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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

C&P from elsewhere:

Just watched Angle/Cena from No Mercy 03. Great fucking match. Might even throw a nomination at it. Cena looked... probably the best he's ever looked while actually controlling a match. Sure, its not that often he's been able to do it pretty much since he face turn just a few weeks after this match (pretty strong Cena chants during this match btw), but still. He's still shit at working rest holds lol, but luckily I think he only actually does one here. He gets a ton more offence in on Angle than he did against Undertaker at Vengeance, and I think that's why I like this match more. He really shows what he's capable of, which is kind of a shame because he hasn't looked like that in fuck knows how long. Yeah, he pulls out some great performances in big matches most of the time, but again, those are different because he's not controlling the match. Does some nice mid section work on Angle first, which makes sense to set up to the F-U, then when Angle tries to German Suplex him from the arpon to the announcers table, the quickest reversal Cena could do was a DDT onto the apron (which looked sick), and that opened up the opportunity to work over Angle's neck which is always a smart thing to do because its fucked lol. Awesome powerbomb into the turnbuckle. Angle took that one like a champ. And Angle was fucking good in this too. No "Angle-isms" or whatever. He did do his "jump to the ropes for a suplex" spot, but not after a finisher, and he wasn't able to hit it anyway so it didn't bother me in the slightest. They each kicked out of the other's finisher, but not in an annoying kinda way or anything, just your typical WWE Main Event style match. The way Angle goes into the Ankle Lock for the finish is pretty cool, and Cena looked strong as fuck in defeat. Probably around ****1/4 for it, good chance of making my bottom 20. Would have probably been top 50 on my WWF/E List too, not sure if I actually even watched it back then. If I did I obviously didn't think as highly of it.
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