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Re: 2012-13 Football Transfer Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by redeadening View Post
Hazard comes, huge burst of energy, then goes to Madrid for $$$$

Lavezzi comes, amazing player, ends up like Malouda

see the problem?
Ironically I believe this will happen regardless of if Hazard joins Chelsea, MCFC or Man Utd this summer. Only reason I say this is Ronaldo 27 now & has another 3 years left to run on his current Real Madrid contract by time that’s up he will be 30 & Hazard after playing in Prem League for 3 years will be 24 & still have a lot years left to give & his market value (Barring injury) will More then likely sky rocket meaning Real Madrid need a replacement for Ronaldo & come looking at Hazard (who he himself has said before it would be a dream to play for Real Madrid) & whatever club he joins will sell him for ton of money. & In my opinion its no secret what Hazard going try to do which is use next few years in Prem league as stepping stone to move to Real Madrid.

Hazard apparently wishes to play centrally & be given guaranteed playing time. Something I don’t see happening is him playing centrally at Chelsea or MCFC but I can see it happening here I don’t think Rooney play as no.10 next season think play false no.9 role from next season & With Kagawa & Hazard being looked at I don’t see us going 4-4-1-1/4-4-2/4-2-4 anymore (Horary). And I believe SAF will give Hazard assurances that play him most time (Never known SAF to say that he won’t with any new signing that arrives & Phil Jones asked SAF the same thing last summer & I believe Jones made 4th most appearances for us in all comps last season to delivered on his promise)

I think SAF try & go back to his revolving front 4 again or front 3 depending on system. Hazard likes drift inside off LW when plays there but this season gone by his played more through middle & scored 22 goals & made 16 assists as a result I believe.

The areas that we need looking into are finding a replacement for long term for Giggs/a LW & a No.10.

Is look through wingers we have 5 at the moment - Nani Giggs Toni Park & Young. Believe Park leave so his squad role need taken by player who can play in different positions & then look at wings on RW were fine Toni there & Nani wants play there & not on LW & on the LW you have Young who in CL imo is to predictable & Giggs who needs replacing. As ive said above no.10 role also needs looking into as Rooney not at his best there.

Front 4 of

RW Toni CAM Kagawa LW Hazard
CF Rooney

Judging by what SAF did with Ronaldo when he told him play through middle & gave him a free roaming role IF Hazard came to OT I can easily see SAF telling Hazard he will do same with him.

Kagawa can play LW or RW though better as no.10/CAM, Toni be asked to keep his width so gives team a good balance or could put Nani on RW & have him & Hazard drift all over the place also case of Welbeck or Chicha playing as no.9 all of them offer something slightly different to the other.

Its also a big reason why I don’t buy the Kagawa a back up to Hazard if Hazard falls through story. I think both are targets & imo we need players of there qualities in our side as both of them play in areas we need to look at/strengthen & both them are so creative & that’s something this Man Utd have lacked since Ronaldo left 3 years ago.

Originally Posted by united_07 View Post
German press are reporting that United have raised the offer for Kagawa to €16m, which is around 12-13m
Dortmund are after €20M, the rumored bid from us is 13.6M which works out at roughly €17M, Dortmund can easily say no that it if they are that set on getting there €20M from him. But Dortmund know that realistically his not signing new deal, he wants leave & this only time can let him go & gain any money. They using Neuer when went to Bayern last year for a lot money even though in final year of his deal with Schalke. My opinion on matter still same which is/was Dortmund & us can/will work something out & €17M is something that they more then likely will accept if not I can see us raising our bid as we did pay 16M for Young who was in his final year at Villa last summer.

Also just incase anyone doesn’t know (You all properly did) But on Monday the 18th of June the 12/13 English Football Season fixtures comes out.

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