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Re: This November, Skyfall is coming.

Originally Posted by Rush View Post
spy who loved me was Moore's best by far and the world is not enough is not that good. Its alright but it could've been done so much better. anyway looking forward to this movie more than i have for any movie in a long time.
I've said it before but if they had just removed Christmas Jones from World Is Not Enough and played up Bond's betrayal a bit more (Have some more of the cold Bond that shoots Elektra) with a few more M scenes it would have been a contender for best in the series.

Spy Who Loved Me... might be Moore's best for me, I always find his movies damn near impossible to rank, Live & Let Die might beat it slightly, very slightly, same for Octopussy, Man With The Golden Gun would be up there if not for some of the silliness and I actually like A View To A Kill (I know, I know). Moonraker wouldn't be anywhere near just thanks to that fucking centrifuge scene.

EDIT: As of regards Casino Royale being a more realistic setting... that's fine, but that's not Bond, the last "realistic" Bond was... From Russia With Love and that wasn't exactly fucking Dogme 95 realism, what with the Spectre Island and the speedboat Vs Helicopter thing, even the so called more realistic Dalton movies have stuff like escaping police cars on a Cello case and Licence To Kill's x-ray laser camera and shit.

I don't know, I just expect some escapism in my Bonds.

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