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Re: Warned for saying something about Daniel Fryan? Really?

Originally Posted by The Redeemer View Post
Stop abusing the source, dude. It's kind of ridiculous to do that!

Sting was never a draw, that's why he was rarely ever the WCW heavyweight champion, and they made it so his character rarely ever spoke. I haven't seen TNA's numbers go up at all since he joined, either.

Daniel Bryan sells more merchandise than Sting does and a Bryan/Taker match would be better quality than a Sting/Taker match.
Really? Really?

Sting was arguably the top draw in WCW for 7-8 years. A 2 time NWA Champion, 6 time WCW Champion, 2 time International Champion, 4 time TNA Champion and the only guy to hold both the WCW, NWA and TNA titles in his career.

Most popular wrestler of the year 4 times. Wrestler & most inspirational wrestler of the year in 1990, 1991 match of the year, comeback wrestler of the year in 2006.

Surely, a guy who couldn't draw, wasn't good in the ring and had no charisma wouldn't have accomplished that much if it was true, right?

You just badmouthing Sting now because I said he was my favorite but I won't say he's the GOAT.

And it's not like DB is a big ratings increaser either.

Originally Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7 View Post
If you two are going to argue then at least insult each other. What's the point of arguing in rants if you're not going to call someone a cunt?
I didn't come here to argue, I came here to rant about having to watch what I say because it gets on people's nerves and this lame pops up to do the same shit I was told not to do in the discussion thread.

It's like he has Daniel Fryan radar and whenever his name is mentioned here, negatively, he pops up to defend his mans honor. C'mon son.

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