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Re: SCSA mic skills

Originally Posted by The Bad Guy View Post
I know the subject is slowly steering away from Austin to the Rock, but Thee Brain you'll never, ever get a Rocky mark to admitt that the Rock is not the greatest mic worker of all time. He isn't. He is great and up there, one of the best of all times and I will give him that, he knew and knows how to wkr a crowd like not many can, however, he is like a one trick poney. He relies soley on catch phrases and childish remarks, while guys like Piper for example, in his prime could battle verbily with anyone and everyone, not relying on just a few corny lines.
No he doesn't. Not all the time.

You must have forgotten if you don't think Rock wasn't capable of cutting promos that didn't involve catchphrases or he had to rely on them. On the subject of Austin, he is great on the mic but just like Rock, Steve Austin is exactly the same with the catchphrases. What?, Gimmie a Hell Yeah, Thats the bottom line cause stone cold said so and so on. Having catchphrases in promos do not make anyone any less of a good mic worker. This is an age old concept, as Rock is not the only guy to use and constantly use them. Thats what they are for.

They use those to make a connection with the audience, sell merch etc. People act like its a bad thing or someone isnt good because they use them. Give a give a bland guy a thousand catchphrases and see how over he gets? It will fail. You cant buy that charisma and delivery.

But yeah Rock has been diverse in the past and have completed promos where he didn't use catchphrases at all or kept them to a minimum. People just remember the jokes and catchphrases because he did them often, but its not a bad thing at all. The promo that Rock cut before his match at Wrestlemania XIX is an example of that.

No catchphrases to get his point across, serious, and to the point. Just like others who did promos without catchphrases and all that jive, so did Rock. I dont even think Rock needed to rely on them because he had other qualities on the mic to make up for them. I just feel that catchphrases is another element to a good mic worker. Because it highlights your delivery and ability to get things over with the audience. Which is important. Hence my bland guy example.

Are there other superstars that are better than Rock in that area? Sure. Rock is a guy who is known for the jokes and catchphrase but what people fail to realize is that he has done promos that were not in that style. People just remember his usual schtick. But to say Rock hasn't done promos like that and/or is not capable of doing so, or only does them is false. If you haven't seen them, you should look around more because its out there. He has quite a few promos in that area. Im not saying he is the best of all time or anything just wanted to show that he has infact done promos that were not backed and relied on by catchphrases.
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