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Re: Dean Ambrose Pre-Debut Discussion Thread

These Revolution videos have taken a confusing turn. One pic taken from a 30 second video has taken this forum by storm.

In the pic, there are 3 choices that people think it might be:
1. CM Punk: The guy in the video does look like Punk's face. But I just don't understand how these videos are for him. I mean, yeah it would be fun to see Punk to lead a "Revolution", whatever it may be. But Punk hasn't done anything over the last few weeks to tease this. He has been feuding w/ Bryan the whole time. So what, he is just going to suddenly pull this "Revolution" out of his ass next week.

2. Matt Morgan: Morgan is interesting here. There a few actual reports on wrestling sites that says the man in the video is Morgan. Of course we all know that internet reports have to be taken w/ a grain of salt. If I'm not wrong, Morgan was still on TNA television when WWE started these videos. I don't know how these videos could be for him. Plus, this doesn't seem to be the right way to bring Matt Morgan back to the company. Don't get me wrong. Morgan (In my opinion) is a talented big man that deserves a good build for his return. But this whole Revolution thing just doesn't really match up well w/ him.

3. Conor O' Brian: Before I start, I will say that the man in the video and O' Brian look very similar. But come on. You mean to tell me that WWE is giving this much hype to Conor O' Brian. I'm not saying this guy doesn't have talent. I'm not calling him a scrub. But he doesn't merit this much hype to be heaped upon him.

In my own opinion, the man in the picture is CM Punk and it means nothing. In the video right before the man is shown, Punk is quoted in the video saying "Do I Have Everybody's Attenion Now." I think they were just showing in the quote and Punk in conjunction w/ one another. I may be wrong, but this what I think.

My gut is still telling me that these videos still revolve around Dean Ambrose. Again, I think Matt Morgan is talented but these Revolution promos just don't fit him. If O' Brian shows up next week, it will be just like when Grand Master Sexay came back last year. Meaning, the crowd will be dead silent. At least w/ Ambrose, who may be realtively unknown to the casual crowd, has a huge follwing on the web. We've even seen a couple of signs for him on Live TV. O'Brian, however, does not have the support from either side.

Again, I still belive these videos Ambrose in some way. I don't know what is going to happend next week, as does no one else on this forum. I'm not even convinced that the mystery behind these videos will even be solved next week. Many people have given up on the videos being for Ambrose. But I'm gonna stick to my gut here. I'f I'm wrong, oh well.
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