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Re: 2012-13 Football Transfer Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Rush View Post
that is my point. For example Arsenal, PSG and Inter all put in bids for Lavezzi and Napoli green lit it. PSG would offer huge wages + a pretty good chance of a trophy + CL football, Inter will offer good wages + they're a pretty reputable club, stays in Italy, CL football. Arsenal on the other hand, offer comparitively poor wages, not a huge degree of ambition and CL football. The only thing Arsenal have over PSG is the chance to play in the Prem and when that is your carrot over say double the wages then its not enough to lure him in.
Remember France's new tax system will alter player's wages. PSG must be paying stupid money with what their players earn after tax.

Inter offer nothing over what we do. We pretty much guarantee CL football nowadays and a London life. We have a better future than Inter, who are basically made up of 30+s at the moment, although the tide may change with Coutinho etc.

It's cliched, but the best players we can attract are usually young. We offer something unique to young players, regular CL football in the best league in the world, under one of the best coaches in the world. I doubt young players often come here to purely win trophies, but more as they know they'll become a far better player under Wenger for the future. We need to keep said players and supplement them with experienced quality. Not that easy.

On Lavezzi, I can definitely see him going to PSG. Offered huge money there, and they have a good chance of winning Ligue 1 next year and doing something in Europe if they keep spending. Doubt he'd come to Arsenal if we offered him. 27 and wants to get paid big bucks and winning stuff. The French league isn't massively appealing, but a Paris life, lots of money & trophies is a winner in my eyes.

Originally Posted by AndreBaker View Post
Yes, exactly. Holt needs to remember that he'd be nothing without Lambert, the only manager who has been able to motivate him to his full potential and actually train like a professional while not being overweight.

Holty should remember what his career was like before Lambert sorted him out, shunted out onto the wing for Forest in league one and faded into obscurity at Shrewsbury as an afterthought in league two. I can see Holtys career going like Michael Rickets if he starts getting carried away with himself.
Got too big for his boots, no doubt. I can see why he'd want to join a bigger club; he's 31. BUT, I really don't think he is good enough for a top 7 club in a starting role.

Originally Posted by Razor King View Post
Being a London club and offering CL year in and year out makes Arsenal a favorable destination in most cases. As you said, if other clubs come in then we are losing out because we won't match their wages.

I still think many would choose the PL over League 1. It's not like League 1 is La Liga either. Many factors obviously. But yeah, pretty much.

If the M'Vila rumors are true, we are paying 17+ million for him. I just hope that happens and this isn't Juan Mata part II.
I'd agree with that. Arsenal can certainly offer a chance of trophies in England, as long as we make the right moves in the market and keep building. Players get a luxury life at Arsenal (in fact they're probably pampered too much), playing in a world class stadium with A* facilities, and it's not like Poldi is scraping £40k a week, he's on £80k at least. Whilst that isn't a lot when comapared to the likes of the big guns, it's still hefty. We can't compete with the money that City or Madrid can offer, but it's not like it rules players out for us.

Transfer fees are never the issue with Arsenal, it's more the ridiculous wages that players who have the big transfer fees slapped on them. Unfortunately, money often talks, and the clubs who offers the highest wages usually get the players they want, regardless of what the club offers them in terms of an employer.

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