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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

hebtheeagle back with another Harping. Coming at you, cp954

*Open with a quick recap of the GAB, and then Cole and Tazz with the beginning intro. Very realistic open to the show.

*I actually really enjoyed the matches with Taker and Randy one on one, so I'll be interested to read the show where they go one on one to see if you do them justice. I like your writing of Orton as the heel here is really good as you definitely capture the Legend Killer gimmick. The Undertaker promo was good, but I don't know about the lightning bolt spot. I was never a big fan of the supernatural powers that Taker used.

*I've never been a fan of doing immediately after PPV rematches, but at the same time, since this is probably the blow-off for the feud, I understand. Big win of Hardy here, and should be fun to see where you take the US title with him from here.

*Damn good Angle promo. And it really portrays the feeling that Angle has that he has a legit claim to Cena's belt since he's never gotten the one on one at Cena (I can't say for sure if he has, as this is my first show by you, but it looks that way)

*Good stuff from MNM and Teddy as well. I didn't get a chance to see GAB (probably should have to get an idea of what I was getting into), but it would make sense for the masked assilant to be Melina if she was banned from ringside.

*I will make no bones that I dislike Bobby Lashley, but the match with Masters wasn't bad. It's a big win for Lashley, cleanly pinning Masters too. So, obviously big things are in store for him. The distraction of the Mexicools means things obviously aren't over for the Pitbulls and the Mexicools.

*Cheap win for Carlito, but I get wanting to protect London in the loss due to a probably feud pending with either Chavo or Helms. Where does Carlito go from here? My guess would be Matt Hardy and the US title.

*The post-match is really good. Convey's Helms' turn very nicely done, and definitely puts Helms and Chavo still firmly in the line of sight of London, who showed some pretty show promo skills of his own there.

*Van Dam displaying a bit of an attitude here. Possible testing the waters for a eventual heel turn? The Cena-Mysterio-Van Dam alliance for tonight's main event should be fun though. And Cena addressing the remarks of Angle with a bring it in the ring attitude seems apt for the situation.

*Albeit cheap, strong win for JBL here, and a good way for the character to get some heat back after eating the fall in the 4 way at the GAB. Booker and Rhyno apparently have some unfinished business, and it's a match that intrigues me.

*Good promo for JBL, but hopefully Teddy will do something about the attack on Matthews.

*Big win for the team of MNM and Kurt...and if that doesn't send the message to Cena that Angle is coming at Summerslam, nothing will. I look forward to seeing Cena's reaction to Angle illegally entering and hitting him with the Slam, while Cena had Mercury apparently ready to be pinned for the three count. And what Melina will be bragging with now that one of her guys has a win over the WWE Smackdown champion.

OVERALL: Enjoyable show. Nothing seemed to drag, and your match writing style makes them relatively easy to read. Consider me a fan, cp.
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