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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Eh, I just joined this board, and mainly just to read through stuff in this section, but stuff in those writeups seemed kind of hyperbolic and self contradicting to me. Won't do it again.

If you're talking about Kingston staggering around, the thing is he has a history of knee problems, and he's been playing that into his matches for ages at this point. They even pointed it out on commentary in that match. I guess Kingston working the match around selling his hand after backfisting the ring post and getting it worked over until his comeback isn't the ideal introduction to him. I dunno.

Character dynamics in Generico vs Del Rey were very easy to understand I thought. It wasn't "scrapping character work" as much as Generico was conflicted and had reached that point where he lost his hesitance. Also, it was about as "reliant on near-falls" as every other Generico match, so that seems kind of mind boggling to me if you're a huge Generico fan.

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