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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

We return to King of the Ring from commercials in front of the announcing table where Booker T, Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler sit. They three discuss the amazing night, still ahead, including the Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Title between the current champion, The Game, Triple H and his number one contender, John Bradshaw Layfield. After seeing a video package showing how the feud has progressed so far, we return to the announcing table where Cole and Lawler blabber on. An extremely loud boo is heard from the crowd as the titantron shows JBL, sitting in a chair with his ring attire on, staring at the camera. JBL begins to speak.

John Bradshaw Layfield

Oh come on people. You all feel bad for Hunter? You all hope he has a good match tonight? Hope his family is doing okay after the incident? Every single one of you people out here tonight disgust me. You people don't know what it takes to become a winner. If you have to throw sand in someone's eyes you do it. I guess that something that people from Kansas will never know anything about. Winning titles. Much like your Red Chiefs who haven't won anything in over 40 years.

Crowd boo as JBL smirks.

When I became number one contender for the WWE Title, Triple H should have watched his back. When I was WWE Champion, I had someone watching my back 24/7, which is why I became the longest reigning champion on SmackDown. Hunter, I saw that fear in your eyes when I interfered in your match those weeks back. I saw I was getting into your head. Hunter, you were scared, scared of the big bad wolf. Which is why you fled to Mick Foley and made him put those stupid rules where we weren't allowed to get physical before our match. If you thought I was gonna stay away until tonight, you were obviously wrong. You see, I want to become the WWE Champion. Before I go to sleep I remember that feeling. That feeling of being the best in the company. I want it so bad, I will do anything to get it. But you know that by now don't you Hunter? How's the wife?

JBL smirks and laughs as the crowd boo loudly.

I can see it in your eyes Hunter. You're scared. You know I have what it takes. You know I'm a Wrestling God and you know you don't deserve that WWE Title you hold. You went to Extreme Rules and defeated that no good hooligan CM Punk in a quick victory, while I had to fight it out in a three out of five count match involving carriages, special referees and all sorts of circus tricks Mick Foley pulled out of his ass. I've had to work hard for every single thing I have today. Whether it's my money or my wrestling ability. I smell like smoke because I've been through fire. What have you done Hunter? Put a ring on Vince's daughter. That's what you have done to reach champion status. You can claim to be “The Game” and “The Cerebral Assassin” but you know very well that you're playing my game now Hunter, and after our match tonight, the world will see once and for all who is the greatest WWE Champion in WWE history.

The crowd boo loudly as Triple H chants erupt. We see JBL's smirk slowly fade away as the titantron fades to black.

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