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Re: Whats your perfect idea for future Taker feuds/matches/appearances, OR retirement

I can see only a handful of people in pro wrestling who are 'big' enough to face Taker at WM.

Sting - A dream match for the IWC including myself. I know Sting isn't as good a worker as he was years ago, but just thinking of WCW's equivalent of The Undertaker standing across the ring at WrestleMania is chilling. Unfortunately the chances of this happening is very small indeed, but wrestling is less predictable than we think. Who knows?

The Rock - Another one of the qualified guys to face Taker. I doubt the anticipation for this would be as high as Vs Cena WM28, but I'm certain it would be a better match. Again it's unlikely, as Rock will probably be all over the WWE title in the ME match.

Cena - The majority want this the most, and so they should. On the entire full-time roster right now, Cena should be next in line. It's very rare to watch 1 on 1 Undertaker/Cena matches, that last I can remember was at a house show in 2006 which Khali interfered in. Could seem like a legit threat if Cena's booked strongly months in advance.

Brock - Much like the Rock. IF he actually works WM he'll probably be used in a different capacity. His loss to Cena hurt him though, and he may not even come back.

- IMO the biggest of them all. A titan match involving the biggest star of the AE against the biggest star of WrestleMania. Chances are extremely slim since if Austin was to come back, he'd likely be putting over Punk or Cena, since he seems to be that kind of guy. Again only time will tell.
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