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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by KingCrash View Post
Well they need to stop running in places like North Carolina for one and right now stay in the northeast and maybe a show in the midwest because the lack of crowd heat always seems like one of the problems for EVOVLE/DGUSA. Also advertise because aside from Platt's sig and the thread on it I barely noticed anyone talking about the shows until the day of. But Gabe's got to keep ties with DGUSA because without that backing I don't know if he could keep the top guys he has for EVOLVE and without them I don't know how long EVOLVE would last.
lol. And yeah without the promise/possibility of going to Japan, Talent really drops off.

Originally Posted by enlightenedone9 View Post
So how come Gabe goes on a tear about ROH not being properly ready for the iPPV, which granted they weren't but I kinda could get why though, yet he doesn't give his wrestlers the best shot on putting on a really awesome show because they didn't have a crowd. Its hard to feed off such a small crowd.
Whats even worse is that he had problems the first time he went on iPPV

Originally Posted by DeeCee View Post
EVOLVE is three years old and had Finlay and Generico on one show, Callihan on both (regard of what I may think of him) and Low Ki on both. The fact they could not even draw 300/400 each night is ridiculous. i wish Gabe would leave DG: USA behind and concentrate on EVOLVE. If he cut out being a cunt, EVOLVE has potential. Real potential. I've always said that.

The one thing that could, and will now hurt him is that ROH is taking legal action against him for comments he made, which are in breach of the terms of his agreement upon leaving.
That will be interesting. Gabe could be out of a bit of money

Originally Posted by Seabs View Post
EVOLVE would be doing much better if someone else runned it. Gabe's got DGUSA and ROH distractions which clearly hurt EVOLVE. An Indy show with Finlay/Generico/Low Ki/Callihan should not be struggling to draw 100 people. It's not like EVOLVE is a local Indy on a tight budget with nothing to work with either. They've got international talent and mainstream attention as far as the Indy market goes.

I wonder how badly them being on iPPV hurts their live attendance. Any word on what iPPV numbers they do? There isn't really a live experience you associate with an EVOLVE show like you would a ROH show.
Meltzer mentioned awhile back there numbers on PPV for Mania weekend for the $2 show did close to 2000 buys but other then that, I've never seen numbers posted.

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