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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

Week 7A


RAW comes on the air with The Miz in the ring holding a mic.

The Miz: You see, I deserve to be in the main events not wrestling for the US Championship. I main evented Wrestlemania 27. I beat WWEís poster boy, John Cena in that match. How does Mick Foley replay me? By putting me in a US Title Match with a bunch of losers. You know I hear South Park is right down the road from Denver and tonight, I am going to beat Cartman, Kenny, and Stan because I am facing losers in this four way match.

The crowd boos Miz.

The Miz: You guys are losers as well. You cheer for people you should not cheer. You cheer for Mick Foley. The bum of a hasbeen. He should of never been named RAW General Manager ever. He was a bad choice and he should be fired on the spot. Thatís ok, I am going to go on to win this match and become the new US Champion and I am going to wear and defend this title and make the title seem important again because Iím The Miz..............................And Iím............................AWESOME!!!!!!

Miz drops the mic as the crowd chants ďAwfulĒ.

United States Championship
Elimination Match

Dolph Ziggler© vs The Miz vs Bully Ray vs Raven
The first one eliminated is Raven after Miz rolls Raven up for the three. The next one eliminated is Bully Ray after Dolph Ziggler does The Zig Zag to him. The finish comes when The Miz plants Dolph Ziggler with The Skull Crushing Finale. Miz covers Ziggler for the three. The Miz is the new United States Champion.

Michael Cole: The Miz did it. The Miz said he would and he did what he said. Miz is the new US Champion.

Miz celebrates in the ring as the fans boo him.

Backstage we see Mick Foley working on some moves for the dance contest later on tonight against Brodus Clay.


Primo/Epico vs Tyler Reks/Curt Hawkins
The finish comes when Primo does The Back Stabber to Hawkins and covers for the three.

Michael Cole: This Sunday, Deuce Ní Domino will defend the WWE Tag Team Championship against Primo and Epico.

We see a video last week showing the ordeal between Triple H, JBL, and Stephanie Mcmahon. It says coming up after the break will be a interview with Triple H and Stephanie Mcmahon.


Backstage we see Triple H and Stephanie Mcmahon sitting down.

Michael Cole: Thanks for joining me here tonight. First off, Stephanie, how are you doing?

Stephanie Mcmahon: I am doing good after what JBL did to me.

Michael Cole: Triple H, this Sunday, JBL could become the new WWE Champion. I think that JBL have gotten into your head and you are scared.......

Triple H: I am going to stop you right there. Michael, JBL have no idea what he did last week. Sure attacking me on RAW is another thing but attacking and kidnaping my family is different. You see, JBL did something that very few people did before. He pissed me off. I want JBL to ask what happened to those people who pissed me off before. I want him to go ask Randy Orton the time that he punted my father in law and kissed my knocked out wife. Go ask him about the time that I broke into his house in St. Louis and beat his ass and threw him through is very own front room window. Or go ask Stone Cold Steve Austin. Have JBL ask him about the time that he pissed me off that I hired someone to run his ass over and try to kill him. Or go ask Shawn Michaels about the time he returned after four long years and pissed me off trying to steal my spotlight that I took a sledgehammer and put it right down on HBKís spine. Or go ask the countless other people that I hit with that very hammer over and over again. What I am going to do to JBL at King of the Ring in that Last Man Standing Match will be worst than those other beatings combined. At King of the Ring, I am going to beat JBLís ass so bad that he is never going to step foot in a WWE ring or be able to walk again. JBL, your lucky that your not here tonight because I would lose my WWE Title tonight because I would lay my fist straight to your head. But thatís ok, good thing you are not here tonight as if I did to what I am going to do this Sunday, tonight, I would be arrested but this Sunday, its legal. This Sunday, Last Man Standing, JBL, I will do everything, everything to make sure you canít stand anymore. JBL, your time is up.

Triple H and Stephanie stares at the camera.

Michael Cole: Big words from Triple H.

Eve Torres vs Nikki Bella
The finish comes when Eve does a picture perfect Moonsault and covers Nikki for the win.


Michael Cole: This Sunday at King of the Ring, the Quarter-Final Matches will be Mason Ryan taking on Mike Bennett, Briley Peirce vs Justin Gabirel, Kane vs Wade Barrett, and Chris Jericho vs Edge.

Mason Ryan/Kane vs Chris Jericho/Briley Pierce
The finish comes when Chris Jericho leaves Pierce and goes to the back. Kane grabs Pierce and picks him up and plants him with a chokeslam. Kane covers Briley for the win.

Michael Cole: A great win by Mason Ryan and Kane.

After the match, Mason Ryan offers to shake Kaneís hand but Kane looks at him funny. Kane finally agrees and shakes Ryanís hand. Kane pulls Ryan close and picks him up and plants Mason Ryan with a chokeslam. Kane leaves the ring after what he did to Mason Ryan.


CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio
The finish comes when CM Punk locks in The Anaconda Vice on Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio quickly taps out.

Michael Cole: A great win by CM Pu....

As CM Punk was celebrating, the Internet Champion, Mike Bennett attacks Punk from behind. He plants Punk with The Box Office Smash. Mike Bennett holds up the Internet Champion over his head as the crowd boo him.

Michael Cole: Looks like Mike Bennett just sent CM Punk a message.


We are back on RAW and both Mick Foley and Brodus Clay are in the ring.

Mick Foley: Welcome to my very first Dance Off. The rules are simple. We each get one minute to dance and whoever the WWE Universe thought was better, would be the winner. Now Brodus, do you want to go first?

Just as Brodus Clay got ready to dance, Awesome plays and The New US Champion, The Miz comes out with a mic. He walk down the ramp and enters the ring.

The Miz: I just had to come out here and stop this garbage from airing on RAW. Mick Fatty, and Fatty Clay, no one wants to see two fat guys shaking it. We have kids in the front row, this is a PG show and we donít want to make every vomit around ringside and in front of their tvís. No, they want to see the brand spanking new United States Champion, the one, the only, the only must see Superstar in this entire company, The Miz.

The crowd boo loud for Miz.

The Miz: Now, I want you two to leave the ring pronto or I will remove you from my ring.

Mick Foley gets ready to speak but The Miz cracks him in the head with the United States Championship. Miz quickly leaves the ring as Brodus goes over to check on Mick Foley. Foley sits up with the mic still in hand.

Mick Foley: Miz, what is wrong with these young guys. First Ziggler and now Miz. Miz, you shouldnít have done that because I am making a match. Next week on Monday Night RAW, it is going to be The Miz taking on Brodus Clay for the United States Championship. Oh, one more thing, Miz, the match will be a Bodyslam Match. The only way to win is to Bodyslam the other person. Miz, Have A Nice Day.

Miz stands on the top of the ramp looking pissed off.

Michael Cole: There is no way Miz can bodyslam Brodus Clay.


Triple H vs John Cena
The finish comes when Triple H plants John Cena with a Pedigree. He covers John Cena for the three count.

Michael Cole: This Sunday, will Triple H beat JBL to retain the WWE Championship at King of the Ring?

RAW goes off with Triple H in the ring holding up the WWE Championship.


We start off Smackdown with WWE Officials hooking up the Intercontinental Championship and raising it high in the air.

Josh Mathews: Welcome to Smackdown. We are kicking things off with a ladder match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Intercontinental Championship
Ladder Match
Carlito© vs Justin Gabriel

The finish comes when both men are climbing up the ladder. They both reach up to grab the title but they instead start punching each other. Justin kicks Carlito in the head but Carlito just falls a few steps. Carlito reaches in his tights and pull out a apple. He takes a bite of it, climbs up the ladder and spits it in Justinís face as he was about to pull down the IC Title. Justin grabs his eyes as Carlito shoves him off the ladder. Justin lands hard on his back. Carlito pulls down the Intercontinental Championship.

Michael Cole: Wow, what a match. That could of gone either way. Carlito is still the Intercontinental Champion.


Matt Hardy vs Sin Cara
The finish comes when Sin Cara goes for his Senton Bomb but Hardy moves out of the way. Matt Hardy picks Sin Cara up and does The Twist Of Fate. Matt Hardy covers Sin Cara for the three.

Josh Mathews: A great win by Matt Hardy.

We get a video showing Drew McIntyre. It says he is coming to Smackdown next week.


We see what happened last week between Wade Barrett and Randy Orton. It shows William Regal punching Randy Orton with Brass Knuckles and joining forces with Wade Barrett.

Wade Barrett vs Edge
The finish comes when Edge goes for a Spear but Wade Barrett moves and Edge hits the middle turnbuckle. Barrett grabs the ref as William Regal grabs Edge and hit him in the head with brass knuckles. Edge is knocked out as Wade Barrett goes over and picks him up and plants him with The Wasteland. Wade Barrett covers Edge for the three.

Michael Cole: Wade Barrett and William Regal is on a roll here tonight. Can Wade Barrett become King of the Ring this Sunday on Pay Per View?


Backstage we see Justin Gabriel sitting down with his face in his hands upset at the lost. Matt Hardy walks in and sees him.

Matt Hardy: Hey Justin, whatís wrong?

Justin Gabriel: I been losing. I am a loser. I canít win anything around here. I am thinking about quitting, I really am.

Matt Hardy: No, donít do that. Listen, when I first came here, I was getting beat to. How many time have I lost on RAW in the early days? I even lost to a guy named Waylon Mercy. Remember him? Anyways, Justin, I got a great idea. How about you and me, team up and become WWE Tag Team Champions. You know, I can take you under my wing just like I did in NXT and teach and train you on how to become a champion in his company. What do you say?

Justin Gabriel: Ok, your on but I promise you, if we donít win the Tag Titles, I am out of here or at least going to RAW or something.

Justin and Matt smile at each other.

Sheamus vs Mike Bennett
The finish comes when Maria gets in the apron to distract Sheamus. Sheamus smiles at her. Bennett runs but Sheamus moves and Mike Bennett crashes into his girlfriend, Maria. Maria falls from the apron to the floor. Mike Bennett turns around and walks right into a Brogue Kick. Sheamus covers Bennett for the three.

Michael Cole: What a win from The Great White, Sheamus.


Divaís Championship
Kaitlyn© vs Layla El

The finish comes when Kaitlyn rolls Layla up for the three.

Josh Mathews: Kaitlyn just retained the Divaís Cham.....

Just then Eve Torres attacks Kaitlyn and beats her down. She hits and kicks Kaitlyn all over her body. Eve then does a face plant. She then climb to the top and does a picture perfect Moonsault to Kaitlyn. Eve points to the Divaís Championship on the ground and says ďThat Will Be MineĒ. Eve Torres leaves the ring as the crowd chants ďHoeskiĒ.


Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton
The finish comes when Kurt Angle rolls Randy Orton up and hook the tights for the three.

Josh Mathews: Kurt Angle cheated to beat Randy Orton here tonight.

Kurt Angle celebrates in the ring as Glass shatters and Stone Cold Steve Austin shows up on the screen.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Kurt, do you think we are blind, what? Do you think we didnít see you just pull Randy Ortonís tights, what? You think you can do that to Sheamus this Sunday at King of the Ring, what? You canít, what? Because I am now making the match a Submission Match. Kurt, we all know you are great at making someone tap out but can you make a Celtic Warrior tap out?

Kurt Angle turns around and walks right into a Brogue Kick from Sheamus. Sheamus picks up the World Heavyweight Championship and holds it high in the air as Smackdown goes off.



King Of The Ring Quarter-Final Matches
Mason Ryan vs Mike Bennett

Briley Peirce vs Justin Gabriel

Kane vs Wade Barrett

Chris Jericho vs Edge

King of the Ring Semi-Final Matches
??? vs ???

??? vs ???

King of the Ring Final Match
??? vs ???

WWE Championship
Last Man Standing Match

Triple H© vs JBL

World Heavyweight Championship
Submission Match

Kurt Angle© vs Sheamus

WWE Tag Team Championship
Deuce Ní Domino© vs Primo/Epico


Internet Championship
Mike Bennett(Smackdown) vs CM Punk(RAW)

You guys have 5 days, Monday Night to get roleplays in for King of the Ring.

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