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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray - Sacrifice 2012
Great match, I was expecting good things from these two, and they delivered. That bump that Aries took into the guard-rail early on was fucking mental. It was actually cringe-worthy seeing the bruises and cuts on his back. Wackiest bump of the night, probably. Ray's back work looked good, Aries' selling was believable, especially with his mangled spine. Bully Ray really does just have his character down to a tee, you get the sense that he's just like this in real life. I could've done without the Joseph Parks stuff but thankfully it didn't last long. Aries comeback was a real feel-good moment, especially when he hit the Brainbuster since it'd been built up as to whether or not he could actually hit it. Honestly, a few years ago, who would've thought that Bully Ray would be having matches like this? Not me anyway. Best TNA match this year? Maybe. Top 5 anyway.

A.J Styles vs. Kurt Angle - Sacrifice 2012
This match was weird. Normally with these two, they're both going a million miles a minute. But this one was slower, a lot slower (by AJ/Angle standards), I don't want to say more methodical because it wasn't. Better paced maybe? At first, it certainly seemed like that but the crowd didn't really know how to react to it, and neither did I really. The opening with all the amateur-y shtick was cool, I'm a mark for that stuff. There was one stiff as fuck powerbomb from AJ, a couple of nice counters, but everything else was just 'there'. Oh yeah, TNA really need to sort out their camera angles. I lost count of the amount of times they zoomed in on Angle's face when he was talking to AJ. Things like that just take me completely out of a match. It's like why should I bother suspending belief after that? There's much worse and much better matches between these two, it's a real middle of the road match.

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