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Re: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by SoupMan Prime View Post
i have an enchanting necklace and ring that boots smithing to about 40% together. Its always great to be able to continually boost Legendary weapons and armor. Was playing last night and just decided to wander to places ive never been. Been playing the game for over 200 hours and i just got into a cave and freed some necromancer who was trapped in webs and cursed by some Orc. Im afraid even with all that time i logged in theres tons of places ive never been to.
You should add gloves, helmet and robes to your smithing items. Right now I have a necklace, gloves, ring and robe all that does 17 percent better on improving weapons and shields.

I also just got the fifth Steel Smithing perk in the Smithing tree so that is maxed and I can make better gear still. I'm just waiting on the fifth Enchanter skill before I do that. It's my next skill point.

EDIT: Also, the double enchantment on weapons perk eats the fuck out of soul gems. I'm not happy about that at all. I'll probably go back to my previous bows.

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