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Re: Democrats

Originally Posted by Camoron View Post
ITT: Almost everyone on both sides argues out their ass using bullshit generalizations and stereotypes that typically don't hold up to statistical scrutiny or that aren't solely an "American" thing. Obesity? Sure, the U.S. is number one. Not far behind (less than 10%) are other developed countries, especially English-speaking countries, such as the UK, Australia and Canada. They're still behind the U.S., but they're catching up fast.

I've already debunked the ignorant/uneducated argument in another thread. International testing scores (PISA) show that the U.S. is pretty middle of the road among developed nations. A bit below Canada and Australia, a bit above the UK, France and Germany, except in Science, where the U.S. is a bit of an underperformer, (insert your creationist bible belt jokes here).

Yeah, there are serious problems here. Mo money mo problems. I won't argue that the U.S. is "best" at anything but I am not sure why we are the only ones held to this. I wouldn't really give a shit personally if an Australian thought his country was the best in the world. Doesn't bother me, just pride in his country.

The guy in the LAX story who looked surprised because you wanted to walk has nothing to do with obesity but with convenience. We're very convenience-oriented, which is why everybody has a car and drives it everywhere they go. This is especially true in certain parts of the country, L.A. being one of them, but not so true in the northwest or places like New York City, where they walk everywhere.

The problem here isn't just Americans like a few in this thread that respond back to criticism with threats of jingoistic violence or claims of superiority, but also with non-Americans that make tactless generalizations and act like snobs, then when they get the generic American nationalist crap of "ur just jealous we're the best" in response they jump back with equally retarded responses such as "lol typical fat stupid arrogant american". The end result is that you both do a poor job representing your country and look like a moron to anyone who's reasonable.

Canada isn't even in the top 10 fattest countries.

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