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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29


WWE.com reporter David Coulson tried to catch up with Wade Barrett and William Regal following Wade’s decisive victory over former World Heavyweight Champion “The Rated R Superstar” Edge last night on SmackDown, however our reporter was unable to get any comments from either Barrett or Regal.

Since last night’s SmackDown neither Wade nor Regal have been present at SmackDown’s Saturday house-show, this adds to rumours that both Englishmen have returned back to their home country for the weekend ahead of the King of The Ring PPV.

With these rumours making their way around the WWE locker room could this all just be part of the “devious duo’s” plan to throw the WWE Superstars off their true agenda heading into King of The Ring this Sunday.


Date; Saturday 9th June 2012
Time; 5:37pm
Location; London, United Kingdom; London Bridge

The scene opens up with a traditional black London taxi pulling up off the main road and parking on the sidewalk. The black taxi’s engine cuts off after a few minutes parked up.

A few moments later the back door of the taxi swings open as a dark blue umbrella prods out onto the black tarmac. Just as the blue umbrella hits the ground a shiny black boot “appears to exit” the taxi. The black boot belongs to none other than William Regal. The 2008 King of The Ring winner pulls himself out of the taxi with ease as he walks up to the driver side door to pay the taxi driver. William reaches into his fancy suit back pocket and pulls out a wedge of cash and hands it to the driver.

While Regal is stood paying the taxi driver his protégé Wade Barrett emerges from the taxi. Upon exiting the black taxi Wade takes in a deep breath before exhaling just as deeply. A huge toothy grin crosses his face as he looks around the busy streets of his country’s capital.

Wade Barrett
By God it’s good to be back home.... even if it’s only for one day....

Barrett’s toothy grin slips away as he remembers that he has to turn back to America later tonight for the King of The Ring tournament.

William Regal
Wade don’t forget why I brought you back here, don’t allow all of this to cloud your judgement or the real reasons why we’re back here....

William, with his back turned to Wade waves the taxi off as it drives away. Regal turns around to Barrett before taking a couple of steps forward swinging the umbrella closely by his side. Regal stands next to his protégé as he continues to give his student more wise words.

William Regal
I brought you back here to our great country’s capital because tomorrow night you’ll compete in the King of The Ring tournament. You've beaten two former World Heavyweight Champions in as many weeks but this is by far your biggest challenge. Most Superstars in the locker room don’t know what it means to be a King, but I do..... our country was built on the values.... the foundations of royalty...... the United Kingdom is the World’s “Crown Jewel”...... you are the WWE’s “Crown Jewel”...... I brought you here to remind you that you are the next “hair to the thrown” .

Regal’s words seem to strike a chord deep within Barrett as his steel, cold eyes begin to burn with the thought of fulfilling his “rite of passage”.

Wade Barrett
You’re right Master Regal, winning the King of The Ring tournament is something I have to do..... not for Queen and country..... no..... it’s something I must do to prove to the WWE locker room, the WWE officials that I am the next “evolution of this industry”. SmackDown is in dire need of leadership, being crowned King tomorrow night will only further prove that I am the man to lead SmackDown to the path of greatness.

A smile creeps across Regal’s face as he realises that he has inspired his protégé. William pats Barrett on the shoulder as he points across to one of London’s many landmarks with his blue umbrella.

William Regal
You see that over there in the distance..... Tower Bridge, it’s one of our country’s most memorable landmarks. Tower Bridge, and this very bridge we’re standing on now, London Bridge have stood the test of time..... some would say that they have been immortalised...... the nursery rhyme “London Bridge is Falling Down” stands as a testament to us..... the common Englishman, you can try to knock us down but we’ll get right back up again and hit you twice as hard.

[i]The scene ends with Wade Barrett and William Regal pondering about tomorrow’s King of The Ring Tournament.[i]

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