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Re: Whats your perfect idea for future Taker feuds/matches/appearances, OR retirement

Originally Posted by HankHill_85 View Post
Sting's washed up and too busy doing his cornball Joker ripoff over in TNA. The guy should've signed with WWE for a few appearances YEARS ago.
Seriously, Sting was a moron for refusing WWE's offer last year. Who in their sane mind would prefer the worst PPV main event of the early 21st century with Meth Hardy instead of a legendary Wrestlemania match with The Undertaker, anyway?

Hell, let's put aside the clear difference in match quality and ask who in their sane mind would prefer a match with Jeff Hardy at some low PPV over a match with The Undertaker at freaking Wrestlemania of all places?!!!

Enjoy your retirement in front of 8,000 to 10,000 people, Steve!!

Originally Posted by Att-Era-Kanefan View Post
One thing I keep wondering, was Taker legit hurt and all at the end of WM 27? Was it kayfabe or legit when he couldnt get up and was drove to the back?? If it was legit, I wonder what they woulda planned for him at WM 28.. If he wouldnt have been hurt like that and woulda walked out just like he did at 28... Woulda been no use for a rematch, but it seemed legit to me that he was pretty much drained and had a injury or two also from that match... ??
It was kayfabe, but Taker sold it so good everyone bought it. Not surprising, considering selling kayfabe has been The Undertaker's forte for over 20 years.

But yeah, with the light schedule Taker's has been getting, going past 20-0 to even 25-0 isn't a stretch.
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