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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

I don't see the issue here.

The thread isn't best "worked" or best "wrestled" match but match of the year. We all have our differing styles and opinions of what makes a match great, and this is just an extreme form of it.

While some can find greatness in the Infinity 250 tag (which I found abysmally poor) or CIMA/PAC from #252, others cannot stand the style in any way shape or form and will rate such a match poorly. Replace "flippy stuff done for shits and giggles" with meaning, importance and prestige and then you have what I believe Rock316AE is looking for in a match. Does it describe something technically sound? No, but to him that isn't of utmost importance.

Technical prowess still means something to him, as he does have Punk/Bryan on his list and included Sheamus/Bryan (which I think people are exceedingly over-exaggerating - considering Sheamus was stiffer than my erection for the OtL WWE Title match) so don't get him wrong. He just wants something to tug at his chords and to make the wait for it worth it.

Like I opened with, this isn't a "best wrestled match of the year" thread, so don't treat it like one. This isn't an objective study but a subjective experience. It's so much more than just the moves. Because of that what we find great might be boring or pointless to another - and vice versa. Thankfully it wasn't that bad a match for its crappiness to be mitigated by over-riding factors, so I'm not against his choice for MotY. I'd have possibly gone for HHH/Taker as number one if we're to take into account what he wishes from a match, but the other side of the hate-wave would have responded to him in like manner.

From a more personal example I rated two 5-star matches last year (Punk/Cena and the ME at PWG SteenWolf), this year my highest rated match is barely scraping a 4.5. Perhaps I'm a bit more critical than I was last year, but nothing had the emotional pull or significance behind itself (perhaps this could be true of Casas/Panther, but I'm not too great a lucha-head for such a thing) to compete on those levels. I've seen some phenomenal wrestling, but that's where it stopped. That isn't to say nothing tugged at my emotions or fanboyism, but nothing was on that level, either.

Rock316A not only differs from everyone else but he explains why he differs. I'd say that's a valuable commodity, considering we don't want this section to become too filled with like-minded opinion. We might as well not even post, then, as we'd have no reason to discuss.

Originally Posted by THANOS View Post

Thanks for the laugh and the credibility shot you gave yourself!
I can agree with Taker/HHH and Lesnar/Cena being top matches, but placing Sheamus/Bryan and Punk/Bryan on the second tier is freakin LOL cringeworthy even for you!
Don't forget to claim your douchebag prize on the way out.

Originally Posted by Cactus View Post
Christ. This is the best section of this website so please don't ruin it. I've always thought that as long as you back up your opinion on why you liked something, then you'll never be laughed upon. What makes this section so great is that we all enjoy different things and we can discuss it in a mature manner. Rock316AE is a big fan of the 'WWE Main Event' style of working, so it's no surprise he likes Rock/Cena over Bryan/Punk (but he still said it was in the top 6 matches of the year, so he isn't exactly shitting on it). Let's put it this way, I can't stand Dragon Gate or the current indy style, but you don't see me shitting on someone's opinion whenever someone rates a DG Multi-man or Davey Richards match ****3/4. You just got to keep in mind people like different things.
This is why I don't like you. Whenever I attempt to post something, you've got my opinion nailed and condensed better than I could have put it. Right down to even the Dragon Gate and (subtly veiled) Davey Richards reference.

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