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People should seriously stop with booking FCW nobodies everywhere

Undertaker retiring at Survivor Series? Have Damien Sandow beat him.
1000th episode of RAW? Dean Ambrose to close the show with Vince, Austin and Rocky.
No Way Out main event? Seth Rollins vs. CM Punk.
Next storyline for Cena/Orton/Sheamus? Antonio Cesaro to come out and beat him.
Ideas for a big return of HHH/Flair/Hogan/Goldberg/Batista? Feud with Husky Harris.

It may come as a shock to many, but regular people, those who decide whether the rating will be 2.8 or 3.5, don't give a flying fuck about FCW and IWC's current underdogs. Nearly everytime some upcoming wrestler is put right into main-event to do big things without a proper build-up, they fail.
All the temporary favourites of IWC, from CM Punk to Daniel Bryan, to Zack Ryder, to Sin Cara were found boring after being pushed for a month. And these were names that many people had been already familiar with. Again, apart from some die-hard fans of pro wrestling, nobody knows who Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins are. If you are serious about their bright future you should hope that they start at the bottom of the roster and countinuously move up the ladder. It's their only chance to be remembered.
Now, about memory. Huge returns (Goldberg), huge milestones (1000 episodes of RAW) and huge main events (Taker's retirement match) should be meaningful and remembered after 25 years and should only happen with established stars. Like it or not, the only people that are bound to be in history books are current main-eventers. We don't even know if your FCW stars will wrestle in 3 years.

So stop with the bullshit, examples of which I put above. It's annoying and it makes your opinions irrelevant.
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