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Re: May 17th Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread

Posting these on a new schedule. Here's the Makdafi Report on this episode of TNA Impact Wrestling.......

The Makdafi Report#4: TNA Impact Wrestling 5/17/12

Main Points & Notes On TNA Impact Wrestling 5/17/12
  1. Open Fight Night
  2. Differences In Atmosphere Between TNA/Impact Wrestling & WWE

1. TNA was really pushing the "Open Fight Night" challenge on this episode of Impact. So the purpose of the show was to set up World Heavyweight Champion Robert Roode's opponent on next weeks show. I personally feel that TNA did a good job in pushing the Fight Night concept, and in building the promotion around the World Heavyweight Champion.

2. Once you really start breaking the show down in a more analytical manner, you really start to grasp the difference between the two promotions. TNA definitely has it flaws, but in promoting wrestling TNA is way far ahead of WWE.

With WWE it is an over processed bitter incessant namedropping obnoxious promotion at this point in time. There is no fun, there is no individuality, there is no concern about wrestling. In it's place is bitterness, an obsession with garnering mainstream recognition, and an overwhelming fear of having anyone have any freedom to express themselves as an individual.

TNA through all it's flaws, does allow individuality, does promote the importance of being champion, and is self aware enough to realize they are making a low brow camp wrestling show, but not so campy they are incapable of presenting seriousness.

Ultimately with TNA you get a fun show, where at times you are in on the joke so to speak, and at others you are presented a serious wrestling product. Whereas with WWE you get incessant buzz words, everyone on the show is just a puppet pawn who is really inconsequential, and the WWE brand is all consuming, and omnipotent.


Total Time Of The Show:1:23:50
Non Wrestling Time:53:15
Wrestling Time(Bell To Bell):30:35
% Of Wrestling Content(Bell To Bell):36.3(36.34730538922156)

Other Statistics

****NOTE**** With Wrestler/Character Namedrops the goal is to keep record of the names that the promotion is actively promoting. Rather than the namedrops of participants on the show.****NOTE****

Wrestler/Character Namedrops: Hulk Hogan25 - Robert Roode 36 -*Roode said his own name* 3 times

World/TNA Heavyweight/Champion/Title Namedrops(Said In Conjunction): 54

The Number Of Times "TNA/Impact(****NOTE*****The Times TNA Impact Wrestling were said were counted as 2, also the one time Mike Tenay said Impact without referring to the promotion was counted as well)" Was Said:63

The Number Of Times "Open Fight Night(or Fight Night)" Was Said:40

The Number Of Times "This Business/Industry/Company" Was Said: 9

Side By Side Statistical Comparison Of TNA Impact Wrestling 5/17/12 To WWE Raw 5/14/12:

Total Time Of Show:
5/10/12(Last Week)Impact:1:21:59
From TNA Impact Wrestling: 5/10/12+ 2.3%(2.340973158475299)
From WWE Raw 5/14/12: (1:38:46) -15.2% (15.193987406053214)

Non Wrestling Time:
5/10/12(Last Week)Impact:1:06:32
From TNA Impact Wrestling 5/10/12: -19.9% (-19.858262967430633)
From WWE Raw:

Wrestling Time(Bell To Bell):
5/10/12(Last Week)Impact:15:27
- From TNA Impact Wrestling 5/10/12: +98.8%(+98.75573018991489)
From WWE Raw 5/14/12: (22:17) + 36.9%(36.89670726206585)

% Of Wrestling Content(Bell To Bell):
5/10/12(Last Week)Impact:18.7(18.715528863831352)
- From TNA Impact Wrestling:
From WWE Raw 5/14/12: 22.5(22.516758074344914) + 13.8%

Number Of Times The Company Name Was Said

5/10/12(Last Week)Impact:34
WWE Raw 5/14/12: 66

Pretty much improvement all across the board on the key weaknesses of last week.

Match Results Of TNA Impact Wrestling 5/10/12

Bully Ray[W] V RVD[L] 3:23
"Wild Card Battle Royal" AJ Styles[W]6:57
Hardy[W] V Anderson[L] 6:55
Brooke[L] V Velvet Sky[L] V Gail Kim[W]4:39
Samoa Joe[L] V Angle[W] 8:41

Notable, Interesting Or Humorous Quotes From TNA Impact Wrestling: 5/17/12

Craig Carton(From MMA Uncensored): "Any concern at all that MMA purists will say wait a minute, as much as we like TNA Wrestling, it's not the real deal, and you may have some backlash against this move?

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