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Re: Official Raw 05/21 Discussion: Tomfoolery and Fuckery Continues

The Makdafi Report #5: WWE Raw 5/21/12

Main Points & Notes On WWE Raw 5/21/12
  1. John Laurinaitis's Broken Clavicle
  2. John Cena Golden Raspberry Promo
  3. Raw 1,000

1. I think your not officially the new Mr.McMahon until you suffer a broken clavicle.

The Laurinaitis authority figure push was in full force on this show. With The Big Show becoming a part of his corporation. I just hope this doesn't all end with Big Show Union.

2.Big Show is actually a decent actor, WWE put him in a bad comedy. John Cena is absolutely horrible and he is put in dramatic roles. WWE Films/Studios is losing money. For this episode of Raw, simply put Cena's acting was beyond bad.

One thing that I thought while listening to Cena's dialogue, was at least from the verbiage and on how some of it was delivered, that it reminded me of a HHH promo. Which is never a good thing.

3.WWE promoted "Raw 1000th" during this episode of Raw.[SARCASM]Which is a milestone and the beginning of the new revolutionary interactive groundbreaking 3 hour extravaganza, Lassie spaying, Gunsmoke beating bonanza, every Monday night.[/SARCASM]

The only thing that really irritated me while watching the promo, was how they listed shows like "Law & Order", "Lassie", "The Simpsons", and "Gunsmoke", with the amount of episodes in each respective series. Then having WWE Raw with 1,000 on their little chart, towering above the competition. It came across as desperate and bush league.

Let me put it this way with this analogy. Lets say that Alberto Del Rio buys a $250,000 dollar sports car. Then lets say that Sin Cara gets jealous and wants to out do Del Rio. Unfortunately Sin Cara isn't a Mexican aristocrat. So his funds are limited. So Sin Cara decides to buy 5 $10,000 dollar cars.

Then Sin Cara brags that he has 5 times the cars that Del Rio does. And then he adds the cumulative horsepower of all 5 of his cars together, and then Sin Cara creates a chart that shows his cars have more horsepower than Del Rio's, while never actually telling you that Sin Cara had 5 cars to Del Rio's one, and that Del Rio's car is worth a quarter of a million dollars, while Sin Cara's is worth $10,000 each. WWE's tactics are on par Sin Cara's cars. And because of a lot WWE's tactics, a lot of their fanbase is on par with Sin Cara as well, just trying to hide their identity.


Total Time Of The Show:1:28:43
Non Wrestling Time:1:00:40
Wrestling Time(Bell To Bell):28:03
% Of Wrestling Content(Bell To Bell):31.7%(31.697387764333367%)

Other Statistics

****NOTE**** With Wrestler/Character Namedrops the goal is to keep record of the names that the promotion is actively promoting. Rather than the namedrops of participants on the show.****NOTE****

Wrestler/Character Namedrops: John Cena106(New Makdafi Report Record, Previous Holder John Laurinaitis 80) - John Laurinaitis 73 -Big Show 40

WWE World/Undisputed Championship/Title/Champion Namedrops(Said In Conjunction)35

The Number Of Times "WWE" Was Said:39

Side By Side Statistical Comparison To WWE Raw 5/14/12 & TNA Impact Wrestling 5/17/12:

Total Time Of Show:
5/14/12(Last Week)Raw:1:38:46
From WWE Raw: 5/14/12- 10.2%(-10.186877919967486%)
From TNA Impact Wrestling: 5/17/12(1:23:50)+ 5.9%(5.904191616766475%)

Non Wrestling Time:
5/14/12(Last Week)Raw:1:16:29
From WWE Raw: 5/14/12- 20.8%(-20.828417879145373%)
From TNA Impact Wrestling: 5/17/12(53:15)+13.6%(+13.640639698965193%)

Wrestling Time(Bell To Bell):
5/14/12(Last Week)Raw:22:17
From WWE Raw: 5/14/12+ 26.4%(+26.432115471357687%)
From TNA Impact Wrestling: 5/17/12(30:35)-7.6%(-7.644151565074135%)

% Of Wrestling Content(Bell To Bell):
5/14/12(Last Week)Raw:22.5%(22.516758074344914%)
From WWE Raw: 5/14/12+40.8%(+40.7724311807065%)
*****NOTE***** I'm changing how I calculate percentage increase. Instead of listing the total percent difference. I'm listing the percent change from the previous percentages. ******NOTE*****
From TNA Impact Wrestling: 5/17/12 36.3%(36.34730538922156%)+12.8%(-12.79301883618333%)

Number Of Times The Company Name Was Said
5/14/12(Last Week)Raw:66
TNA Impact Wrestling: 5/17/12 63

Match Results Of WWE Raw 5/21/12

John Cena[W] V David Otunga[L] 1:59
Randy Orton V Del Rio DQ Jericho attacked Orton with Codebreaker****Result wasn't announced, I would assume Orton won due to being attacked**** 4:08
Daniel Bryan[W] V Kane[L] DQ Kane hits Bryan with chair1:50
Christian[W] V Jinder Mahal[L] 3:16
Kelly Kelly[L] V Beth Phoenix[W]2:29
Cena/Sheamus V Ziggler/Swagger/Tensai Lumberjack match *****Result not announced, I would assume no contest*** 14:21

Notable, Interesting Or Humorous Quotes From WWE Raw: 5/21/12

John Cena: ****Displaying acting skills, Cena wishes to convey anger to the "WWE Universe"**** "What the hell happened?!? What the hell......What the hell!!"

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