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Re: The 10 Titles of Ultimo Dragon

Originally Posted by the modern myth View Post
They should have played on this fact during his WWE run. I was quite excited when I heard he was coming to WWE but they really didn't put any effort into him at all. As Raw and Smackdown were still separate brands at the time, perhaps they should have had him capturing the United States Championship and the Cruiserwight Championship on Smackdown and then had him win the Intercontinental Championship on Raw. It wouldn't have been as impressive as holding ten at once but it would have been quite cool (and would have encouraged people who didn't know him very well to investigate his history). I'm quite stoned at the moment so, while this seems like a great idea at the moment, I may soon doubt myself.
As much as a great of an idea it could seem to Dragon marks, and I do like him, he just doesn't seem like the WWE type guy to get that sort of push and hold all of the mid card WWE titles. It would make all the other guys in that division look like utter crap compared to him, guys like Benjamin, Rey, Orton, Christian, Jericho, Benoit, Eddie, Edge, Rhyno, Cena, Tajiri and a couple of others I am forgetting that were inthe mid card division on either brand at the time.

I do agree he could have brought some credability to the CW division and maybe a long lengthy title run with the CW title and make it worth something, however, for him to hold that plus IC and US is a bit much, the whole idea of the brand extension was to push new younger talent and give new guys more air time after they aquired many guys from WCW going out of business and the like, not for it all to go to one person.

That's just how I feel.

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