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Owen Hart wins WWF title

So, almost everyone agrees that Owen Hart deserved better than what he got in his final years with the company and shouldn't have been given the Blue Blazer gimmick, rather a title run. But what a lot of people don't know (and neither did I until about a month ago), is that he did win the WWF title from Bret Hart at a House Show during their feud back in the mid 90's. It was a Lumber Jack match, which saw Owen defeat Bret Hart the reigning champion at the time, celebrate with the Lumberjacks in the ring and after about five minutes the match was restarted and Bret won it back, here it is.

Now what I do'nt understand and hopefully someone can help me out here, is why the WWE doesn't accept or acnowlege that he is a former champion putting him in the list of champions?

At first I thought, okay, maybe House Show title changes aren't accepted as real wins cause they aren't on world wide telivision, however, correct me if I am wrong but back a couple of years the Unified Tag Team titles changed hands at a house show overseas and the new champs came out with the belts, not the old ones and so did the womens title sometime back in 06' and if my memory serves me correctly it was Mickie James (could be wrong though, but my point is that they have done it before).

Then I thought, well maybe it's because the match was overulled and repeated, he never really had a "run" with the title. But many champions had the belt for only mere mintues and were accepted as former champions, in fact there are probably a dozen of them and more recently Dolph Ziggler.

Another cool little fact is this would have also been the only time the WWE title changed hands in a Lumberjack match.

So long story short, why on earth isn't this accepted by the WWE? and what are your thoughts about this lost matchup and peice of footage.

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