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Re: who should have ended Goldberg's Streak?

Originally Posted by ddp View Post
me being a ddp fan it would come as a surprise that i think it shouldnt have been ddp. goldberg should not have been beat clean and ddp winning through a screwy finish would have ruined the match.

that leaves us with the heels. hogan hart steiner hall nash (heel ddp) bam bam savage. out of those nash wasnt a bad choice the way it was done on the night. steiner wasnt pushed aggressively up till that point. hart would have been the best choice if the company was to move on or they could have let the streak continue on for a bit longer and then hit the button.
Nash was a bad a choice. I don't like the idea of the nWo ending the streak. The nWo was dominant and had finally been dethroned so it was time to sit them down for awhile (especially Hogan).

In a perfect world I would have done this:
After Goldberg beat Hogan, I would have Hogan threaten to quit/retire if he didn't get an immediate rematch. Set up the rematch and had the nWo throw everything at Goldberg and Hogan loses again.

Afterwards you have Hogan cut a promo on Nitro about retiring because he can't cut it anymore. Then have Hogan leave for about 6 months to a year and have him return under the yellow & red.

The ultimate challenge: Goldberg vs "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan, the streak vs hulkamania for heavyweight title at Starrcade 1999-2000. Would have done huge business.

But that would mean Goldberg treading water for at least another year until the big payoff. I don't think that character had enough in the tank to make it.
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