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Re: SCSA mic skills

Originally Posted by apokalypse View Post
Austin use catchphrase but he never use it every fucking promos...around 98-99 he fucking use it every promo as time went on till 01 became less. even Jericho said it also Rock had the most fucking catchphrases and he use it alot...Rock is greatest entertainer on mic but when comes to MIC work there's alot of guys above Rock.

With serious promo Austin own the rock especially Piper he could fucking school The Rock, Piper is one of guy goes out unscripted...Pipers Pit? there's some guy Rock can use typical insult like what he did to John Cena or in 90's he always said shoving things up their ass..ect but guys like Austin-Piper you can't do that, there's clips on youtube Austin cutting epic promo tell him to get serious...

Cm PUNK is another guy, if Rock came out telling jokes like CM PUNk tattoo then punk could came back made rock look stupid...

i'm tired of Rock Mark, Rock ooze with charisma that's why he able use millions of catchphrases and the crowd really into him... there's so many fucking legend on mic and few above Austin.

i said before and i said agian, please before comment go and watch Last 10mins also of Steve Austin Tough Enough...it will show why Austin greatest on mic. If you say it's scripted but beside the crew saying is unscripted but few of interview who know austin especially Foley confirm in their interview...
Yes Austin did. Once the phrases became red hot, they were normal for him. Austin always used them once they became apart of him. Just like Rock, Austin used catchphrases. Its not that big of a deal and I dont know why you always get butt hurt about it. Nor do I see why people get so tight if people use them. Its all apart of this industry. Get over it.

Rock was known for the phrases but he was good at cutting a serious promo as well. Just like Austin & Piper. And many others. Im not personally saying hes the best of all time, but Rock is in those guys leagues. He can hang with them because he has the skill to do so. Period.

Also, stop getting butt hurt over a few marks remarks. All marks hold their favorites to a high standard.
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