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Re: Democrats

First the lack of intelligence and subjectivity is amazing in this thread. Second what exactly did I say was wrong? America created modern democracy and don't deny it. Democracy failed in every other form.
Originally Posted by 8 Pound Gecko View Post
OH MY FUCKING This is just too fucking much even for me
Yeah for you to comprehend with Snrub's clit in your mouth.
Originally Posted by Reservoir Angel View Post
Simple: America has the biggest and most powerful military in the world. So they win that contest; in that regard they are better than any other nation.

I'll concede the list of things Americans invented (though measuring an entire nation by what some of its smart people came up with seems odd...

Though I will take issue with saying America invented Democracy. Just... no. Democracy as we know it? Kind of. But saying they invented Democracy itself is like crediting Sony with inventing video recording because they came up with Blu Ray.

Even on the basics, a lot of the American Democracy originated from influence by the Native Americans. Seriously.
I cannot even address this. America has a weaker Air Force than Israel. It's Navy is not the best. The only argument you could make is our Marines and Navy Seals. Every other branch is harboring the poor kids that believe Bush was a god send.

How else would you measure a country's contribution to the world? Seems a little odd to me that any person not completely void of intellect would comment on this.

I never said invented and as I did say created, again how else would you say it? No democracy was ever as successful or survived. I mean what do you really believe that America did nothing for the world? And if not who did do anything? I mean I am all ears. Imperialistic British rule? Or dumbfucks like Snrub?

BULL SHIT. The Native Americans did not influence democracy. John Locke A LIBERAL influenced democracy as well as Plato, Aristotle and just about every other text from a philosopher opposing imperialistic republic rule. Native Americans influenced commerce if that is what you are implying? I don't know I just know that whoever taught you that was insane. Most tribal leaders were hereditary and not parliamentary. That means they were born into their position.

Originally Posted by 777 View Post
I was going to respond to the first post until I read the second. Claiming that America created democracy negates everything you say from this point on in my eyes.
Well of course you will because you got slapped in the face with truth. Let's see some figures or are you too "right" to back up your point? Typical cop out threats of being right. The same kind of action that is burying this world and making a mockery of people that know what they are talking about and are helpless to naive insecure folk that just 'know they are right' without any evidence.

Sure takes a moron to dispute things with facts... JESUS
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