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Re: Lucha Libre Match/Show Discussion/Reviews

Mistico vs Dr. Wagner Jr. - CMLL 7/27/2007
Like. A Lot. Mistico still mostly sucks in this and I think I've seen enough Mistico matches from Mexico now to say that he really isn't very good at all. Thankfully though the atmosphere and the greatness of Wagner more than pulls this through. 1st fall is great and much better than the normal Mistico gets destroyed for the first fall shtick. Atmosphere makes it feel like a really big time event and the split crowd gives it that extra special buzz too. Adored Wagner at the start. Total dick and he completely murders Mistico. Unmasks him after the pin and parades around with his mask in between the 1st and 2nd fall. 2nd fall starts off really hot too Mistico dissapeared after losing his mask and turned up in the crowd to dive from the balcony onto Wagner. Mistico gets bloodied up and even though it's not a massive bloody lucha brawl the blood makes it feel even bigger. There's these 4 babes in the front row who I'm considering nominating for workers of the decade. Pretty sure they were plants based on how much attention they got but there's a small part of that's holding out hope they weren't. They're fucking nuts for Mistico and are like the best babyface fans ever. Wagner threatens to bitch slap one of them at one point and the coward in fear. Amazing. They fucking lose their shit when Mistico dives right by them and ends up in their lap. Best thing Mistico has ever done. I'm gonna be dreaming about the one in the red top tonight. Dreamy man. Assuming they were plants they're the best plants ever and I want these plants in every crowd. Insane, nuts, working harder than half of the actual wrestlers and HOT. Holding out hope as well that on the DVD release there's an easter egg at the end that ends up being a Girls Gone Wild promo with them after the show filmed by Mistico. Like them girls gone wild, like them girls gone. Anyway Mistico sucks btw. Usual stuff like silly over selling, terrible comebacks. He gets killed enough by the greatness of Wagner to make up for it though. Finish kinda sucked. I think so at least. Some lucha guy dressed as an imposter of Soldier Ant from CHIKARA comes out and destroys Wagner to set up the cheap win. Comes after Wagner fucking kills Mistico with a powerbomb on the floor right in front of my ladies. He poses a ton after and mocks the plants/babes. Greatest spot in the history of Lucha. Once Soldier Ant is finished doing his community service Mistico suddenly revives and leaps in for the pin and celebrates his win and more likely his amazing revival. He fucking revives from the dead man! Like on Pokemon on the Game Boy when you get the revive option. HE'S ALIVE AGAIN. Crowd continues to make this way better than it would be without them and give the finish massive heat. Pretty sure it was a Wagner babyface turn and/or not a Mistico heel turn. If that was Mistico turning heel then it fucking sucked. He ran for his life after celebrating his revival when the ring started being pelted with garbage so I'm confident he didn't turn heel and he was expecting everyone to love him all over again. Useless Cunt. Best Lucha match I've watched so far. I'll stick it at the bottom of my list if I don't end up with more than a handful of Lucha matches.

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