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Originally Posted by 777 View Post
Stop making up information. That's not why Canadians go to the states. It has to do with wait times on our overburdened system and people with enough wealth to pursue a more expedient route which includes private practices in the United States. The doctors in Canada are some of the best in the world.
The US has 2.3 doctors per 1000 people and Canada has 2.1 doctors per 1000 people.
US life expectancy is 78 while Canada's is 81.
US quality ranking of all inclusive health care is #37 Canada's is #30.
Less than 1% of Canadians go to the United States for healthcare.

Fact one means the system is not overburdened at all. It is about equal to the US system.
Fact two means they are pretty much the same in their result.
Fact three means Canada has better quality in general by a slight margin and neither country is the best in the world.
Fact four means that a small percentage of Canada's population goes to the US for healthcare at all.

Okay so now that I have proved your theory(media) completely wrong. Here is why what I said is not made up.

The 1% of Canadians that are going to the United States to seek healthcare are looking for more prominent and quality surgeons.

They are not escaping a bureaucratic system in seek of a quicker root through the system(the US is more bureaucratic than them). They are not travelling thousands of miles to save time from the system(the travelling would cancel out the wait). The quality is really about the same for general healthcare, so they aren't leaving for general healthcare. They essentially have free healthcare because they have about an equal amount in taxes as the US therefore they are paying the cost of travel and more for the procedures that they are coming to the US for. No one is going to waste time travelling for small procedures or chronic illnesses. Therefore, these trips are only worth the cost if they are cut and dry expensive procedures that are better quality.

So the only logical conclusion(unless Canadians are just complete morons) is the 1% are coming for surgical procedures that they feel are better quality than Canada's. Why on earth would you choose to travel, pay more or leave home when suffering from a condition? To escape one bureaucracy for a worse one? To travel with a condition to SAVE TIME? To pay substantially more money to save some time? No its because they either think its better quality or it is.

OH and I forgot. Canadians do not pay for their health care in taxes in comparison. That is as big a myth as the overburdened system. I mean sure literally it comes out of your taxes. But Canadians and the US have about the same amount of taxes per citizen. So if Canadians are almost even in their tax burdens and the US pays for its own private healthcare that means you are getting a break so it is in fact free to you. Plus as far as I know US citizens taxes have historically done more for the world then Canada. I mean NASA has done just about everything with US tax dollars.

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