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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Sami Callihan vs El Generico - EVOLVE 13
Fuck this is the Sami Callihan that I want. Not the one who overdoes everything but this one who gets his character over enough and still shows he can work. Sami's really great in this so I'm interested in seeing what the Sami marks think of it. Honestly thought he was every bit as good as Generico in this and Generico had a great showing. Psych off at the start was great. Set it apart from every other match right from the get go. You don't get grump veteran Generico much but it always delivers when it does come out. They do a great job of making the match feel significant without ever going out of their way to overpush it's significance and I really liked that. Both men were coming off big back-to-back losses and neither could afford a third in a row so they had a lot to play for. Ki's commentary annoyed me again with his "this is a sport and a job not entertainment" bullshit but it wasn't as bad as the previous show as he didn't bury Generico as much. Callihan going for count out wins was a nice touch which added to the win at any costs arch. Leg injury kinda came out of nowhere but they worked the hell out of it and it played superbly into the teased finishes and the eventual finish itself. Would have had Sami work the leg over more leading to Generico selling it rather than Generico selling it off one kick but it worked so it doesn't matter. Transitions perfectly into the Stretch Muffler spot and then a super final run with Sami focusing on the leg to gain his advantage and Generico going through all of his stuff one leg. I'd probably put Richards/Elgin just ahead of it because the crowd fucking sucked in this and it didn't feel important outside of it's core context but both will be strong contenders for Indy MOTY come the end of the year.


Steve Corino vs Sam Shaw - PWX 28.01.2012

Fans. Meet Steve Corino, most entertaining pro wrestler around. Sam Shaw is a less than average Indy wrestler but Corino ends up having one of my favorite Indy matches of 2012 with him by being the greatest person alive. If ever a match is a one man show this was it. Corino's in full on douchebag mode and his jarring with the fans is priceless. Nothing beast his jibes at the Carlton kid. Watch it and you'll know what I mean. Way too much great shtick to start naming stuff from Corino but it's not all shtick (just mostly) because he grabs a good match out Shaw which he than makes great with his shtick. Plus he gets the ultimate revenge on the annoying kids at the end. Watch until the very end. There's a good little Corino/Rich brawl from PWX on YT too. It's especially worth watching for Corino cutting the promo of the year before the match. Match is good but not essential like this is.

ACH vs SBC - Metro Pro Wrestling April 2012

ACH has surely gotta blow up big time by the end of the year. He's way too good not to. Super fun babyface worker and in this one SBC is a really good heel worker to pair him up with. Commentary banter is really good too and adds a lot to the match. ACH had 2 matches with Jeremy Wyatt in Metro Pro this year prior to this which were both really dragged but dragged a little which stopped them being great. This is shorter, more to the point and thus doesn't drag at all.
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