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Re: WWE 2003

Rather than doing a 4 paragraph rant, I'd rather just say this statement. "Everyone has a hobby, you never know about the user beyond the screen and you have no power to tell someone how to live, let alone advise."

Although this is my Review for the latest show.

I've seen this heat feud between Show and Benoit and I think this shouldn't fade in...lets say...4 weeks like WWE usually does. They argued, Big Show assaulted Benoit and I wonder what Chris Benoit will do next.

The intro was outstanding. I liked how there is 3 main guys after Triple H's title. You can carve a feud out of that. The Eric Bischoff part, which was minor, still played a part in the promo. Even though you don't use Play-By-Play I see where you are going and I think that was throughput.

It is very rare that title's change on live television and I expected the Basham Brothers to win...even if they lost on HEAT. I hope you are going somewhere with this. "If A.P.A. wins, they will get a title shot next Monday night against the Dudley’s and the Basham’s. If A.P.A. loses, Basham’s get their rematch against the Dudley’s next Monday." I am looking forward to this.

I didn't follow the Divas match but judging by my skimming and the content it probably was solid.

The day where a legitimate match between Booker T and John Cena is written so brief and even less than the Divas match means that, that match alone should have been longer than the Divas match. I didn't like that match at all.

Solid match between Holly and Lesnar.

The battle royal was nicely put in terms of creativity, length and content. That shows potential in you.

The feuds are easily distinguished, most of the matches were written with quantity and quality evenly balanced and the organization was average. Maybe bold the eliminations, the title or italicizing the segments would have made it a 'tad better.

Raw Overall Score: 89/100

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