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Re: Democrats

Originally Posted by Shining_Wizard1979 View Post
Forget Iraq, I saw one report (not sure on reliability, to be truthful) that stated 50% of the high school graduates (or higher) between 18-24 years old couldn't find New York or Ohio. Think about that.

New York. Where 9/11 happened. The state that has the largest city in the country. Where one of the most significant financial centers of the entire world is located. The Statue of Liberty. Ellis Island. Empire State Building. How does a significant portion of the country, with those statistics, NOT know where New York is located?

I saw another saying that people couldn't find Louisiana. . . this was right after Hurricane Katrina, when you could see where the storm made landfall!
This really doesn't surprise me. My ex attempted to start a shouting argument with me because she vehemently believed California was closer to Pennsylvania, than Louisiana is to Missouri. Its safe to say we didn't last much longer after that.

The "No Child Left Behind" ideology has crippled the U.S. education system. Instead of high standards where not everyone is guaranteed to pass, we have lowered the standards so much that anyone can pass. It looks good on a statistics layout, where we have a 95% graduation rate, but not so good when the movie "Idiocracy" becomes reality.

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