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Re: WWE 2003

Originally Posted by 123bigdave View Post
I've never commented on a Be The Booker thread, but it's always been bugging me.

What do people get out of doing these? What's the point?

Are you under 15 years old?

Were you ridiculously addicted to GM Mode in the old Smackdown Vs Raw games?

Do you have a life away from your laptop?

These aren't snide comments. I'm just genuinely wondering.

You say you're off school. Should you not be looking for work and maybe try to earn money, thus having a life away from your laptop.
Well, you don't really get much out of it beside using your mind creatively. I am not 15 or under. I just completed my first year of college, play on a college baseball team, currently umpire and make very good money doing so, and have a very active social life. I never played Smackdown vs RAW, I have always been a big NHL or NBA video game player. And life away from the laptop? I told you I do. I like to stay up late at night because I can't sleep early so instead of watching the same ole' shit on the TV (Sportscenter gets real repetitive when you watch it for the third time in a night) I can use my brain and have some fun here making stuff using my own ideas. Getting people's feedback is awesome, whether its negative or positive. If you obsess yourself with Be the Booker, then you have a problem. However, if you do it for fun and whenever you have free time, knock yourself out. That is what I am doing. I know you are just curious and not being a dick, but now you know!

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