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Re: Whats your perfect idea for future Taker feuds/matches/appearances, OR retirement

Well personally I would like to see him go to 25-0 then have a match with Kane that ends in no contest where both brothers retire.If Cena ends the streak that would be a disrespect.We already see Cena overcome the odds enough.I really don't want to see him end the streak.The angle could be a face masked Kane finally embracing his humanity and actually going after championships.He gets one final run then an up and coming (Ambrose maybe?) beats him for the title and the rematch at RR.At EC Kane gets one final shot and is the last eliminated by the young heel.The next night on RAW Kane says he isn't a monster anymore but it's ok because he is finally at peace.Undertaker's theme hits and Taker says how much Kane has grown.Taker says if Kane wants to see if he finally has what it takes to end the streak.The brothers fight to No Contest and thus Kane ends the streak and at the same time doesn't leaving both brothers as equals and free to retire.

Not Removing until:
[]Tyson Kidd wins a singles title.
[X]Punk Main events a PPV. NOC 2012
[]Trent Baretta wins any title.
[]Mason Ryan wins any title.
[]Barrett wins a world title.
[]Swagger gets fired.
[X]Miz turns face.Surivor Series and it's buildup

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