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Who was the greatest at crossing over as a heel/and a face?

Over the long storied history of pro wrestling, Before the WWF Attitude era blurred the heel/face lines for good with every wreslter looking out for themselves. Who were the guys who stand out as beging able to play both the top heel and the top face of a company?

In my mind...and I know my avatar gives this away...

1. Sgt Slaughter....the guy was the hotest heel in the WWE in 1980-1982,and in years before in the territories, then he became the top face in 1983-1984 in WWE and took his act to the AWA where he was a top face until he went back to the WWF. Upon his return to WWF he became the top heel again, only to become a face again (although not a top card guy) to finsih his career.

Others who come to mind are....

Randy Savage who played the heel for years in Memphis before taking his heel act to the WWF until he became the number two face to Hogan. Of course he would turn heel and face again as a main event star.

Roddy Piper who danced the line from heel to face in the NWA before his WWF run where he became the heel behind Wrestlemania 1, and then eventually turning face by Wrestlemania 3.

Jerry Lawler of course, who ruled as a heel in Memphis for years before becoming the most loved Memphis wreslter ever for the next 20 years with a heel run or two mixed within.

Jake Roberts who spent his early days as a face before joining the Leigion of Doom in Georgia. Then he arrived as a top heel in the WWF, becoming a top draw as a face, then heel again, finally returning as a face.

Ric Flair, who as NWA champ, and Mid-Atlantic icon toured as either a heel or face depending on which city he wrestled in.

Hulk Hogan who was the top heel in every territory before becoming a face in the AWA and later taking Hulkamania to the WWF. Of course later he would shock the wrestling world as the top heel of the nWo before his return as the top face in WCW and WWF.

The above were the guys who stood out as being able to be head of the class a both a heel and a face......but Paul Orndorff, The Road Warriors, Brusier Brody, Michael Hayes also stand out to me as people who treaded the line well before the Rock, Austin, and Hart in the AO

Who have I missed?
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