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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown- 29/7/05- Milwaukee; Wisconsin

We open the show with a highlights package of all that took place during The Great American Bash. We see Matt Hardy hitting a devastating Twist of Fate on Orlando Jordan to capture the United States title before we see Chris Masters locking in the Masterlock to score he and the Pitbulls victory over the valiant Mexicools. Next up is the Triple Threat match between Carlito, Booker T and Rhyno in which Carlito steals a victory. We then get a brief ending to the Tag Team title match in which MNM walked out victorious thanks to a masked assailant, leaving RVD and Rey Mysterio absolutely irate. Bobby Lashley dominating Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki is then shown before we witness the shocking conclusion to the Cruiserweight Championship match in which The Hurricane became champion, using a steel chair and Chavo Guerrero to fend off Paul London. We’re then shown brief highlights from the WWE Championship match, including the unexpected return of The Undertaker to cost Randy Orton before John Cena finishes off JBL to retain his gold.

We then head for the opening video and pyro hits!

Michael Cole: Five nights removed from a shocking Great American Bash, tonight, Smackdown comes to you from Milwaukee! And it promises to be a blockbuster fallout as all roads now lead to the biggest party of the summer, Summerslam!!

Tazz: Cole I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about how off the chain Summerslam is gonna be and the road starts tonight baby!! Our main event, signed, sealed and delivered by Teddy Long will be the WWE Champion John Cena, the United States Champion Matt Hardy and the former Cruiserweight Champion Paul London taking on Kurt Angle, Orlando Jordan and the NEW Cruiserweight Champ Cole, The Hurricane.

Michael Cole: Indeed we have two new champions here on Smackdown. Matt Hardy finally captured the United States title whilst The Hurricane, if we can call him that, stole the Cruiserweight title from Paul London.

Tazz: He did what he had to do Cole and now he stands before us holdin’ that Cruiserweight title. I’d say it was all worth it this past Sunday for The Hurricane.

‘Burn in my Light’

It’s instant heat from the fans in the arena as the music of the Legend Killer hits and out comes the man himself, Randy Orton looking less than pleased after what transpired at the Bash. Orton comes down in a t-shirt and his usual wrestling gear looking around the crowd.

Michael Cole: Well this past Sunday was not a good night for the man in your picture. Randy Orton gave off an impressive showing in the WWE Championship match, coming within a whisker of capturing the gold only to be denied by the shocking return of The Undertaker who made it clear that he and Randy Orton are far from finished.

Tazz: It was insane Cole. When that gong hit, you just knew Orton was in a whole world of trouble. We hadn’t heard, we hadn’t seen from the Deadman since Judgment Day and I know I sure as hell wasn’t expecting him to appear this past Sunday. Randy Orton ain’t gonna sit well wit’ this.

Orton takes a microphone and looks around the crowd who boo the Legend Killer vociferously.

Randy Orton: This past Sunday I was in pole position to…

Orton is cut off immediately by chants of UN-DER-TA-KER.

Randy Orton: This past Sunday I was in pole position to become the new W…W…E…Champion.

Boos now for Orton again.

Randy Orton: There was nobody, there was nothing that could stop me from taking home that title. JBL couldn’t live with me, Kurt Angle couldn’t deal with what I had to offer and John Cena? Well John Cena DAMN sure couldn’t stop me from taking what I deserved.

Orton grits his teeth shaking his head.

Randy Orton: But did I uh, did I leave Buffalo on Sunday night with the WWE title around my waist? Did I?

The crowd chants ‘No’ as Orton smirks a little.

Randy Orton: No, no I did not and there is only one, just one reason for that and that reason is…(Orton shakes his head in disgust again) That reason is The Undertaker.

Massive pop for the mention of the Deadman.

Randy Orton: Yeah, yeah I thought you’d all like that. The cornerstone of this company, the pinnacle of this industry, the legend that is The Undertaker returns and he costs me my chance at the WWE Championship. Well here’s the thing that all you people seem to be forgetting, that I think even The Undertaker himself is forgetting. My name is Randy Orton…Legend Killer.

Huge heat for that before Orton smirks a little bit.

Randy Orton: And that? Well, for that very reason I am NOT disappointed The Undertaker is back, I’m not angry, I’m not scared that he’s back, that he’s coming after me. No, no, I’m not concerned whatsoever because when we face off inside this ring, I will do to him the exact same thing I did to him back at Judgment Day. I will beat The Undertaker, only this time? This time I will finish what I started, this time I will once and for all KILL the legend of the Deadman.

The heat keeps on coming for Orton who doesn’t bat an eyelid.

Randy Orton: So yeah, maybe I didn’t win the WWE title at the Bash but that, make no mistake about it, that will happen. Be it a month from now, be it six months down the line, be it one year away, I will take that title but right now? Right now, I can do something, I can achieve something that NO MAN other than myself can claim to have achieved.

Orton scratches his chin before smirking a little once more.

Randy Orton: There have been a lot of WWE Champions over the years, there’ll be a lot of ‘em in the future. But there will only be one, there will only ever be one man who can claim to have killed the career, to have killed the legacy of The Undertaker and that man, whether you people like it or not, that man will…be me.

Orton really is drawing in the heat here.

Randy Orton: At Judgment Day, I beat the Phenom. I sent him packing, I sent him into hiding and now he wants to return and he wants some form of payback, he wants some kind of retribution. Well let me tell ya Deadman, your quest for that payback, for that retribution that you want, that you need is gonna come at a price, it’s gonna come at a big, BIG price.

Orton is a little worked up now, nodding his head, agreeing with his statement.

Randy Orton: The WWE Championship is looked at as the ultimate in this industry and I agree, I completely agree with that but this? This is one of those…it’s just one of those moments, those once in a lifetime moments where you can cement yourself in the history books. There will always be champions who are forgotten, hell, I could name some off the top of my head right now but for somebody to finish off, for somebody to end the career of one of, if not THE biggest superstar this industry has ever seen, they would never and I mean NEVER be forgotten.

Orton pauses momentarily as the fans continue to boo.

Randy Orton: I plan, I intend, I guarantee…that what I do to The Undertaker will never…ever…be forgotten.

‘Burn in my Light’

Orton drops his microphone having made an emphatic statement here tonight to the world.

Michael Cole: Well that is one hell of a statement from Randy Orton Tazz. Orton is set, he’s intent, he is focused on quite simply ending the career of The Undertaker.

Tazz: I don’t think that Ort…


Oh snap. Orton is just about to exit the ring as the gong hits and the LIGHTS GO OUT!!


Orton is standing dead still inside the ring as the purple-ish lights now appear and Orton looks around at every opportunity, wary that the Deadman can appear from nowhere. Nothing happens though before we begin to hear the voice of the Deadman, still no sight however.

The Undertaker: Randy Orton, at Judgment Day…you tried to break me. You tried… to finish me..

We see Orton smash Taker with a chair at Judgment Day on the titantron as the fans look on.

The Undertaker: But Randy, you cannot break the unbreakable, you cannot finish something… that never ends.

Pop for that as Orton shakes his head.

The Undertaker: The dead shall always rise and now? Now Randy, it is your turn. It is your turn to be targeted, it is your turn to become… a victim. You, me, August 21st, Summerslam and Randy… you will…REST…IN…PEAAAAAAAAAAACE.

The gong then strikes as the fans pop for it and suddenly the ring is struck by lightning!! Orton has a shocked look across his face before suddenly…smiling? Orton begins to smile slightly before he scratches his chin, continuing to smile and then finally exiting the ring and heading back up the ramp.

Michael Cole: Well the challenge has been laid down and Randy Orton seems to, well, he seems to be happy about it Tazz? How can, why is Randy Orton happy about The Undertaker challenging him for Summerslam?

Tazz: I ain’t got a clue Cole but my guess is that the Legend Killer’s got a plan in mind baby. The Deadman’s mind games don’t seem to be affecting Orton and I like that frame of mind from Orton, ya can’t let the Undertaker intimidate ya. If ya do, he’s won the battle already.

Orton stops at the top of the stage and turns around, smiling still to the fans who boo the Legend Killer as the lights remain off, only the purplish lighting giving us some kind of view.


‘Do what I want’

We return back to Smackdown to hear the music of the former United States Champion, Orlando Jordan who steps out to small heat, not looking too happy following his loss on Sunday night.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown and as you can see, Orlando Jordan is no longer holding the United States Championship as last Sunday night at the Bash, Matt Hardy finally defeated JBL’s Chief of Staff. Tonight though, Jordan gets his rematch.

Tazz: This one should be off the hook Cole. These two put on a heck of a match this past Sunday and congratulations to Matt Hardy but he knows that Orlando Jordan’s gonna do everything in his power to win back that title here tonight.

‘Oh Yeahhhhhh’

‘Live for the Moment’

It’s a BIG pop for the new champion as Matt Hardy bursts out onto the stage, parading his newly won title to this fiery crowd.

Michael Cole: And would ya listen to this ovation!! Matt Hardy finally captured the United States title this past Sunday, third time really was the charm and in doing so he proved a lot of people wrong and tonight Tazz he looks to continue to prove himself to those who’ve doubted him.

Tazz: Yeah Matt Hardy’s been branded a tag team specialist, a guy who can’t quite cut it on his own. Well at the Bash Hardy more than proved that he can do it on his own and that United States title’s as much evidence as he needs to back it up.

United States Championship Match:

Matt Hardy© vs. Orlando Jordan

Hardy has a real confident look on his face as the bell rings, Jordan on the other hand looks like the world is about to end as the two men stare each other down, Hardy smiling almost arrogantly at Jordan before both men head in to the centre of the ring and lock up.

Hardy forces Jordan back towards the turnbuckle as Jordan’s back crashes up against it as Hardy releases his hold and now begins to unravel on the former champion with a flurry of right hands, really taking it to his bitter rival.

Hardy appears relentless here as Jordan has no answer to the fast paced offense of the champion but Hardy finally lets up, rallying the crowd as Jordan slumps into the corner. Hardy now runs away from Jordan to the opposite corner before charging at Jordan, MASSIVE CLOTHESLINE!! NO!! Jordan dodges out of harm’s way as Hardy eats the turnbuckle!! Jordan rolls Hardy up from behind, 1..2..3..NO!! Hardy just about kicks out as Jordan almost wins back the gold.

Hardy scrambles across the mat towards the ropes, looking for a way back up as Jordan gets to his feet fairly quickly and heads right at Hardy, nailing a knee to the mid section, keeping him to his knees, not allowing the champion back upright. Jordan then begins to stomp away at the champion, not allowing him any route back into this thing, looking to keep him grounded as Jordan then drops a vicious elbow right to the chest of Hardy who appears to be gasping for air a little here.

Jordan then drops down to his knees and hops on top of Hardy before dragging his head up by the hair and Jordan methodically begins to hammer away at the skull of Hardy with some vicious left hands, slowly, carefully picking off the U.S. Champ here as Hardy looks dazed right now.

The referee begins a count of five, pleading with Jordan to stop this assault but Jordan doesn’t stop until a count of right on four and a half before getting to his feet and drawing in the heat from the crowd as he poses to them, signalling that the belt will be his once more here tonight.

Hardy is still struggling for breath as he crawls around the mat, Jordan sensing Hardy’s movement heads back to his opponent and brings him back to his feet, nailing a big forearm to the jaw before delivering a big Irish whip to the champion. Hardy comes off the ropes and he’s met with a big kick to the gut before a picture perfect snap suplex from OJ!! Jordan scrambles into the cover, 1...2...shoulder up by Hardy!!

The fans let out a pop, more in relief than anything as Hardy stays in this thing much to his opponent’s dismay as he questions the referee’s count there. Jordan takes a minute to get over that before heading back to work on Hardy and delivering a stomp to the back of Hardy’s head before scooping him up to his feet and once again dishing out a nasty forearm to the champion. Jordan then delivers another big forearm knocking Matt into the ropes before another Irish Whip to the champion but Hardy reverses!

Jordan rebounds off the ropes and Hardy scores with a big back body drop!! Perhaps a momentum changer here but it appears to have taken it out of Hardy also as he drops to his knees, holding his mid section as this one is right up in the air here. It’s a race to their feet and Hardy claws the ropes, looking to get up and take a small breather before his opponent gets up but Jordan is stirring also. Jordan to his knees as Hardy grabs the ropes, pulling himself up now and…he’s there!

Hardy is up and he turns around just as Jordan makes it to his feet! Jordan spins around, into a right hand!! Hardy now on a rampage as he smashes right after right to the challenger, Hardy goes for one more, Jordan ducks it, grabs Hardy from behind, swinging neck breaker!! NO!! Reversal!! Hardy shoves Jordan away, Jordan spins round, kick to the mid section, Twist of Fate!! NO!! Jordan shoves Hardy away and into the ropes, Hardy bounces back, roll up!!! 1...2...Hardy rolls through, cover on Jordan!! 1...2...3...NO!! Jordan just about gets the shoulder up as this thriller continues.

Both men are quickly up and Jordan throws a left hand but Hardy blocks it and drops Jordan with the Side Effect!! Side Effect from out of nowhere!! Will this be all?! Hardy races for the cover, 1...2...kick out by Jordan!! Somehow, someway the challenger hangs in there much to the crowd’s dismay, as well as Hardy’s.

Hardy staggers to his feet, still in amazement that he couldn’t finish Jordan off there but Hardy senses the end is near as he begins to get the crowd on their feet, signalling for the tried and tested Twist of Fate here. Jordan slowly gets to his feet, dizzily turns around as Hardy lets out a roar, kick to the gut, Twist of Fate!! NO!! Jordan again counters, shoving Hardy off before spinning Hardy round now, DDT!! NO!! Hardy counters, Twist of Fate!! Twist of Fate connects!!! 1...2...3...Hardy retains!!

Winner and STILL United States Champion: Matt Hardy(7:53)

Michael Cole: He got him!! Matt Hardy retains here tonight!! What a victory, what a performance from the man who will…not…die!

Tazz: Hugely impressive Cole. Matt Hardy just looks on top of the world right now and when ya got that kinda confidence, that kinda momentum, it’s hard to be stopped and Orlando Jordan will testify to that.

We get a shot of Hardy backing up the ramp, clutching his title before holding it up high as he smiles and panders to the fans.

We then cut across backstage where we join Josh Matthews who is standing by ready to talk to us

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman, joining me at this time, please welcome…Kurt Angle.

Angle appears into shot, cutting a frustrated figure as the fans boo the sight of the Olympic Gold Medalist.

Josh Matthews: Kurt, this past Sunday you were unable to capture the WWE Championship as John Cena retained his title. Going into that match you claimed that John Cena was afraid of facing you, that John Cena could not beat you. Well at the Bash he did ju…

Kurt Angle: Are you freakin’ kidding me Josh? You’re really gonna say it aren’t you? You’re really gonna say that John Cena beat me at The Great American Bash aren’t you?

Josh Matthews: Well Kurt he kinda di…

Kurt Angle: HE DID NOT BEAT ME!!

Big heat there for Angle who now composes himself.

Kurt Angle: John Cena may have won that match but Josh he did not… he did not beat me. I was not pinned, I did not submit, I was not involved in the outcome of that match. JBL was the one who was pinned by John Cena, he was the one that was pinned by that fraud of a champion, that coward of a champion who still, who still will not take me on one…on…one.

Angle grits his teeth, clearly angered here.

Kurt Angle: I don’t get how Cena can be happy with himself, how he can be happy about what happened on Sunday because there’s nothing there for him to be happy about. Yeah, he’s still WWE Champion, great, really, but what does being champion mean if you’re not gonna be a fighting champion? What does being champion mean if you aren’t gonna take on the very best, if you aren’t gonna beat the very best? And Josh…I am the best.

More heat for a very intense Angle here who’s not beating around the bush.

Kurt Angle: I hear all these people booing that fact but that’s exactly what it is, fact. I am the best wrestler in this company, make no mistake about it and John Cena? John Cena knows that as well as anybody. He knows that when me and him step inside that ring, one on one, man to man, nobody getting in our paths, he knows, oh Josh believe me, HE KNOWS, that I will break…his…ankle.

More big time heat for the Wrestling Machine.

Kurt Angle: When the day comes that I do finally get to face Cena, when I do finally get my shot at the WWE title, I will walk out as the champion and I will do everything that John Cena hasn’t done and won’t do so long as he holds that title.

Matthews looks confused.

Josh Matthews: A-a-and what is that?

Kurt Angle: I will defend my title against anybody Josh. I will look ANYBODY on this roster dead in the eye and take them on, not just take them on, no, I will look anybody on this roster dead in the eye and I will BEAT THEM!

Angle is really fired up here.

Kurt Angle: I won’t shy away from a challenge, I won’t take on the same old guys, beat the same old guys every time I get in the ring. I’ll find new challenges Josh, I’ll find new opponents, I’ll find the very best opponents and I’ll find new ankles to snap into a thousand little pieces. John Cena, ha, John Cena won’t do that. Who has he beaten so far Josh huh? He’s beaten JBL, oh and then he beat JBL again, oh wait and then he beat JBL again! How convenient is that huh?

Angle laughs sarcastically to himself.

Kurt Angle: John Cena will never and I mean never rank as a great champion, as a true champion. But Kurt Angle? Kurt Angle will always be a great champion, Kurt Angle will always be a true champion(Angle holds his Gold Medal out) and Kurt Angle will always, always prove it. Oh it’s true, it’s damn…true.

Angle then heads off, a very focused look on his face as we fade away.


We return to the scene of the Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long’s office. Long is sat at his desk and appears to be rounding up a phone call with somebody. As Long hangs up, smiling, clearly pleased with whatever business he’s just discussed, the door then opens and into shot come the troublesome trio of Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro and Melina, MNM.

Teddy Long: D’ya ever think to knock?

Melina: We don’t need to knock Teddy, these two men are the WWE Tag Team Champions, YOUR Tag Team Champions, they don’t need permission to speak to…to speak to… you.

Long looks a little taken aback as the crowd boo the fiery Melina who looks at Long like a piece of dirt.

Teddy Long: Well what is it I can do for ya Melina?

Melina: There is a lot you can do for me, for my boys Teddy, a lot. But let me start by asking you a question, just who in the hell do you think you are by…by opening some stupid little ‘investigation’ into what went on in our match on Sunday?

Teddy Long: Look I…

Melina: No-no, you need to look Teddy. We won on Sunday fair and square which means just because your little buddies Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio threw a hissy fit about it, you can’t go opening up an investigation. We won, they…LOST. And y’know what that means don’t ya Teddy? It means Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio can never again challenge for the Tag Team titles so long as MNM are champions. Well, guess what? Those titles, they aren’t going any…where.

Big time heat for the bitchy mouthpiece of the tag champs here.

Teddy Long: Now hold on just a second a’ight. Yeah, ok, so ya did win at the Bash on Sunday, congratulations. But here’s where you and I don’t see eye to eye Melina. You did NOT win that match up fair and square. We all know that your boys here only won that match up because of interference.

Johnny Nitro: Teddy, Teddy, fact is we won, there’s no two ways about it and that means that the stipulation still stands. That means that we do not have to deal with those two old timers anymore and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Joey Mercury: Johnny’s right, so uh Teddy, how ‘bout you close this little ‘investigation’ and start focusing on the real problems around here? Start focusing on finding us some actual competition, cos lets face it, Van Dam and Mysterio? They’re not a patch on the A-Listers.

Melina smirks in a devilish manner as T-Long shakes his head.

Teddy Long: Y’all can ask, y’all can plead, y’all can beg me to close this investigation but it ain’t gon’ change anything, believe me. It’s funny you mention that stipulation, what was the other part of that stipulation? Correct me if I’m wrong but uh, wasn’t it that Melina be banned from ringside?

Melina: Yeah and I wasn’t at ringisde so uhmmmm, what’s your- what’s your point here Teddy?

Melina stands, hands on hips as all three look confused.

Teddy Long: Well this investigation will continue because there’ve been rumours all week long about just who it was that interfered in that match, about just who it was under that mask Sunday night and well, a lot of those rumours are pointing at you Melina.

Melina’s face screws up instantly as the fans cheer.

Melina: Me? C’mon Teddy, you’ve gotta be kidding right? Me? Why would I?… What would I? How dare you accuse me Teddy?

Melina huffs before continuing.

Melina: Y’know what, y’know what, forget it. You carry on with your little ‘investigation’ and when all’s said and done, you’re gonna realise the truth in this whole thing and you’re gonna realise that I had absolutely nothing to do with that match on Sunday and when that moment comes? When that moment comes we are gonna demand a very, VERY public apology from you and we are gonna demand…that you be removed…from your position. C’mon boys.

Melina then exits as Nitro and Mercury look on at Long who holds his hands up, clearly not bothered by what Melina’s had to say here as the champs then exit.

We then head back to ringside to hear…

‘Hell will be Callin’ your Name’

A nice ovation hits for the music of the impressive Bobby Lashley who strolls out on stage set for action here tonight.

Michael Cole: He is still undefeated folks and he is still looking MIGHTILY impressive. Bobby Lashley all set for action here on Friday Night Smackdown, fresh off a big win over the team of Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree and Lashley, well Lashley really tore apart both men on Sunday night Tazz.

Tazz: Literally tore ‘em apart Cole. This kid is just a phenomenal athlete and I can’t see anybody putting a stop to him right now. Whoever his opponent is here tonight is in for a heck of a challenge.

And that man is…


A few oooohs in the crowd as its big man versus big man here. A real test for Bobby Lashley as Chris Masters makes his way down to the ring, accompanied again by his recent ‘acquisitions’, Kid Kash and Jamie Noble.

Michael Cole: Well this is no doubt gonna be one of, if not the biggest test of Bobby Lashley’s Smackdown career thus far. Chris Masters had endured a horrid start to his Smackdown career, being embarrassed week after week by the Mexicools but since evening the odds with the help of Kid Kash and Jamie Noble he’s began to turn it around, including a big win this past Sunday at the Bash.

Tazz: Damn straight Cole. Masters and the Pitbulls got one over big time on the Mexicools Sunday night and I know Chris Masters is gonna be ready to keep that momentum up, keep that roll goin’ here tonight.

Match Two: Singles Match

Bobby Lashley vs. Chris Masters w/The Pitbulls

These two physical specimens circle the ring early on, looking each other up and down, recognising that the other man is a real threat to them here tonight. Lashley begins bouncing up and down, his physical presence surely getting inside the head of the Masterpiece before the ‘Real Deal’ bounds forward towards the centre of the ring, Masters does likewise and these two lock up but to no avail! It’s a stalemate as both Lashley and Masters back up and dust themselves off again.

Masters tries to gee himself up, slapping himself lightly as Lashley delivers a focused look and these two men again go and lock up in the centre of the ring but again it’s a stalemate!! The fans are a little surprised that somebody is matching up to Lashley here as the two men again back off and we get set for a third attempt at this with Kid Kash and Jamie Noble encouraging their man from the outside.

Third time lucky perhaps as the two men again lock up and this time we finally get a breakthrough and it’s Masters who gets it, delivering a knee to the gut, doubling Lashley over before beginning to club away at the back of the Dominator. Masters keeps Lashley doubled over as he now drives the point of his elbow into the back of the big man and it floors Lashley.

Masters now appears to be very confident, perhaps a little too cocky as he smirks at the sight of Lashley fallen before dropping a knee to the back of Lashley’s neck. Lashley immediately clutches the back of his neck, clearly hurt by the impact of that big knee from Masters as Piece gets to his feet again before dropping another big knee right to that same point. Lashley grimaces in pain as Masters establishes control here with Kash and Noble applauding.

Masters then drops to his knees, pulling Lashley upright, sitting him up before Masters begins to bash Lashley across the back of his neck with some stiff forearms, leaving Lashley all over the place, a strong showing thus far by the Masterpiece.

Masters keeps up the pressure on Lashley’s neck for several minutes, setting him up for the devastating Masterlock as Lashley for the first time in his tenure on Smackdown looks to be in deep trouble here but with around seven minutes on the clock we see Lashley storm back into this thing as Masters takes his foot off the gas.

Masters begins to show off to the fans, flexing and posing as Lashley gets to his knees. Before smirking yet again, Piece goes back to Lashley but he’s met with an elbow to the mid section followed by another as Lashley rises to his feet and begins to take it to Masters with strong right hands.

Lashley then scores his first near fall, almost punishing Masters following a beautiful belly to belly suplex, scoring a two and a half count as the fans believed it to be over with. Lashley can’t quite get up quick enough however as he clutches his neck, clearly still in discomfort from the good work shown by Masters.

As B-Lash scoops Masters to his feet again he drags his opponent towards the corner and begins to use all his power, delivering some vicious shoulders into the gut, Masters completely breathless here as Lashley now assumes control. The Real Deal then puts Masters up on the top rope, sitting perched up high as Lashley looks around the crowd before scaling up high?! This is most unlike Lashley as he stands on the second rope, an arm around the back of Masters head as he drops Masters with a suplex off the top rope!!!

Huge impact move from Lashley that gets one hell of a pop! Lashley crawls over to the cover, slowly, clearly hurt a little from his own move. Lashley gets the cover here, 1...2...3...NO!! Masters just about surives in this one!! Lashley looks shocked as Masters hangs in there with Lashley now sat up, not moving however as he looks at Masters as if to say ‘How?’

The two men both get back in the game a minute or so later with Lashley allowing Masters to his feet, stalking his opponent in the corner as he looks to be lining up that devastating spear of his. Masters is dazed as he gets to his feet and as Lashley charges, he suddenly…stops?? Lashley stops because Kid Kash hops onto the apron, Jamie Noble also as they divert Lashley’s attention and Lashley instead charges at Noble!! Noble though hops off the apron, mouthing obscenities at the big man as Lashley turns around and he’s caught with a big clothesline from Masters!!

Masters now senses that victory is within his grasp as he lines up Lashley for the Masterlock!! Masters is signalling for it as Lashley gets to his feet and we see Kash and Noble, both on the apron again willing Masters on, Noble taunting Lashley as he gets to his feet but the fans begin to cheer as we see…The Mexicools riding down to the ring on their Juan Deeres!!

It’s only Psicosis and Super Crazy, no Juventud accompanying them as they hop off their rides and head after Kash and Noble!! Kash and Noble drop down and these four begin to go at it!! Psicosis takes Noble, Crazy takes Kash and it’s chaos on the outside as Masters keeps his focus and Lashley gets up, Masterlock!! Masterlock applied and surely there’s no escape here for Bobby Lashley!!

The hold is tightened by Masters but Super Crazy hops up on to the apron, drawing Masters attention towards him and Piece shoves Lashley away, charging at Crazy instead! Masters misses as Crazy lets out a yell of excitement and exchanges words with the man in the middle of the ring, Masters looking furious as he turns around, SPEAR!! SPEAR FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!! Lashley cuts Masters in half with a devastating spear as he goes into the cover, 1...2...3, he got him!!

Winner: Bobby Lashley(11:07)

Michael Cole: BIG victory for Bobby Lashley!! In one heck of a match right there folks and Chris Masters, well, you gotta feel a little bit for Chris Masters. The Mexicools didn’t target him here tonight but they sure did target the Pitbulls!

Tazz: Wow, great showin’ right there from both of these men. Lashley remains undefeated but I’m sure Chris Masters ain’t gonna be pleased wit’ this and I don’t think his boys are gonna be either. Noble and Kash look about ready to blow a gasket here.

We do then see a look of real anger across the faces of Noble, Kash and Masters with Noble and Kash looking on at a jubilant trio of the Mexicools who back up the ramp, smiling and dancing while Masters looks on furiously at his two partners. We then see Lashley have his hand raised in victory as the ‘Dominator’ keeps up his impressive run since debuting on Friday nights.


We return back to Friday Night Smackdown to hear…

‘I Spit In Da Face Of People Who Don’t Want To Be Cool’

It’s immediate heat for the music of the Apple Spitter himself as Carlito strolls out onto the stage, smiling exuberantly as he tosses his apple in hand and makes his way down to the ring, all set for action.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown and as you can see, Carlito right about now couldn’t be in a better place. The ‘Coolest’ Superstar on Friday nights has been on a real roll of late, including a big victory this past Sunday when he defeated both Booker T and Rhyno in a Triple Threat match with the Puerto Rican using those two men’s personal rivalry to his advantage.

Tazz: Carlito played it to perfection this past Sunday Cole. Booker and Rhyno did their thing, Carlito did his and he got the job done baby. I got no doubts that this kid is gonna kick on now from here and start lookin’ at some gold again.

‘Stay in Shadow’

It’s a nice ovation that greets the music of the former Cruiserweight Champion as Paul London storms out onto the stage, looking a little deflated following the events of this past Sunday night.

Michael Cole: Well Carlito may have had a great night this past Sunday but Paul London most certainly did not. London and Hurricane were having a heck of a battle for the Cruiserweight Championship, only for Chavo Guerrero to get involved and well, Hurricane shocked everybody by finally giving in to Chavo’s persuasions and turning on London, turning on the fans and turning on himself as he used a Steel Chair to smash London across the skull and capture the Cruiserweight title.

Tazz: I couldn’t believe it Cole. Chavo’s been tryin’ for weeks, months infact to get Hurricane to drop the Superhero routine, drop the mask and cape, drop everything and become himself, become the man under the mask and become the true Cruiserweight he deserves to be and at the Bash, he did just that.

Match Three: Singles Match

Carlito vs. Paul London

It’s pretty fast paced action from the get go as both men take turns to control the match in the early stages. Lito takes initiative from the bell, ducking and diving London’s every move before taking down the former Cruiserweight champion with a picture pefrect dropkick, knocking London right out of his stride.

Lito then works over the high flier with a series of stomps and left hands, the referee threatening to disqualify the ‘Coolest’ superstar on Friday nights as Lito lets up a little here, not wanting to get himself disqualified. Carly scoops London up to his feet and whips him across the ring, London rebounding with Carlito going for a clothsline but London ducking under it and running the opposite side of the ropes before taking down the Apple Spitter with a flying clothesline of his own!!

London now assumes control for a small period as he takes it to Carly with some strong right hands before scoring a very close near fall following a schoolboy on his wily opponent, a two count for London, a close shave for Carlito. The fans are right behind London here as he heads up high to the top rope, Carlito down following a beautiful dropkick from the high flier. London steadies himself as Lito slowly, groggily gets to his feet, Lito spins around and he’s caught with a huge missile dropkick!!

London scrambles into a cover as the fans sense a huge victory for the underdog, 1...2...3...NO!! Shoulder up from Carlito at two and three quarters!! The fans seem to groan as London runs his hands through his hair, unable to believe that he didn’t get the job done there.

London picks himself up and tries to get himself going again, wondering what will put Lito away as he heads back to his opponent, bringing Lito to his feet, forearm from London and again before an Irish Whip, Carlito rebounds and London goes for a big back body drop! Carlito lands on his feet!! London turns around and he’s met with a kick from Lito, London catches his foot but Carlito connects with an émigré!!

London is floored as Carly goes for a cover now, 1...2...kick out by London!! Carlito looks horrified as London survives here and Lito begins pleading with the referee that it was a three count but the official isn’t having any of it. Carlito gets to his feet again now and he hurls London up with him, displaying a lot more aggression now as he clubs London with some hard lefts across the back.

Lito then nails a kick to the mid section as he then whips London into the corner, Lito charges at him but London gets out of dodge!! Carlito smashes into the turnbuckle as London now launches himself into the corner with an incredible cross body esque move, risking it all!! Carlito is floored as London heads up high!! London looks around the crowd who are on their feet, 450 splash!! MISSES!! Carlito somehow has the wherewithal to move out of harm’s way as London crashes and burns.

Both men slowly but surely get to their feet, Carlito doing so a tiny bit quicker as he throws a left but London blocks it, he throws a right, connects, London now on top as he forces Carly back. Irish whip from London but Carlito hangs on to the ropes, London charges but Carlito again dodges, London goes chest first into the ropes, almost going overboard as Carlito grabs him from behind, roll up!! Carlito’s got the tights!! 1...2...3...he got him!!

Winner: Carlito(7:46)

Michael Cole: Carlito steals his way to another big win here tonight!! Paul London looked in control, he looked set for a big upset Tazz but from out of absolutely nowhere Carlito pulls one outta the bag.

Tazz: That right there is Carlito at his best Cole. He takes advantage of any and every opportunity he can get and Paul London’s luck’s just not in right now, a damn shame for Paul London but a huge win again for the Apple Spitter. Carlito’s rollin’ baby.

Lito backs up the ramp, smiling as he riles the crowd up, Inside the ring we see a dejected Paul London leaning up against the ropes, hanging his head in frustration before kicking the ropes. London then puts one leg through the ropes but is stopped in his tracks as…

‘Stand back, there’s a Hurricane comin’ thru’

The Hurricane’s music hits and out comes the NEW Cruiserweight Champion to a ton of heat as Paul London’s face drops. Hurricane comes out dressed in his usual attire, title belt around his waist and has a mic in hand.

The Hurricane: Citizen London I just wanted to come out here tonight and tell you, tell all of you people just how…

The chants of ‘You Suck’ cut Hurricane off as he seems to be taken aback by them.

The Hurricane: To tell you and to tell of these people just how deeply…how deeply sorry I am that I…that I didn’t do this any sooner, ha ha.

Wow, it’s insane heat here as London’s face paints a picture while Hurricane smirks.

The Hurricane: For far too long, I’ve acted as somebody I’m not, somebody who doesn’t portray the real me. I’ve been stuck under a mask, stuck under a cape(Hurricane points at these items as he says it) and I’ve pandered to all you people for as long as I can remember now and y’know what, I am sick and tired of the whole damn charade.

Hurricane nods as the fans continue to boo.

The Hurricane: ‘Fighting crime’, being the resident ‘Superhero’, where has all that got me huh? What’s it ever done for me? Oh yeah sure, it’s given a few of you people a good laugh, a good laugh at my expnse but it’s never got me anywhere, it’s never got me…this.

Hurricane points at his Cruiserweight title.

The Hurricane: Sunday night at The Great American Bash I finally got to the top, I finally reached where I wanna be, I finally became the Cruiserweight CHAMPION! But I didn’t...I didn't do it by being The Hurricane, I didn’t do it by trying to give you people a good laugh at my expense. No, no. I did it by being who I REALLY am, I did it by being the man under the mask, by being the man behind the cape, I did it by being the very BEST Cruiserweight in the world, I did it by being…Gregory Helms.

Big time boos here for Helms as he tears off his cape and tosses away his mask before smirking slyly.

Gregory Helms: And I’d like to thank you Paul, I’d like to thank you for your role in all of this. See without something you said to me a few weeks back, I might not have taken this step. Remember this Paul? You said to me, ‘Make the most of this’.

Helms scratches his chin as he ponders his next step.

Gregory Helms: You told me that I needed to make the most of it as though I was…as though I was lucky to be getting a shot at this title, as though I was lucky to be facing somebody like you. So y’know what I did Paul? I did make the most of it and look at what we have here huh, look at what we have standin’ before ya Paul. We have me, we have ‘lucky’ Gregory Helms holdin’ the Cruiserweight championship.

Helms smirks once again.

Gregory Helms: So now that I’ve got my appreciation outta the way for you Paul, there’s somebody else I’d like to thank in all of this. Somebody who has encouraged me from day one, somebody who has always believed in me. This person has tried for weeks, for months infact to get me to snap outta being some kinda 'superhero'. This person has tried to convince me that I am the best around, that there ain’t nobody better than Gregory Helms and hey, y’know what? He was right.

Helms then clears his throat.

Gregory Helms: Ladies and gentleman, without futher a due, please welcome, Chavo Guerrerooooo.

‘Ooooooh Chavo’

It’s more big time heat as Chavo steps out onto the stage and he and Helms embrace, both having a smug, arrogant look on their faces. We then see Paul London looking on even more furiously than before as Chavo sarcastically applauds him.

Chavo Guerrero: What’s the uh- what’s the matter Paul? Y’don’t look too pleased to see me? Did I, did I do something wrong? Did I do something to hurt the ‘Golden Boy’s feelings?

London then heads over to Tony Chimel and asks for a microphone. Chavo and Helms are laughing hysterically on top of the ramp.

Paul London: Y’know, I didn’t wanna interrupt your little speech there Greg because I wanted to hear, I wanted to know just why you did what you did on Sunday and the conclusion I came to is this; you’re full of crap.

Nice pop for London’s comments.

Paul London: There is only one reason you did what you did Sunday night and it’s not because of any masks or capes, it’s not because of any of these fans, it’s not even because of Chavo Guerrero. You did what you did on Sunday because you know, you KNOW… that you can’t beat me.

Good pop again.

Paul London: One on one, man on man, you can’t do it and believe me the time’s gonna come Greg when you and me, we do this thing all over again. You can shake your head, you can laugh it off, the both of ya can but fact is, I have a rematch clause and I’m gonna show to both of you, I’m gonna show to everybody why I am the very best Cruiserweight in the world and why no matter who you are, no matter what you wear, no matter who you hide behind, you are never gonna be anything more than a poor man’s Paul London.

London’s intensity is evident here as the fans get right behind him.

Chavo Guerrero: He is not a poor man’s Paul London. He is Gregory Helms, he is the Cruiserweight Champion and Paul, simply put, he is better than you.

Boos for Chavito here.

Gregory Helms: Paul you can cash your little rematch in any time you want, any time you like because whenever it is we meet, wherever it is we meet, the joke is over, the charade is over, the LIE IS OVER!! I ain’t playin’ anymore, Gregory Helms is here and believe me, he ain’t goin’ any…where.

Helms then drops the mic as Chavo raises his hand up high and the pair smirk devilishly as the crowd boos the shit out of them while London looks on intensely at the duo.

Tazz: Wow.

Michael Cole: Indeed Tazz, a shocking confrontation between Paul London and Gregory Helms just there. Paul London, I don’t think I have ever seen Paul London that intense, hell, I don’t think I’ve seen Gregory Helms that intense before. Two men, both with very different motives right now but when these two next meet, I think we’re gonna see absolute carnage inside that ring.

Tazz: Absolutely and don’t forget Chavo Guerrero Cole. This alliance between Helms and Chavo is gonna be incredibly strong, incredibly powerful. These two men could dominate the entire Cruiserweight division and they could do it for a long time.

We see Helms and Chavo back up and exit behind the curtain before London runs his hands through his hair and looks around the crowd before we head away.


We return and head straight to the back where Josh Matthews is ready and raring to talk to us once more tonight

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman joining me at this moment in time, please welcome two of the men involved in tonight’s main event, Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio!!

Van Dam and Mysterio appear into shot to a nice pop from the crowd. Van Dam still looks angered following the events of Sunday, Mysterio a little more upbeat.

Josh Matthews: Guys we heard earlier on tonight from General Manager Teddy Long who vowed that the investigation into your loss at The Great American Bash would continue, despite protests from MNM. How confident are the both of you that this matter will be resolved?

Rey Mysterio: I’m confident Josh, really confident. Teddy’s a good man, a fair man and I know he’s gonna give everything he’s got to make sure we all find out just who it was that screwed us at the Bash. And when we find out? Well, when we find out we’ll be one step closer to getting our hands at long last on the WWE Tag Team titles.

Nice pop for the Ultimate Underdog’s comments.

Josh Matthews: And Rob what about yourself?

Van Dam huffs a little, looking up to the sky before concentrating on the question.

Rob Van Dam: I’d like to stand here Josh and have that same attitude as Rey has but to be honest, I can’t. I just don’t have that same confidence, I don’t have that same belief in Teddy Long, in anybody finding out who screwed us at the Bash. I don’t have that same confidence, that same belief in getting another shot at the Tag titles. I just…I just don’t have it man.

The crowd boos a little as Van Dam shrugs his shoulders and Mysterio looks at him a little hesitantly.

Rey Mysterio: Wh-what do you mean esse?

Rob Van Dam: What do you think I mean dude? I mean, the way our luck’s been goin’ lately, the way MNM’s luck’s been goin’, they’ll get away with this. They’ll get away with it while me and you have to sit on the sidelines, have to stay in their shadows.

Mysterio shakes his head.

Rey Mysterio: That’s not gonna happen Rob, I got every bit of faith in Teddy Long to get us what we deserve. All we can do until then is what we do best, go out there tonight and stick it to Kurt Angle, stick it to M…N…M.

Nice pop again for the Mexican.

Rob Van Dam: That may be your solution to things Rey, but it ain’t mine.

Van Dam then goes to walk away but he turns around right into JOHN CENA!! The WWE Champion appears and gets a very loud ovation as Van Dam looks a little disappointed to see him.

John Cena: Well, well, well I didn’t think I’d ever see Mr.Laidback so fired up like this.

Rob Van Dam: Look John, I know your our partner out there tonight but seriously dude, I’m not in the mood for foolin’ around here tonight. You saw what happened Sunday night, you didn’t have to deal with anything like that in your match, you don’t know how much I’m hurtin’ right about now so I’d appreciate it if you just left me to it alright?

Cena scoffs almost at Van Dam’s little outburst.

John Cena: I didn’t have to deal with anything like that? Rob, I had to deal with THREE different opponents, I had to deal with knowing that I didn’t even have to get pinned to lose this.

Cena points at the WWE championship as Van Dam looks away and Mysterio appears into shot once more.

Rob Van Dam: But you did it John, you walked outta Buffalo with that title still in your hands. What did I walk out with? What did Rey walk out with? Not a thing, that’s right.

John Cena: That is right Rob, that is right but it ain’t no use cryin’over it. It ain’t no use mopin’ around. You gotta gotta get back up on your feet and go again, go out and prove to everybody why you ARE better than MNM. Hey, I know you are, Rey knows you are but you gotta know it, you gotta believe and you gotta let all your fans believe it.

Van Dam nods a little.

Rey Mysterio: He’s right Rob. He’s right.

John Cena: I want the Rob Van Dam we all know out there standin’ side by side with me here tonight, so I gotta ask man, are you in, or are you out?

Cena then offers his hand as Van Dam smirks a little.

Rob Van Dam: I’m in.

BIG pop for that as Van Dam and Cena shake hands before Van Dam does similarly with Mysterio and the duo depart while Cena remains in shot. Josh Matthews then appears behind Cena, clearly unmoved during all of this.

Josh Matthews: John, whilst you’re here, can we just get a quick word on your thoughts about what Kurt Angle had to say earlier on tonight?

John Cena: Josh, all I’m gonna say is this… I will deal with Kurt Angle later on out there tonight.

Cena has a stern look etched across his face here as he then nods and walks away with a real purpose as we then head back ringside.

‘Can you Dig it? Sucka’

It’s a nice ovation that greets the music of the former 5 time WCW Champion, Booker T who steps out onto the stage, looking in a fairly buoyant mood here considering all he’s been put through of late.

Michael Cole: Well it would appear as though John Cena’s little pep talk did its job for Rob Van Dam here tonight, our main event still to come folks but back to the action and here comes a man whose terrible luck of late continued this Sunday at the Bash where he was defeated by Carlito in the Triple Threat match that also involved Booker’s bitter rival of late, Rhyno.

Tazz: Was a heck of a match this past Sunday Cole and Carlito pulled one outta the bag. You gotta feel for Booker, when your luck’s out, it is out man and this whole thing with Rhyno really seems to have taken its toll on the Book man.


It’s immediate heat as the trademark white limo appears and out steps the one, the only ‘Wrestling God’, Mr.John Bradshaw Layfield.

Michael Cole: And here comes a man who well to be honest Tazz has been on as big, if not bigger downward spiral than Booker T ever since Wrestlemania. JBL lost the WWE Championship to John Cena and ever since has been defeated on each and every occasion he’s had another opportunity including at The Great American Bash.

Tazz: Well JBL ain’t had a whole lotta luck Cole, neither has Booker T, you’re right about both of these guys but that’s what makes this match right here so big. One of these two guys luck’s about to change for the better.

Match Four: Singles Match

Booker T vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

Booker starts this one off like a house on fire. Despite all his recent woes and bad luck, it doesn’t seem to phase he former WCW Champion as he takes it to JBL who has no answer for Booker’s strong offense including a series of sweet kicks, taking JBL both off balance and eventually down to the mat with real authority off of a beautiful roundhouse kick.

Booker keeps on top of the former WWE Champion, laying into him with some strong right hands before taking down the Wall Street Warrior once again, this time with a nice scoop slam before Booker runs the ropes and drops a knee right to the head of Layfield. Booker drops down into a cover, 1...2..shoulder up by JBL.

Booker keeps focused despite not being able to put JBL down and out as he once again brings the cocky New York resident to his feet, whipping Layfield into the turnbuckle as Booker charges but JBL gets out of dodge!! Booker eats the turnbuckle before falling away and JBL takes Booker down with a clubbing shot to the back.

JBL now stomps the holy hell out of Booker, prompting the official to warn Layfield about a disqualification as the ‘Wrestling God’ backs off before hoisting Booker upright again. Layfield clobbers Book with a right hand before a stiff kick to the gut as Booker doubles over and JBL now clutches the back of Booker’s neck before delivering a pinpoint vertical suplex. Booker is dropped with authority as JBL rolls him into a cover, 1...2...shoulder up by the former WCW Champion!

JBL slams the mat in frustration before yelling at the referee to do his job here before again scooping Booker to his feet and again delivering another hard, clubbing shot. Irish whip now from Layfield as Booker hits off the turnbuckle and Jibbles comes a charging but he’s met with a boot to the face by Booker!! Bradshaw is sent stumbling out of the corner as the fans sense a revival here from Booker.

Booker now comes out of the corner as JBL spins round and Booker now begins to unload with right hands. JBL is on the backfoot once again now as Booker is all over him here. Irish Whip from Booker as JBL rebounds and Booker drops him with a spine buster!! Huge impact from Booker as the crowd sense the beginning of the end here. Booker starts to feel it, pandering to the fans as he looks set to try and finish the job off but Booker’s attentions are diverted as we see….RHYNO!!

The Man Beast is in the crowd, dressed casually as he comes right to the front of the barrier, grabbing Booker’s attention as Booker holds his arms out, seemingly mouthing ‘What? What the hell you doin’ here?’ Rhyno urges Booker to step out of the ring and come down to face him as Booker continues exchanging words with the ECW Original before turning back around to face JBL again, BAM!!! Clothesline from Hell!! Clothesline from Hell by JBL from out of nowhere!! Cover by Bradshaw, 1...2...3

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield(5:43)

Michael Cole: Oh come on!!! JBL steals it, all thanks to Rhyno!! What the hell is wrong with Rhyno, Tazz?!

Tazz: We all know exactly what’s wrong wit’ the Man Beast, he’s tired of lookin’ out for people like Booker T, tired of focusing on everything and everybody except himself and he’s makin’ a change. Booker T is simply victim number one on the Man Beast’s hitlist Cole, it’s only mind games here tonight but I know just what this guy is capable of and it ain’t pretty, believe me.

Booker sits up slowly, clearly in some pain here as he looks around for his rival Rhyno, obviously furious that the distraction cost him whilst JBL heads up the ramp celebrating his victory here and perhaps the start of an upturn in fortune for the Wall Street Warrior. We then see Rhyno who has now exited through the crowd as the fans around him pur heat on him but the former ECW original takes no notice, instead focusing intensely on the damage done inside the ring.


We return and head backstage where we find JBL walking through the halls, still a little out of breath following his victory just now over Booker T. As Jibbles works his way through the back, we see the oh so persistent Josh Matthews appear from behind to try and catch a word with the former WWE Champion.

Josh Matthews: John, John, if you don’t mind could we get a quick word?

JBL stops in his tracks and gives Matthews a death wish look.

Josh Matthews: John ever since Wrestlemania you’ve been on somewhat of a downward spiral, losing your WWE Championship and going on to lose not just one but two rematches. Tonight saw you pick up a big victory over Booker T, do you believe that this could be the start of a turnaround in your fortune moving forwards here on Smackdown?

JBL looks at Matthews with that exact same look before looking away and then laughing a little bit.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Kick a man while he’s down why don’t ya kid? Ha ha.

BAM!!! Layfield slaps Matthews into next week with the interviewer going tumbling!! Layfield then takes the microphone and composes himself again to strong boos.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I just…I just don’t get it. I am the longest reigning WWE Champion in Smackdown history. Not just the past year, the past two years, the longest reigning champion on this television show’s history. Despite that fact, despite that achievement I have to deal with, I have to put up with disrespectful PUNKS like Josh Matthews.

The heat is still clear as day for the Wrestling God as he points to the damage done to Matthews.

John Bradshaw Layfield: People like him, people like all these WWE fans who pay their money to cheer for…to cheer for guys like John Cena? People like them have the nerve, they have the audacity to disrespect a guy like me, disrespect a true American Hero, the one and only Wrestling Godddddddd and y’know what? I am sick to freakin’ death of it.

JBL scowls directly at the camera now.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Yeah I lost the WWE title, yeah I lost the rematch, yeah I lost Sunday night at the Bash. But y’know what? All sporting greats suffer defeat, all of ‘em. You name me one guy in the world who hasn’t suffered a setback in their career, who hasn’t tasted defeat, who hasn’t at one point or another, hit a brick wall. But y’know what all of ‘em do? Y’know what all those true greats do? They recover, they respond, they bounce right back up, they get back on the saddle and they rise, oh yes indeedy, they rise again, they rise right to the very TOP of the mountain.

Bradshaw is very smooth in his delivery here, you can really feel what he’s saying.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And that is exactly what I am going to do, it is exactly what you are all going to witness. The recovery began here tonight, the rise back to the top of the mountain began out there in that ring right here tonight. People will NOT disrespect me like that anymore(pointing at Matthews). People will not look at me as some kind of…pfffft I don’t know how they do but some of ‘em believe it or not look at me as some kind of freakin’ failure, well NOT… ANY… MORE. I promise that I am going to make an impact, I promise that I am going to make a HUGE impact, I promise you right here, right now on this day that the rise of JBL back to the top… has only just begun.

JBL then tosses the microphone down at the fallen Matthews as the fans boo the actions of the Wall Street Warrior once more and we head away to Michael Cole and Tazz once more.


We return ringside and hear the music of MNM as the red carpet is rolled out and out step the tag team champions accompanied by Melina as ever, all set for our big main event here.

Michael Cole: Well some strong words there from JBL but back to the action now folks and it is indeed time for our main event as the WWE Tag Team Champions make their way out and we heard earlier on tonight from MNM, Melina included and I gotta wonder Tazz, just how in the world can they complain about an investigation being launched into what transpired this past Sunday at the Bash?

Tazz: Because they won the match Cole. They won that match, be it by hook or by crook they got the job done which means that stipulation should stand. I understand the investigation though Cole, I mean Van Dam and Mysterio were robbed Sunday night and if that was Melina under that mask, they sure as hell deserve another shot at the gold.

Michael Cole: They deserve one anyway!! Whether it was Melina or not, they deserve another opportunity and I hope they prove exactly why here tonight.


The fans anticipation levels rise now as the music of Kurt Angle hits and the Wrestling Machine heads out to pretty strong boos.

Michael Cole: Well we heard from MNM earlier on tonight but we also heard from this man, a very fired up, very intense Kurt Angle.

Tazz: Oh absolutely Cole. Angle is one hundred and ten percent convinced that John Cena is runnin’ scared from him, that John Cena wants no piece of the Wrestling Machine.

Michael Cole: Yeah but do ya really believe that Tazz? Do you really believe that John Cena would back down from anybody? Is this all mind games on Kurt Angle’s behalf?

Tazz: Maybe, maybe I don’t know Cole. If it is and it earns Kurt his shot, then kudos to Angle, it’s a damn smart plan.

Angle and MNM acknowledge each other inside the ring as they then await their oppponents…

‘Booyaka/One of a Kind remix’

And here they come!! It’s a very nice pop that greets the remixed music of Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio as the Tag Title challengers at the Bash step out. Mysterio storms out on stage with Van Dam behind, not taking his eyes off of MNM inside the ring.

Michael Cole: The look on Rob Van Dam’s face says it all folks. Van Dam is absolutely seething at what went down this past Sunday night and to be honest Tazz, I don’t think he’s in the right frame of mind here tonight.

Tazz: Van Dam’s the most cool, laidback guy I think I’ve ever met Cole but all of this stuff with MNM has just gotten inside the head of Mr.Friday Night and I ain’t surprised. MNM have pulled one over on Van Dam and Mysterio time and time again and that whole mask deal this past Sunday may have been the final straw Cole.

‘My Time is Now’

It’s a very loud pop as the WWE Champion makes his way down ringisde, John Cena looking all fired up, rallying the crowd here as we see a shot of Kurt Angle looking on at the champ.

Michael Cole: Well it was not a good night Sunday night for Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio but it was more than a good night for this man, the WWE Champion, John Cena. Cena retained his gold in one heck of a Fatal 4 Way match but John Cena knows full well that Kurt Angle isn’t going away any time soon.

Tazz: Not at all Cole. Angle is dead set on getting his hands on both John Cena and that WWE Title. I don’t buy Cena being afraid of Kurt though, I don’t buy it at all. John Cena don’t back down from anybody, from any challenge and Kurt Angle ain’t no different to that. All I know is when these two finally go at it, it’s gonna be off the chain.

Main Event: Six Man Tag Team Match

John Cena, Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle and MNM

It’s Angle and Mysterio that kick this one off, both men having had various battles over the years and this one is sure to be no different.

It’s a very even exchange in the opening as both men trade moves and counters, trying to one up the other, Mysterio scoring a near fall following a schoolboy, almost catching Angle completely off guard whilst the Wrestling Machine also scored a near fall off of an explosive belly to belly suplex. Angle then assumes control following this as he drops to the mat and begins to wear the lightning quick Mysterio down, delivering several stomps to the left leg of Rey who clutches it in pain with Angle then dragging Rey across to his corner and tagging in Joey Mercury to the contest, clearly content with his work and the fact that his team are now in control.

Mercury enters the ring and picks up where Angle left off, targeting the left leg of Rey with several vicious kicks before grabbing Rey’s leg and lifting it up before slamming it back down onto the mat with authority as Mercury goes for a cover, kick out at two from Mysterio.

The A-Lister appears a little frustrated but continues his pressure as he draws Rey to his feet now, whipping the little man across the ring as Rey rebounds off the ropes and Mercury takes him down with a brutal clothesline, almost taking Rey’s head off. Mercury quickly runs the ropes himself now before dropping a knee right on the left knee of Rey, really strong stuff from Mercury here as he rolls Rey into a cover once more, 1...2..shoulder up once more.

The fans start to encourage Mysterio as a ‘Let’s go Rey’ chant emerges though only small as Mercury smirks and drags Rey over towards his teams corner, much like Angle did and Mercury makes a tag, bringing in Johnny Nitro to the contest. Nitro hops right over the ropes and connects with a beautiful leg drop right onto that left knee/leg of Mysterio!! Mysterio screeches in pain as we see John Cena flinch and Van Dam still looking on furiously as Nitro hops up and delivers several more stomps to the leg of Rey.

Nitro continues to dominate as Rey struggles for answers but finally finds a way out of trouble as a momentary lapse in concentration from one half of the Tag champions who begins to taunt the Milwaukee crowd, showing off his physique before dragging Mysterio to his feet but Mysterio responds with a right hand, followed by another and another as Mysterio mounts a comeback here. Irish Whip from Rey and Nitro rebounds off the ropes right into a drop toe hold!! Nitro is floored as Rey hobbles across the ring, his left leg clearly affected by the abuse he’s taken to it and he tags in Van Dam!!

Van Dam bursts into the ring as Nitro stumbles to his feet and he turns around right into the oncoming RVD who takes it to Nitro, right hand after right hand before a thunderous kick to the head that sends Nitro spiralling!! Nitro drops to the mat as Van Dam runs the ropes, it’s Rolling Thunder time!! CONNECTS!! Cover by Van Dam!! 1...2...3...NO, ANGLE BREAKS THE COUNT!! Angle breaks things up and Angle begins an assault of Van Dam, stomping away but here comes JOHN CENA!!

Cena storms into the ring and heads after Angle but Angle gets the hell out of the ring!! Angle gets as far away as possible, heading back to his corner as Cena mouths ‘Damn it’ unable to get his hands on the Wrestling Machine.

Both Van Dam and Nitro are now down as we see Melina on the outside cheering her man on as Nitro begins to stir. Nitro slowly gets to his feet, clutching his mid section following that devastating Rolling Thunder as Van Dam slowly gets to his knees. Nitro draws RVD to his feet and nails a forearm, followed by another as the A-Lister looks to assume control here. Nitro with an Irish Whip, Van Dam rebounds, DROPKICK connects!! Nitro takes Van Dam’s head off there, into a cover, 1...2...shoulder up by Mr.Friday Night!

Melina screeches in disappointment as Nitro heads back over to his corner and tags in Joey Mercury to this once again as Mercury bounds in and keeps up the pressure on Van Dam, targeting Van Dam’s ribs as he delivers several hard, stiff shots to the rib cage of RVD. Mercury scores a near fall following a beautiful backbreaker after Van Dam rebounded off the ropes, drawing several ‘Oooooh’s’ from the crowd at the impact on Van Dam.

A turning point comes though as Mercury decides to head up to the top rope, more Van Dam’s style and it costs the Tag champ as Mercury steadies himself up high, waiting for Van Dam to turn around, he does so and Mercury flies but nobody home!! Van Dam gets out of the way as Mercury lands hard on the mat and Van Dam heads towards the corner, tagging in John Cena!!

Cena bursts onto the scene but so too does Johnny Nitro!! Nitro comes from out of nowhere and swings at Cena taking it to him with right hands!! Cena though fights back and the two men go toe to toe here with Cena taking the edge!! BAM!! Mercury from out of nowhere clubs Cena from behind but here comes Rey Mysterio!!!

Mysterio comes in and delivers some stiff kicks to the back of Nitro’s legs, Nitro not able to respond as Cena now takes it to Mercury! Cena’s throwing rights at Mercury, Irish Whip now from the champion, Mercury rebounds right into a running shoulder block!! Cena now looks around the crowd, sensing that it’s time to try and round this one up as he runs the ropes, Five Knuckle Shuffle! NO!! KURT ANGLE!! Angle ambushes Cena from behind as we see Mysterio and Nitro fly over the top rope with Mysterio taking Nitro down with a head scissors!!

Angle now unloads on Cena with some vicious stomps as the camera shifts and we see Rob Van Dam up high, Van Dam flies and takes Angle down with a missile dropkick!!!

Angle drops as Van Dam takes him down and out, Van Dam though turns around, DDT!! DDT FROM MERCURY!! Mercury then drags RVD to his feet before tossing him through the ropes and into Mysterio and Nitro!! Mercury uses Van Dam as a missile, taking his own partner out, however taking Mysterio out of this thing too as Mercury rolls Cena into a cover!! Surely not?! 1...2. Kick out by Cena!!

The fans pop big time as Cena survives and Mercury looks a little concerned, knowing he’s on his own here against the WWE Champion. Mercury looks on at Melina before signalling for Melina to grab one of their titles, but why? What for??

Melina does as Mercury asks and tosses the title into the ring, Mercury grabbing it here as he begins to size John Cena up!! The referee is telling Merucry not to do it here as Cena begins to stir, Cena slowly gets to his feet, he turns around, BAM!! NO!! CENA SCOOPS MERUCRY UP HIGH!! FU!! FU CONNECTS!! ANGLE SLAM!! WHAT THE HELL?! KURT ANGLE WITH AN ANGLE SLAM TO JOHN CENA!! Angle rolls Merucry on top of Cena here, 1...2...3...HE GOT HIM!!

Winners: Kurt Angle and MNM(13:50)

Michael Cole: Kurt Angle just screwed John Cena!! What the hell is Kurt Angle thinking?! Cena had the damn thing won!! Angle wasn’t even the legal man Tazz!!

Tazz: Oh Kurt Angle is inside Cena’s head Cole, he’s gotta be after this one. Angle keeps on sidesteppin’ the champ and I think he’s gonna keep on doin’ it until he gets that WWE title shot that he’s lookin’ for.

We see Melina shrieking inside the ring as she helps Merucry to his feet and raises his hand in victory with Nitro, Mysterio and Van Dam all down and out on the outside here as Kurt Angle backs up the ramp, grinning like a Cheshire Cat with Cena looking on, laid out in the ring, an intense look as he locks eyes with the Wrestling Machine.

Michael Cole: Tonight was indeed Kurt angle’s night but if you think John Cena’s gonna take this laying down, you’ve got another thing coming. Cena and Angle are gonna come to blows, Angle is gonna get what’s coming to him, courtesy of the WWE Champion!!

Tazz: Not if Kurt Angle has anything to do with it, Angle is on a roll right now, inside that ring and outside that ring, I think he’s got Cena’s number Cole and I think we’re all lookin’ at the next WWE Champion.

We get a final shot of Angle smirking still before motioning that the WWE Title will soon be his.

Date: 21st August 2005
Location: Washington DC

Current Summerslam Card:

World Heavyweight Championship:
Special Guest Referee: Shawn Michaels
Batista(c) vs Kane

If Ric Flair loses, he must retire:
Christian w/Tomko vs Ric Flair

Randy Orton vs The Undertaker

WWE Intercontinental Championship:
Muhammad Hassan(c) vs Shelton Benjamin

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