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Re: Dean Ambrose Pre-Debut Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by The Winning One™ View Post
I understand your anxiousness and I want Ambrose on my TV soon but I understand why. Would you rather have Ambrose debut now and WWE knowingly blow off the feud and match at No Way Out or would you want to build this up slowly but smartly that sees Ambrose take out Foley at a Summerslam in August where Ambrose will become an instant impact player by going over in the end? Afterwards, you could have Regal come out and says Ambrose was wrong and evil for taking out a legend like Foley like that which can transition into him and Regal in a feud.
The idea that Ambrose should move from Foley to Regal is ridiculous, talk about moving down the card when it comes to switching feuds. The WWE Universe does not care about Regal, he's good for a laugh or two, but the fans aren't going to care that Ambrose is beating him up or feuding with him, he would lose steam from the Foley feud.

I'd rather he debut sooner and maybe attack people other than Foley, and taunt Foley to no response, then suddenly Foley comes for some other reason and acts like Ambrose does not exist, and Ambrose attacks Foley when he is plugging a book or something.

Ambrose cannot debut a month before Summerslam and get a match on the second largest PPV of the year. He needs more of a build up than that for the fans to take him seriously. Just because the IWC loves him so far does not mean he will get over instantly with the casuals, which is why I think he needs built up before he gets into with Foley.

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