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Re: WWE 2003

Monday Night RAW
Date: 6/4/03
Location: Dallas, Texas
Venue: American Airlines Center
Attendance: 20,542/21,000

RAW kicks off with the usual pyro, while JR and King introduce us to Monday Night RAW. They tell discuss that John Cena will face Booker T tonight. Also, they talk about Goldbergís statement win on HEAT by beating Kurt Angle. Evolutionís music hits and the crowd boo the stable of Triple H, Randy Orton, Ric Flair, and Batista. The four make their way to the ring in suits and ties. Triple H has his World Heavyweight Title on his shoulder, as he addresses the crowd. Triple H talks about how Evolution is one of the most dominant groups in history and the proof is that they hold the Tag Team Titles, Intercontinental Title, and the most prestigious title in wrestling. Triple H feels they ended the brand split because Evolution was running out of competition. Evolution dominated RAW and now they need some new competition. However, the end of the brand split will not end Evolutionís domination.

Triple H says that when Summerslam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and even Wrestlemania come up, Evolution will still have these titles on their shoulders. Triple H walks over to Randy Orton and puts his arm around Orton. Triple H talks about Chris Jericho and how Jericho wants to challenge Orton because he wants to prove Orton is not the best. Jericho, also, wants to prove again that he is the best in the world. Triple H says that it was awkward listening to that interview because Evolution has the titles to prove they are the best and Jericho has, well, nothing. He gives Jericho permission to go after Orton, but has to remember that when he messes with Orton, he is messing with all of Evolution.

HBKís music hits and the crowd pops. HBK makes his way to the ring and Triple H does not look too thrilled. HBK grabs a microphone and he says he is proud to be back in his home state of Texas. He is excited to be in his hometown this Thursday on Smackdown! but wants to start the party tonight. Shawn says he wants a chance at Triple Hís title. They have been through so much together, so Shawn tells him the opportunity is the least Triple H can do. Triple H says Shawn has tried, and he has not succeeded. Triple H says he is standing on the top of the world and Shawn is back to being a mediocre, washed up superstar yet again. Triple H says he feels bad they have been lifelong friends and they both went in separate directions. Triple H politely asks Shawn to turn around, go backstage, and never interrupt Evolution again.

Kurt Angleís music hits and Angle makes his way to the ring. Angle slides into the ring with a microphone and his gold medals around his neck. Angle looks at HBK and then turns his attention to Triple H. Angle asks Hunter if he thinks he is truly the best. Triple H turns around to Flair and they both smile and nod. Angle grabs his gold medals and points them at Triple H. Angle asks if Triple H has ever won a gold medal. Triple H raises his World Heavyweight Title into the air. Angle asks if he did it with a broken freakiní neck. Triple H smiles and tells Angle that he didnít really expect Angle to come to the ring, but expected a more competent, tough superstar to come down by the name of Goldberg. Angle looks pissed.

The Rockís music hits and the Great One makes his way down with another huge pop. The Rock stands outside the ring and introduces himself: ďFinally, the Rock has come backÖto Dallas!Ē Rock admits that Angle and Michaels have great cases to face Triple H for his title. However, the Rock is not named the Great One because he is second best. The Rock says he came back to the WWE to beat jabronis like Triple H and send them back to reality. Rock is cut of mid-sentence by the music of Eric Bischoff. Eric Bischoff makes his way to the stage and is smiling ear to ear. Bischoff says he is going to make his short and sweet. He understands Rock, Angle, and HBK have legitimate reasons to face Triple H for his title, but I have a plan for Triple H, which will be revolutionary for RAW and will prove to everyone that I, Eric Bischoff, have the best mind in wrestling. Bischoff apologizes to the competitors and turns around to head back.

However, the boss Vince McMahonís music hits and Bischoff looks shocked. Vince McMahon comes out intent on something. McMahon stops Bischoff and asks him to join the party on the stage. Mr. McMahon says he did not plan on coming out tonight, but sitting backstage in his office watching this go on, he thought of a huge business opportunity written on it. Not to mention, he feels the fans would benefit from all of this. McMahon asks the crowd who deserves a title shot; Angle, Rock, or HBK. They all get equal responses. Mr. McMahon says he does not care what plan Bischoff had with Triple H because tonight he will choose ten superstars which will face off in a battle royal for the opportunity to face Triple H at Badd Blood for the World Heavyweight Title. Vince smiles at Bischoff and walks off as RAW goes to commercial.


RAW comes back on air and Chris Benoit is walking around backstage. Benoit walks past the United States Champion, Big Show. Benoit mumbles Ďwhat a disgrace.í Show hears this and runs up at Benoit. The two go face to face and yell at one another. Agents, officials, and referees come and separate the two, as we go ringside with JR and King. They talk about how the Bashamís lost yesterday on HEAT to A.P.A. and Bischoff was not happy. Bischoff set up a match tonight where told the Bashamís he expects more and he motivates them to win by putting their tag team titles on the line. Bischoff thinks they should win this and has high hopes in the brothers.

Match #1
Tag Team Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & DíVon Dudley) vs Basham Brothers (Doug & Danny Basham)

The Dudley Boyz music hits and they make their way to the ring, awaiting the champions. The Bashamís begin their walk to the ring with their titles held close to them. They seem motivated and look to make a statement. The referee holds the WWE Tag Team Titles up and the match begins. Bubba and Danny Basham start it off. Danny tries to play the speed game on the bigger Bubba. Bubba finds a way to slow Danny down and brings him down with a DDT. Bubba tags in DíVon and DíVon goes after Danny slowly, but Danny takes advantage of DíVon being slow and takes him down. Doug is tagged in and they hit a double DDT before Danny goes back on the apron. Danny tries to pin DíVon with no success. Both teams go back and forth until the tide turns when Doug knocks Bubba off the apron. DíVon whips Doug into the Bashamís corner. DíVon works Doug in the corner and Danny tries to hit DíVon. DíVon clotheslines Danny off the apron. Doug clubs DíVon with some rights and DíVon backs up. Bubba slides into the ring behind DíVon. Doug runs at DíVon and DíVon grabs Doug and, with Bubba waiting, hits a 3D! Referee gets Bubba out of the ring, while DíVon covers Doug. DíVon gets the three count.

Winner: NEW WWE Tag Team Champions; The Dudley Boyz
The Dudley Boyz celebrate and the referee hands them the WWE Tag Team Titles. The Dudleyís hug in the ring, while the camera goes backstage to the A.P.A. Bradshaw and Farooq are sitting at a table filled with poker cards, chips, and a few drinks. They look on to the television pissed off. Bradshaw screams at the TV, wondering how the Dudleyís got the title shot before they did. He asks Farooq and Farooq says nothing, but has a look of anger on his face. Bradshaw knocks all the contents off the table and storms out as RAW goes to commercial.


Match #2
Triple Threat Non-Title Divas Match
Trish Stratus vs Molly Holly vs Gail Kim

RAW comes back on air ready for a divas matchup. Gail Kim makes her way to the ring, followed by a huge pop for Trish Stratus. Molly Holly, the Womenís Champion, makes her way to the ring. Gail Kim and Molly Holly double team Trish to begin the match. Trish is backed into the corner. Molly Holly throws Trish over the top rope to the outside. Molly has her backed turned to Gail and Gail grabs her by the neck and drives Molly down to the mat, back first. Gail and Molly go at it, while Trish tries to recover on the outside. Trish comes in the ring and spinebusterís Molly. Gail goes for a clothesline, but Trish ducks under it and Trish goes for the roll up. Very close pin, but Gail kicks out at two. Trish picks up Gail, but Gail throws rights at Trish and whips Trish into the ropes. Gail puts Trish into a sleeper hold. Trish begins to lose consciousness, but Molly gets up and breaks it up. Molly whips Gail into the ropes and hits a dropkick onto Gail. Gail gets up and Molly drills her with a bulldog. Trish gets up and Molly goes after her with a successful brainbuster. Trish kicks out at two and Molly is shocked. The three divas go at it. Trish bicycle kicks Gail and sets up Molly for the Stratusfaction. Trish attempts to springboard off the top rope, but Molly throws her off and Trish crashes to the outside. Molly taunts the fallen Stratus, while Gail takes advantage and rolls up Molly. Gail grabs the tights and the referee doesnít see. Gail gets the three count and the victory.

Winner: Gail Kim
Gail celebrates her victory, as Trish lies on the outside in pain and Molly cannot believe she lost to Gail Kim. Gail celebrates like she won the title in the ring. However, we go backstage where A.P.A. and the new WWE Tag Team Champion Dudley Boyz are in Eric Bischoffís office. Bischoff is on the phone, while Dudleyís and A.P.A. argue. Bubba says he doesnít want any tension between us and A.P.A. and he understands theyíre pissed they didnít get a title shot first. However, Bubba tells them that WWE is an unfair place. Bradshaw tells him to shut it and yells at Bischoff to get off the phone.

Bischoff hangs up the phone, walks over, and explains to him how it has not been a good night because he had another plan for this tag situation, but he was just on a conference call with Vince and the Smackdown! GM, Stephanie McMahon. They had a plan, but I put my little twist on it and they liked it so here we go. Bradshaw demands a title shot and Bischoff tells him to calm down because he has this figured out. On Smackdown!, A.P.A. will face the Dudleyís in a non-title match. If A.P.A. wins, they will get a title shot next Monday night against the Dudleyís and the Bashamís. If A.P.A. loses, Bashamís get their rematch against the Dudleyís next Monday. The two teams think about it. Bradshaw looks over at Bubba and laughs. Bradshaw tells Bubba that the A.P.A. are going to make a statement Thursday and that is a fact. The A.P.A. walk out and RAW goes to commercial.


RAW comes back on air with Ric Flair and Randy Orton warming up backstage. JR informs us that Mr. McMahon just told those two that they will be a part of the battle royal tonight to determine the number one contender for the World Title and face Triple H at Badd Blood. King hypes up the chance of an Evolution vs Evolution encounter for the title.

Match #3
Singles Match
John Cena vs Booker T

John Cena and Booker T come out for this singles battle. The two square off and both get offense in on each other. Booker T kept trying to set up Cena for the end, but could never get there, as Cena fought back each time. Booker finally gets Cena where he wants him and goes for the scissors kick, but Cena avoids it by getting up. Cena spins the stunned Booker around, picks him up on the shoulders, and hits the F5. Cena covers Booker T, gets the three count, and wins the match.

Winner: John Cena
Cena celebrates in the ring, but the camera goes backstage to Chris Benoit warming up possibly for the battle royal. Big Show is seen running from behind Benoit and hits Benoit from behind. Benoit falls and hits the floor hard. Show picks him up and throws him against a vending machine. Show grabs Benoit by the neck and slams him back first against the wall, where Show holds Benoit against. Show begins to yell at Benoit and asks him if now he thinks he is a joke of a champion. Show tightens his grip and warns Benoit not to mess with him. Show throws Benoit into folded chairs stacked in a pile. Benoit is shown laying in the messed up pile of chairs, as RAW goes to commercial.


Match #4
Singles Non-Title Mitch
Brock Lesnar vs Hardcore Holly

Hardcore Holly makes his way out, attempting to upset the champion. Brock Lesnar comes out with his manager Paul Heyman. Lesnar has his WWE Title around his waist and goes into the ring. Holly is not intimidated by the champion and goes right after him. However, Lesnarís pure strength proves to be too much for Holly and the champion soon overtakes him. Lesnar wares down Holly and throws him for corner to corner. Holly is tossed to the outside, where Brock comes out and tosses Holly into the steel steps. Holly is thrown back into the ring and Lesnar performed a series of power bombs to Holly. Lesnar picked Holly up and delivered an F5, which got Lesnar a three count.

Winner: Brock Lesnar
Lesnar celebrates his victory in the ring, as Heyman comes in and gives Lesnar his title. Lesnar celebrates, but the crowd begins to cheer from a certain section. Heyman and Lesnar look around, but they face the opposite side from which Goldberg comes out of the crowd from. Goldberg slides into the ring and awaits Lesnar turning around. Lesnar turns around and SPEAR! Heyman hurries out of the ring, as Goldberg points toward Lesnarís title and indicates that he wants it. Goldberg smiles, as RAW goes to commercial.


RAW comes back on air with Lesnar in his locker room with Heyman. Lesnar is holding his ribs in pain and is visibly upset about what just happened in the ring. Lesnar says he wants to get his hands on Goldberg immediately and hurt him. Heyman says that will be too easy. Heyman tells Lesnar he has a plan and to just let it all play out because in the end, Brock Lesnar will always win.

Match #5
10 Man Battle Royal to be the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Jericho vs Eddie Guerrero vs Edge vs Kane vs Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton vs Ric Flair vs Shawn Michaels vs The Rock vs Undertaker

Superstars begin to make their way to the ring for the battle royal. All ten men stand in the ring, not knowing who should go after whom. They all turn their attention to the monster Kane. Kane turns his head to the side and he appears to enjoy the challenge that is ahead of him. All competitors go after Kane in the corner. However, Flair and Orton get themselves out of the group and stand in the other corner watching the beat down of Kane. Kane begins fighting back the group and the mob ends up in the middle of the ring. Eddie Guerrero comes running at Kane, but Kane grabs him by the neck and tosses him over the top rope. Guerrero goes flying over the top and into the barricade, effectively eliminating him from the match. (ELIMINATED: Eddie Guerrero)

The crowd of superstars charge at Kane yet again. Kane tries to fight back again, but Kurt Angle goes for the knees of Kane. Kane falls onto a knee and the assault begins. Kane somehow makes it to his feet and applies the chokeslam hold onto Shawn Michaels, but The Rock breaks off the hold. The mob tries to lift Kane over the top rope. Other superstars try to take advantage and throw others over the top, so the mob turns on itself and we have ourselves a brawl. However, Undertaker and Edge still go after Kane. Kane is thrown over the top rope and Edge and Undertaker go at it. (ELIMINATED: Kane)

Orton and Flair continue to try and avoid confrontation. Multiple brawls continue to go on in the ring. Chris Jericho sees Flair and Orton jump side to side around the ring trying to avoid contact. Jericho knocks down HBK in the corner and goes after Orton and Flair. Orton sees this and hides behind Flair. Flair and Jericho exchange punches. Flair backs Jericho up into the middle of the ring, where Jericho catches an elbow from the Rock inadvertently, who was dealing with the Undertaker at the time. Flair takes advantage and grabs Jericho. Jericho is thrown over the top rope, which makes Orton real happy. (ELIMINATED: Chris Jericho) The referees ask Jericho to leave, but he keeps pointing at Orton. Orton taunts him that he is inside the ring and Jericho is no longer. Jericho tells the referees he will not leave and continues his pursuit of Orton by just stalking him around the outside of the ring.

Seven men remain, as The Rock and Shawn Michaels team up and go after the Undertaker. They get the Undertaker over the top rope and Undertaker tries to hold on to the rope, but ends up falling to the outside. (ELIMINATED: Undertaker) Flair and Orton continue to try and avoid contact, but Kurt Angle sees what is going on and goes after Flair. Flair engages with Angle, while Jericho makes his move. Jericho grabs Orton by the feet and gets Ortonís attention. Orton turns to Jericho and the two begin arguing. Edge comes behind Orton and drop kickís Orton. Orton flips over the top rope and to the outside. (ELIMINATED: Randy Orton) Flair turns around to see what happened, but Angle takes advantage and Angle Slamís Flair in the center of the ring. Jericho begins stomping away at Orton while yelling that Y2J is the best in the world. Jericho grabs Orton and throws him up the ramp. Orton stumbles his way up. Orton realizes that Jericho is chasing after him and Orton begins running toward the stage. Jericho chases after him and the two end up behind the curtain and backstage.

Edge, Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, The Rock, and Shawn Michaels remain in the ring. Flair is down in the middle of the ring, still feeling the effects of that Angle Slam. Angle goes to pick up Flair, but Edge comes from behind and attempts to toss Angle out of the match. Angle flips over the top rope, but grabs the top rope on the way down and somehow stays up. Edge is shocked and goes over to get Angle out. Edge heads over and The Rock sneaks up from behind Edge and tosses Edge over. Edge tries to grab the rope and even Kurt Angle, but with no avail. (ELIMINATED: Edge) Ric Flair low blows the Rock, as Kurt Angle makes his way back into the ring.

Flair pins the Rock into the corner and chops Rockís chest pure red. Flair turns around and wants to do his specialty walk, but turns around into a Sweet Chin Music. Flair falls right to the mat and Shawn goes to pick up Flair. The Rock comes from the corner and grabs Michaels. Michaels is thrown through the ropes, but it is between the second and third rope. The referee indicates that Michaels is still alive. Angle turns Rock around and the two go at it. Michaels makes his way up to the apron. Rock whips Angle toward Michaels and Michaels moves aside and pulls the top rope down. Angle tries to hold up, but flies over the top rope. (ELIMINATED: Kurt Angle) Michaels jumps up to the top rope and splashes onto the Rock. Rock and Michaels go at it, while Flair continues to try and hide in the corner. Rock and Michaels try and fight to see who wants it more.

Rock spinebusterís Michaels in the middle of the ring. Rock sets up for the peopleís elbow, but sees Flair ready to make a move. Rock goes after Flair, but Flair counters and drops Rock face first into the middle turnbuckle. Flair works the Rock in the corner, but HBK comes from behind and hits a belly to back suplex on Flair. Rock goes after HBK and Rock tries to grab HBK and toss him over, but the HBK grabs the ropes for leverage. HBK tries to do the same for Rock, but Rock grabs the ropes for leverage. Flair comes running at the two for a double clothesline, but Rock and HBK notice it and team up to toss Flair over the top. (ELIMINATED: Ric Flair) The Rock focuses on Flair on the outside, mocking Flairís in ring tactics. HBK is focused on the match sets up for sweet chin music on Rock. Rock turns around and ducks under the sweet chin and puts Michaels into a rock bottom. Michaels elbows out of it and sets up for another sweet chin music. Rock turns around and ducks under the sweet chin again! Michaels leg gets caught in the rope and he is caught in an awkward position. The Rock takes advantage and pushes Michaels to lean toward the outside. Michaels cannot hold himself and he falls to the outside. (ELIMINATED: Shawn Michaels) Rock is left standing.

Winner: #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title; The Rock
Rock celebrates in the ring, as Michaels cannot believe what happened. Michaels sits on the outside with his back against the barricade in complete disappointment. The Rock gets his arm held high, but Triple Hís music soon hits. The Rock turns his attention to the stage, where Triple H stands on the stage with his World Title on his shoulder. Rock points toward the title and Triple H taps the title and smiles, as RAW goes off air.

WWE: The Takeover

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