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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by THANOS View Post
Your calling me a douchebag and vouching for ROCK316AE, the biggest troll on the forum? One who shits on great wrestlers every time he gets the chance, and tries to back up his points with ratings and buyrates arguments, yet always "conveniently" leaves out any information that presents his favourites in a bad light. Yeah that's smart
I "vouched" for ROCK316AE simply because he made a valid point. If that was intended to troll then he misses the point of trolling, but I'm 95% sure that wasn't his intention.

While his name does look familiar I'm not going to look down on someone because of their posting history or because of how other people see them. IF he is what you say he is, then I'm proud of him for making a decent, sensical post in a section that's quite daunting to new-guys (from other sections, especially those that lack a knowledge pool deeper than TNA/WWE) and not make light of some truly terrible match like Alicia Fox/Melina.

I only saw your reply to Cactus now, perhaps quoting those posts Rock316AE made would shed some light on to your side of this debate.

Taking this back onto a more positive road:

* John Cena Vs Brock Lesnar (WWE Extreme Rules) 4.25+
* CM Punk Vs Daniel Bryan (WWE Over The Limit) 4.25
* Daniel Bryan Vs Sheamus (WWE Extreme Rules) 4+
* CM Punk Vs Chris Jericho (WWE Extreme Rules) 4

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