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Originally Posted by Catalanotto View Post

Health care in Canada is free. Why go to the US? That is just retarded.
Unfortunately Canadian health care isn't free, we pay for it through taxation. Even that is the most basic level of service and most operations/medications/dental/etc. are actually very expensive unless you have private insurance or health benefits. The province of Alberta actually has almost an American style system, though government run, and the constituents pay less in taxes. Health care is a responsibility of the Province (the Canadian equivalent of a state), but the feds have a Ministry of Education who help subsidize the operating cost when petitioned for funds by the Provincial Premier or his cabinet. I also posted some of this info in the Republican thread. For anyone who's interested in some of the nuts and bolts of politics.

Ftr, I'm a Canadian who voted Conservative the last three elections.

I love professional-wrestling.

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