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Re: Whats your perfect idea for future Taker feuds/matches/appearances, OR retirement

Don't post much here but i think i have the perfect storyline for Undertaker and that is Kane now i know the match has been done already but you can end this fude once and for all. The fist thing i would do is continue to make Kane look like a monster. Next i would make Kane say i'm fed up of fighting people here i want my brother, i want the streak, i don't want titles i just want you brother. Each week have kane beat someone little by little make his opponents stronger. Then at the Royal Rumble i would have him eliminate a number of guys have the guy you want to win the rumble and kane be the last two. Have kane eliminate himself it will get people to boo him ruining the integrity of the rumble. Next night have kane say he already said he does not care about titles he wants the streak. He keeps calling out taker and nothing. Then at the elimination chamber have come down again to kane and the champion, kane lies down to take the pin suddenly dong lights go off come back on kane is out cold champ retains whatever. Kane comes out the next night says he knows taker did it and he is not leaving the ring until he hears from his brother. All of a sudden lights come off and taker music hits i would love JR to be there at the time screaming it's the Undertaker my god it's the dead man. Taker ask kane why do you want to fight me so bad kane says it's the only thing keeping me in the wwe right now and he says he knows the streak is the only thing keeping him around and he wants them to be at peace. Taker accepts. I would make the match Hell in a Cell i know it happened last year but everything has to come around full circle. Now i only have one way i think it should end if you guys think of anything else that's cool. You have taker lose the match but hears how have it be a all out brawl i don't know if they can take the kind of bumps Foley did but just make it physical. At the ending have taker hit kane a couple of last rides kane is out taker is about to pin him when a guy you want to be the heel of the future take out taker unaware of what happened kane pins taker and wins. Then light turns red flames erupts from the ring darkness and one more flame kane's gone. Taker is still in the ring when dong and smoke surrounds the ring the druids come down with a casket puts him in it and takes him out and so the streak ends. The guy who is the heel have him brag about how he took out the undertaker and ended the streak. You have a new heel established you don't have to depend on the streak anymore and you found a way to end two legendary careers.
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