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Go suck a dick, bitch.
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Re: 10 things learned from rants

Originally Posted by LINK View Post
Lol no shit I changed my name like 3 months ago.

I meant when did I change it because Cat owned me?

In fact the day before I changed it Cat posted a pic on my thread she was a Dallas Cowboys fan. So owned...so outed... lol

Thanks for the creepy interest lately though appreciate it.
How the fuck is posting a Dallas Cowboys picture 'owned and outed'?

Holy shit, you are so fucking stupid.

Any intelligent person could tell it was you, even without the name change in the profile. I didn't even have to look at your garbage profile to find out. Different name, same stupid posts.

I felt a little sorry for you at first because your posts were mostly harmless, just really stupid. You were new, so I was hoping the stupidity was just a bit of 'noobism', and that you would get over it and gain some intelligence.

This was not the case.

~HUGE Jackman~
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