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Re: Democrats

Originally Posted by Freeloader View Post
Yeah, you're definitely jealous after that post. You're so outgunned here, you can't even form a coherent argument. What a verbal cripple you are.
Enjoy your lolsauce country. Go to bed knowing the state of Texas could conquer your entire country. Ahahaha
Originally Posted by Mr. Snrub View Post
i will enjoy my lolsauce country. too bad texas is too FAT and stupid to look on a map and know where my country is
You two would make such a cute couple. =)
Of course as a German I condemn your passionate debate, since we Germans do not pursue any emotions except for bloodlust.

Originally Posted by vamp1ro View Post
Sadly, you're correct about the map comment. There was actually a survey done and the majority of Americans could not find Iraq on a map, even after 5 years of us occupying the country. The majority of Americans also cannot label a map of western Europe correctly. Just sad.
However... As much as I enjoy bashing on the self-rightheous US culture, which is currently losing its remaining cultural authenticity and fades into decadence, - I find it too easy to also blame you for stupidity. People are stupid EVERYWHERE in the world. Some know more about geography than rather self-centered US citizens, but the same people are usually as ignorant in other aspects.

The only thing I find sad is, that Americans are actively ruining and corrupting their formerly talented society and justify this decadence with "patriotism". The rest is just "the people" being lazy idiots in general on a global scale. =)

Originally Posted by Mr. Snrub View Post
protecting australia from idiots is what austria is for
Actually, Austria exists merely to protect some particularly enthusiastic German Nazis from sharing responsibility for the 2nd World War. This, and Mozart Kugeln.

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