own special way after seeing this.

Bret eventually has the match won with Sharpshooter but a brawl between Owen, Jim and Rude breaks out. Bret gets punched by Chyna and then Sweet Chin Music by Shawn on the outside. Hart is counted out and HHH has defeated the WWF Champion!

"This is what I think of Bret and his fans."

Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H
European Championship Match
RAW 12/22/97

Michaels and HHH may have never owned any harder than in this EPIC match for the European gold. People actually thought a championship could come in between these two buddies, hah!

The epicness of this contest can only be reviewed play-by-play style (sorry to those who don’t like play-by-play reviews).

Michaels starts off stretching on the ring ropes to get warmed up. Not to be one-upped, Helmsley follows with a stretch on the ropes himself. What psychology shown in the first few moments in this main event.

Jim Cornette notes that he thinks HHH will win because Chyna is closer to him. But Chyna shows no bias or B.S. as she gives advice to both HBK and HHH.

Then they LOCK UP and Michaels immediately GOES DOWN! Triple H runs across the ring, bouncing off the ropes several times over Shawn’s prone body.

The finish sees Triple H give Shawn an ULTIMATE SPLASH for the 1 … 2 … 3! We have a NEW European Champion!!! What a match.

Both men are spent and very emotional. LOL at Cornette saying, “Shawn sure knows how to cry on cue. He cries every time he comes to this city.” And JR saying, “He’s lost his smile again!”

Commissioner Slaughter comes to the stage and gets some crotch chop taunts. D-X gets the best of the established authority yet again!

Shawn Michaels vs. Owen Hart
WWE Championship Match
RAW 12/29/97

This is only the second one-on-one match these two had in 1997. The first happened in late October on Raw for the Intercontinental and European Championships. Now the WWE Championship is on the line and it is more personal considering what happened with Bret at Survivor Series.

I like the start of the match with Owen jumping on Shawn before the bell even rings. Shawn then must suffer from a hard suplex on the steel ramp.

Owen and Shawn also have great chemistry together and you can bet their matches aren’t going to be slow anytime. It’s just non-stop action and Shawn tries to put Owen away with a Piledriver and then a DDT.

Owen looked to have the match won with a Sharpshooter but an injured Triple H at ringside hit him with a crutch for the disqualification. Michaels was such an ultimate heel at this time and this was just another level of heat gained by one of the best ever. This match closes out a legendary 1997.

Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker
Casket Match for the WWE Championship
Royal Rumble 1/18/98

The Heartbreak Kid and The Phenom are my two very favorite wrestlers of all time and it seems every time they have faced on PPV the match has been a memorable occasion and this encounter is no different.

This is certainly the greatest Casket Match of all time with HBK and Taker actually making this fight to put the other man's body in a box. The best spot is the jumping Tombstone from the ring apron into the casket!

The New Age Outlaws and Savio Vega and his crew jumped Taker similar to what happened to the Deadman in his Casket Match with Yokozuna years earlier. But Kane came out and cleaned house.

The program stops there and we don’t get to see the part where Kane swerves us and puts Taker in the casket and sets it on fire.

Triple H, The New Age Outlaws and Savio Vega vs.
Steve Austin, Owen Hart, Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie

Anything Goes 8-Man Tag Team Match
No Way Out 2/15/98

Weapons and brawling make this unsanctioned match one hell of a fight from the get go. The crowd literally erupted when Austin entered the building. Cactus gets wrapped in barbed wire, multiple chair shots to the head are taken and Chainsaw Charlie is one crazy motherfunker!

After about 10 minutes of brawling they decide to have a tag team match and that’s when Charlie is isolated and beaten badly. The Outlaws Powerbomb him through two chairs which Charlie sells like he fell off a building.

He then gets dropped on his head from the ring apron straight to the floor with no protect whatsoever. After all the hardcore brutality is place on the hardcore tag team, they finally make somewhat of a comeback. Just enough to get the hot and I do mean hot tag to Austin.

Stone Cold whips everybody’s ass and finishes the match with a Stunner in quick, lethal fashion like a Rattlesnake. After the match Chyna taunts Austin until he Stunners her ass too!

Triple H vs. Owen Hart
European Championship Match
RAW 3/17/98

Match isn’t long or really a full match at all since Owen had an ankle injury. Triple H bullied “The King of Harts” into this impromptu championship match two weeks before their scheduled match at WrestleMania 14.

Owen pummels Triple H outside of the ring until the ref gets distracted and Chyna hits Owen’s injured ankle with a baseball bat. Triple H takes advantage with a version of an ankle lock and the ref stops the match. Triple H wins the title and more heat for DX!

So that’s the DVD. It is outrageous and contains loads of fun. If you want to get a good laugh and cool look at DX check it out.


Or maybe it's

BUY IT! (You know, the DVD)

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